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I need a Christmas miracle... We were hit by hurricane Ike and though we are alot better then those that lost homes, we were hit hard. We lost ALL of our food and since I had just started canning, I did not have much to fall back on. It totally destroyed all my fruit trees and veggie garden. We had damage to the house, etc. (over $15,000 worth so far). My husband worked a good security job right after, but was laid off after a month because security was no longer needed. We are waiting for the ins. to give us additional funds to finish repairs, but it has taken everything they gave us initially to get the house liveable. I have called all utility companies and they will wait until Jan. 3 for their money. In the meantime, hubby is job hunting, trying to do repairs, etc. I have absolutely no money for the holidays because of all of the repairs. It seems like the more we do, the more we find. I am not worried about buying gifts, they will all be homemade, but we are just struggling. Please keep us in your prayers for this wonderful holiday season, and that the ins. will hurry up and get us the funds to replace what we have put out and that dh will find a job real soon. Thank you so much!


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(((Rita))) Can't seem to find the words want to say but this touched me so much. Thank you for allowing us to share just a tiny portion of this burden mecry. Bless you and yours during this Christmas season. Yes, I sure will pray for a miracle, for the insurance to hurry up and for that job to open up very soon for DH. grouphug

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When you're already struggling, and the Holiday's come, it can really add to the frustration and pressures that are already present in your life.


I simply can not imagine the enormity of what you've faced and are facing. But, I certainly can and will pray that everything begins to happen as it should.


Financial struggles can just take the wind out of your sails and make you feel like you're having to row twice as hard while still going no where.


Rita, if you haven't already, please read my thread from earlier this week called "I Bid You Stand". Take heart, take courage. You're doing what you can and you're calling for prayer support. God is going to make a difference, count on it and expect it. ((((Rita)))

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Heavenly Father,


I know all too well how much Rita has struggled...she is my friend and I love her...


As much as I know, and as sad as it makes my heart feel, You, as our Heavenly Father, know on a deeper level and more completely, every single trial she has faced in her life.


We try and try and try and try to meet the needs of our family...we learn how to live without alot and how to be content with just that. We get to the point where the fluff really doesn't matter and all we want to do is to meet the most necessary needs our families have, and yet we can't even seem to be able to accomplish that, and it hurts Father. It hurts so much to feel like we're spinning our wheels going nowhere, every day waking up with renewed resolve only to have to go to sleep that night feeling once again defeated.


I guess Father, one of the things You have been teaching me this past year, is to not place my hope in these external things...things like a husband getting a job, or that some of my efforts maybe paying off so that I could meet the needs we have. I've been learning, that no matter what, no matter what bill collector is calling on the phone or no matter what threat is pressing my back against the wall, that my hope MUST be placed in You and You alone. You are the bridge between the needs we have and accomplishing all that. You are the one that opens the door for the husbands to gain employment. You are the one that gives us the strength and courage to face each new dawning day. You are the one that touches the hearts of those whose fingers are on the switches of either turning off or keeping on, things like our utilities and such. It is You and only You that can do all these things that we strive to do, but can't, so....


Father God, I just place Rita and her family into Your Holy Arms...I pray that You would give Rita comfort from all these worries and threats she is facing. I pray that You would, in a miraculous manner that only You can accomplish, meet the needs that this family has. You have promised us that You would meet these needs so I trust that You will meet them in her life. You tell us not to worry about food/clothing and shelter, and yet it is so hard sometimes when those threats are looming over us. I know that You understand our struggles in trusting You so I just pray Father that this situation that seems so hopeless to Rita, that You would turn it around and show her in a powerful way, Your faithfulness, Your tenderness, Your love for her and her family. I pray Father, that You will open all the doors that seem slammed shut to her...I pray that You will, in Your Holy manner, breathe from Your Holy Throne blessings upon her and her family.


It is so hard to feel as if our hands are tied...sometimes I think we have a natural incliniation to be independent, working our way honorably through life, being self sufficient. But we keep finding ourselves in dependent circumstances, and I hafta admit, being dependent upon You is the best place to be. It really is pure joy to rely on You for everything. There's an intimacy, a trust that begins to grow, a love that gets deeper and deeper when we do.


So Father, I just ask that You would take this chaos that is surrounding Rita and her family and cause it to cease. Where there is fear and panic, replace it with Your Holy peace. Where there is hopelessness, replace it with Your hope, because if there's one things I know for sure, it's the fact that when things seem the most hopeless, is when Your power, Your glory, Your love, Your magesty shine the brightest.


Father God, Rita has such a tender heart...please wrap Your Holy Arms around her heart and give her Your peace. Let her feel Your love like she never has before, and let her know that inspite of how everything looks on the outside, that You alone are God and You are in control. Let her know that she can trust You, no matter what. She's a little warrior and I know that she loves You, and I know that Your heart is moved by the faithfulness of her heart towards You, her Heavenly Father.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Adding our prayers for those going up for Rita and her family...



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Hugs, Rita. Prayers going up for you and your family.


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Well, the ins. adjuster came last night. I told him that we had put every dime we had into making it so that water is not leaking, etc. What had happened is that during the hurricane, the entire house was shifted. There was chimney damage. When we went to replace the chimney, we found that the entire fireplace had cracked. We had to take it out, and all the walls, ceiling and floor had black mold, so it had to be torn out.


Instead of getting another fireplace, all we could afford to do was to replace the walls. I still have just plywood on the floor, can't get replacement carpet right now, but at least the mold is gone and no more leak.


So, this guy is gonna stand there and tell me they may or may not pay me back the $3475.00 because it may have been cheaper to just replace the fireplace??? HUH????


I called and to replace it and rebrick, etc. would have been over $15,000!!!


I explained to him that I have had to put off utilities, etc and that after the 3rd of Jan, I run the risk of having them turned off. As you can guess, he could care less. I called him on the phone last night and told him what the fireplace people said and gave him the phone number to call. We still have so much repair work to do. I am just disgusted with the whole darn thing. In the meantime, I had to call my son and his wife in Mississippi and tell them that I may not be able to help them with gas money to come at Christmas. I hated to do that, but right now, heat comes first, ya know?


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Rita, call me. I'll have the ex, who is an attorney see if he can interceed with this adjuster. That's the kind of law he's practiced for many, many years.

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Dear Rita:


This is a tragedy. Many here are praying for you. The insurance companies slogan (all of them), should be "We're there, until you need us".


Call your state's Insurance Commission to file a complaint, call your local paper and tell them. Google "free legal advice" and tell them your story. Call you're states "legal aid society" to see if they will represent you by making a phone call and writing a letter or just letting you know what your rights are.


Insurance companies all work from the same premise----They can wait you out. They can make you desparate and willing to settle for less than what you're policy outlines. They do this because they can.




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Rita - will be praying for you and your family! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.


Darlene - that's a wonderful offer - I'll be praying that the ex will be able to help out with a Christmas miracle!


bighug to all!

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