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I got lazy and took the week off to enjoy the holidays! We're all worried about our future and that of our families, but the time comes when we all need to just take some time off to play and enjoy each other. I'd reached that time. We had a wonderful Christmas and observed the Lords Birthday by sharing with others this season and it did our hearts good to know 4 children would benefit from our good fortune and blessings this year. I am wishing everyone here a little more $$ in the comming year, better health, and jobs ( 3 members of my family are laid off and jobless right now, but still blessed by the Lord).

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I have been hopping here.... I am so happy the holiday is over. I am tired... LOL! We shelled 10 pounds of pecans, 3 pounds of walnuts and made a total of 9 types of cookies and candy to give out as gifts. I will be taking this week to figure out what needs to be made or purchased for next year's Christmas. I know it seems early but I am such a procrastinator if I don't start now it will be Dec 1 and I will have nothing done... Still waiting on getting the pressure canner.... Every time I have the money something comes up. But I saved the bones from the turkey and the ham for soups. They are in the freezer waiting. Plus I have the broth from the turkey I am trying to figure out what to put it in so that I can freeze it. See I don't post for awhile then I can't stop typing. smile Oh and since I got a case of canning jars from my mom for Christmas I am making my list of what I want to make for this coming year. Can't wait!

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We got half of the new chicken coop fencing up. I'm hoping the rest will be finished before DH goes to work again on Monday. We just started a new fiscal month, so I've got meal and menu planning to do along with shopping, too.

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Since the milk from my Nigerian Dwarf goat was stacking up [due to the busy holidays and fatigue] I had a dairy day today. I made my usual yogurt. I made cottage cheese for the first time. And from the whey [by product of the cottage cheese] I made ricotta. Whoa! The ratio of product from whole milk is 3 cups cottage cheese from 1/2 gal. of milk. There is also nearly 2 cups of ricotta.



Need to re-breed my one goat and soon three more. This cheese-making takes a LOT of milk. But it's fun.








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MtRider, Need to re-breed my one goat and soon three more


With my sleepy eyes, I read that == Need to re-breed my one goat and SON.... Quick double take there.


Think I'm getting new glasses to prepare.

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Returned some gifts to a local grocery/household store.


Didn't need any groceries so got $30 in powdered milk ON SALE. smile Boy were the cashiers looking at me funny.


Powdered milk is one area that has been very skinny in our long term storage pantry.



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On the way home for the holiday I found the car pot I wanted at a truck stop for less than what I was planning on spending buying it online so I got one and am thinking of getting a second. I got my emergency radio today, and my enamelware for 72hr kits with a Gift Card I got for Christmas, packed the car with some of the 72 hr stuff when I had to drive through what was supposed to be horrible weather, realized I would LOVE a larger vehicle in the future, but am stuck with the van for now. Hey, whatever works. Just trusting the Lord for whatever I need.

I will have backpacks within the next 2 weeks for 3 of us and then can work on getting them packed and set aside. Finalizing my 72 hr kits (including blankets and sleeping bags, lanterns and a few other things) and getting my first aid kit together are goals for January/February. I also hope to continue working on my Food Storage. January also includes the purchase of a Food Saver and a pressure canner (my Birthday/Christmas presents to myself). Then, saving for a move to a larger place and emergency funds. Hmm, I think that is enough for now.

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mine is a simple small thing this time i canned 5 qaurts of turkey soup from the leftovers from christmas dinner just need to add noodles or dumplings when we warm them up smile

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Good for you, Pauline! That will make life easier several different days. Plus you saved money and have healthier food than the canned stuff!



I hatched out four more chicks today so had to put last week's seven in with the 3 chicks and duckling from the week before which meant finding a bigger brooding box and shuffling everybody around. I need more brood lamps.

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Ordered 3 cans of diced chicken, 3 cans of diced beef, 2 cans of celery and another can of carrots (freeze dried and dehydrated).


There went the prep budget for the next 6 - 8 weeks (or longer). frown

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I just ordered some of my garden seed from Baker Creek. We increased the size of the garden this year and hope to sell some of the excess unless extended family ends up needing it. Either way, we are more prepared this year. Now if it just doesn't rain a record amount again this year.

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Found in a local grocery store this morning, a case of 6 half gallon Ball canning jars for around $10. Had to think about it for some reason, so I called my sis and we are going to get one and share it. They are so handy for storing things and making tea in and such. So I am off to get a case. Also, going tomorrow to get some more pints. Can't believe I am nearly out of jars, but everybody here keeps me canning.

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Yesterday I placed my seed order. I chose alot more open pollinated varieties so I can save seed.

Today, I am processing deer legs and hooves a friend gave to us. I strip off the fur and simmer them in water for three days with a little vinegar. I get a gelatin and mineral rich broth for making soup. All for free. I can't believe people throw these out. Our hunting friends look at me strange every year when I remind them to save them for me. Some of them will even leave the meat on the front legs for me to use.

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Originally Posted By: HannaLee
I just went to Smart and Final (a warehouse store) and found 20 pound bags of rice clearanced for $3.24 each! I bought 6 bags. Wish I had more $$!

NICE find !!!
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Stopped at the local "Ocean State Job Lot" today.


With their "internet coupons" I got 10 packages of Nexcare over the ear masks (with the metal for the nose) for $1.00 (3 masks to a package, 2 boxes of "Wee Wee" pads for the new arrival (Sunday), 2 500 sheet packages of printer paper for $2.50 each, a calculater with notepad for $1.50, 6 body warmers for $.50 each and an unadvertised special for that store only - "Bob's Red Mill" unbleached flour (5 lb) for $1.00 (got 5 of them, now all I have to figure out is where to store them. I am out of 5 gallon buckets and gamma lids at the moment.)



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