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Here's what is predicted for our area today....


Today: Bitterly cold. Snow showers. Dangerous wind chills may approach -30F. High -2F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 60%. 1 to 2 inches of snow expected.


We didn't get much snow last night but it is cold and the wind is howling - thankfully though the power is on and we have heat so no complaining just sharing.


I sure hope the folks in the New England states get their power back on quickly - I hope that someone is watching out for the elderly, the ill and the little ones!


Have a beautiful Sunday!

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What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. lol It has been a mix of freezing rain and snow, then it turned to just rain. The good news is it is going to stop raining. We are going to have a high of -1 with -25 wind chills. frozen I guess it will be a busy night for me. I'm on the ambulance service and fire dept. We have already had 1 roll over this afternoon.


I love northern wisconsin in the winter. snowman2


I can't complain, the day wasn't a total bust. My DD (16 yrs) received a phone call this afternoon that she WON the class ring of her choice. dancing They had a drawing for the kids ordering class rings, with one lucky student winning the ring of their choice. I just can't believe it. We have been very blessed recently and this just adds to the list. flowersmilie

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OMG It's just plain COLD here! eek I haven't been this cold since I left New Jersey, 5 years ago. frozen


Didn't get much snow today but the wind has been horrific! It's -6 degrees with a wind chill of -21 degrees! shocked I don't think my toes will ever get warm again!

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ya, Yankees. thanks for the weather woop


yesterday it was 74 and twelve hours later it's 34. going all the way up to 36 today, and 39 tomorrow before we return to our 'regular programming' of 60s on Wednesday.


sokay- as long as my goat mommas hold their breath till Wednesday to have babies. pullhair


I can stand frozen as long as it's for a few days and not six stupid months like in Wisconsin. sunning

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Well, it is now Monday and it is a bit nicer here today too. It is or was -22º at 6:15 this morning and the Weather Bug says it is -15º with a wind chill of -39º and a high of -10º for the day. frozen


It was really snowing and blowing yesterday, most churches didn't have church and no one went anywhere if they didn't have to. But, I did get some cookies baked and some candy made. I'll post more about this in the Kitchen. smile


The sun is out, but, it is still frozen and I don't plan to go out in it if I don't have to. Even Minnie says it is just to cold to go out. Oldpine had to carry her out before he left to work this morning in order for her to do her thing. She came in as fast as she could and has been to the door one more time, but, when I opened it up. She backed up and I'm sure she was thinking 'NO WAY, am I going out if I don't have to." smile


The weather man had mentioned a few nights ago that we are getting our January temps now. So, I'm in hopes it will be nicer in January. smile


Our DD in TX said it was down to 29º a few days ago when I talked to her, and our DS down there said they had snow too. Our #1 Granddaughter was disappointed when it melted so fast, so DS told her to come up here that Grandpa and Grandma have a lot of snow. smile


Well, need to see if I can get more candy made, as want to get the packages shipped today or tomorrow for sure.





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Well, it's -8 right now, up-stairs pipes froze last night but the kitchen and laundry room pipes are fine... go figure. Bathroom is the warmest room in the house, hopefully they will thaw soon cause i'm getting tired of carrying gallon jugs of water upstairs to flush the toilet.

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Seems like it's cold all over.

We have 10 here with 23 mph wind. Tv says it's -2. Fairly unusual around here. Cold weather such as this normally happens every 20 years , or so. More snow on Wed. It's winter!!


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I was supposed to get my tires replaced on Thursday, and it snowed so it had to wait (the tire folks were full to bursting with emergencies)...


Saturday night SIL borrowed my car, and as he was coming home from work at 1:30am, he got shoved off the road by an SUV... Fortunately my tires were bald so he just skated across the ice out of the way!


Went in and replaced the tires this morning. Sometimes it's a good thing to procrastinate; if those tires had been good at the time, he would be in a world of hurt right now.

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Good evening everyone,


It's 48 and cooling down here. We've had cloud cover and it's been dark around the mountains. Rained a little yesterday and sprinkled a couple times today reaching the mid 50's at the warmest.


DH has been painting, I've been drawing and MIL has been reading all day. We're getting ready to have dinner and MIL will watch ...football while DH & I slip into the hot tub to unwind.


This last week was a bear. ToDo list was overwhelming and I found little time to touch my computer, other than take care of the essentials. God willing this week will be peaceful and productive.


'Lady's Day Out' was very thereputic. We ended up walking along a canal chatting and just enjoying the peacefulness of nature. No worries. **Sigh** It was something we both needed.


I hope you all keep toasty warm. Someone throw a snowball for me, O.K.?

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