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New Hole found in my preps.

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I was doing something VERY STUPID (and unsafe) last night.


I was out in the shed cleaning some metal parts with acetone. I had my usual cigarette going.


I put the cigarette in the ashtray, but when I picked up one of the parts I did a "fumble finger". The wet part landed about 2' away IN THE ASHTRAY ! Instant fire! eek Grabbed a rag and snuffed it out, so nothing was harmed.


This made me realize a MAJOR HOLE I had in my preps - FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, or lack thereof.


How many of us have SEVERAL fire extinguishers in various locations in the event of a fire.


If/when SHTF there will most likely NOT BE ANY FIRE DEPARTMENTS !


A few well placed fire extinguishers could possibly not only save your home, but your supplies as well.


I just ordered a couple of small "Kitchen type" fire extinguishers off EBay. One will be going in the shed, another in a strategic position for the preps and the 3rd in the area of the wood stove.


Hopefully I will be able to get some bigger ones after the holidays.



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If you're asking for SHTF fire extinguishers, my grandparents always had baking soda, water buckets, and buckets of sand. I seem to remember some sort of blanket (wool, perhaps?) that was used to smother fires, as well.

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I have a lot of that stuff, HOWEVER, they are put up with my preps. (I know, I know, not a good place if I need them, but the preps are SUPPOSED to be for an emergency situation)


What do you do if you can not get to that stuff right away (Imagine going where ever you have your preps stored and getting out baking soda, sand, blankets, etc. or imagine a fire between where you are and your preps.)


I worry about a fire near the wood stove or the entranceway to where my preps are.


A couple of fire extinguishers strategecly placed could make the difference between a minor mishap and a major catastrophe.



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Glad you're ok Campy and nothing serious happened to you, yours and your property. Your message may resonate throughout and cause others, like myself to check the expiration on their extinguishers and remind themselves where these items are located.


I don't think about this stuff enough and I should. Life can change in an instant.


Thanks for posting

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Originally Posted By: kully
Another thought. Have you checked your smoke alarms lately? I really need to get new ones. mine are several years old. Something else to put on my list.

Have you got a carbondioxide detector? If so you need to check that as well.
oops should read carbon manoxide
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Oh Campy,


I'm glad you're not hurt and everyone is safe.


My Grandpa was always soaking parts in GASOLINE and while he never smoked, he was afraid of fire for he saw his dad drop a pipe one too many times and carelessly ignite something.


He kept a box or two of baking soda (open!) on each workbench back in a corner and all the odd lids to dead skillets/pots/pans from the kitchen went to his workbench.


The same principles apply for a workshop fire as a kitchen fire - smother the flames. A pot lid probably would have worked VERY well over your ashtray, or even some sand. I'm glad you found a cloth that wasn't saturated with cleaning fluid.


He also always kept sand near the door in the winter for traction and also under the workbench. He also finally convinced his Pop to put out his cigarette/pipe ashes into sand.


So glad everything is okay.

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