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My MIL fell last evening and broke her hip. She is 87 years old and a tiny frail lady, who gets pnumonia almost every winter.


We don't know at this point if they will operate or not. She is being transfered to a hospital in Albuquerque this morning from a small hospital on the reservation.


She and her family would appreciate your prayers, her name is Veta.



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Oh it is so hard growing older! Hugs


Prayers going up for your MIL.



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This touches such a cord with me as my grandmother is 88 and so dear and precious to our family. She fell last year when she was 87 and they did the surgery but her whole life changed as a result. She lost the independent living that she was so proud of . frown


I'm very sorry to hear this Rezgirl and will certainly be praying for Veta. As a matter of fact I will add her to our family prayer time this morning as dh and I gather with our seven little prayer warriors!



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Thank You all so much for your prayers. They are planning to do surgery today, and we are just about to head out the door to go to Albuquerque.


There is a storm system moving in, so I have packed incase we need to spend the night in the city.

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We arrived safely, & the surgery went well. It is still snowing, so we got a room for the night, and will go to the hospital again tomorrow before we head back.


THANK YOU ALL so much for remembering us in prayer. bighug

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I'm so sorry I'm late to this thread. Praise the Lord that her surgery went well...


Heavenly Father,


I wanted to take a moment to thank You once again for Your love and faithfulness in our lives. You have blessed Rez's MIL with many, many years of life here on earth...her family has been so fortunate to have their mama all these years.


Thank You Father that her surgery went well. I just ask that as she now goes to heal that Your hand would move over her body and cause her healing to accelerate. I pray that her pain while in the recovery process would be at a minimum too.


As her family surrounds her with love and support, I ask that Your Spirit bond this family in an even deeper bond...that they love, care and concern that they feel towards each other would grow and expand, filling their hearts overflowing.


Bless this family Father...there's something very special about them...about their walk with You. As they go through the ups and downs in the days ahead, I pray that Your presence would manifest itself in their hearts and minds and that they might understand on a deeper and more intimate level, that they never walk alone, that You are always there, that You are aware of every single detail, every single hurt, desire, all of it Father...and not only are You aware, but You are God and You truly are in control.


Gather this family beneath the shadow of Your holy wings, sheltering them.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Thank You, Darlene bighug


We stopped back to visit her again yesterday before heading home. She looked very good, her color and alertness. She was waiting on the Physical Therapist to come in when we left. They may move her to a rehab center today or tomorrow.


2 of her 8 surviving children live in Albuquerque, along with several grand children and great grand children. So she should be getting a steady stream of visitors.


We stopped by Walmart on the way home. Impossible not to. smile The trip home was good until about the last 10 miles, the roads were snow covered, but it went well. DH went back to work today, he drives a water truck in the oil fields and he is dealing with snow-packed icey roads today.



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