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A Get-Well card for Mother


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awwman Mother tripped and tumbled yesterday in her house. Valiant DearGrSon ran for help. ER declared nothing broken. But she's in owie*owie*owie pain from head to toes.


{Hush, Mother, I'm typing....} neener



Psssst, y'all know she's gonna be all ashamed about any tah-do about her but I think we need to make her a grande GET-WELL card right here. Are you with me?????



OK, the first thing is, the hugs have to be gentle cuz of her bruises and stuff.






But cuz we're having this here on the Magical MrsS, the food can be quite elaborate cuz her allergies don't count here. yumyum




So lets have some cakebev What else?





And mostly offering prayer and best wishes for a SWIFT RECOVERY and some good night's sleep. sleepy




MtRider [....what? darlene2 ]

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Awwwwww, say it isn't so! Right before Christmas! awwman


((((Mother)))) I will be praying for your speedy recovery.






I don't guess Mother will up to any of this - dance


But atleast we can have some hot coffee with the cake! coffee





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Awww man! I'm sorry... frown Hope you feel better quickly.


Hope you're doing this... couch2 and having someone else doing this... dishes and this dusting and soon you'll be back doing this coffee2 and this cheer .

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Ouch Mother! Not good at all. Hope you are sitting with your feet propped up couch2, watching everybody else do the work. dustingdishesclothesline


I just took sausage balls out of the oven, have a couple. They are best when they are hot. yumyum


Hope you are better soon.


ETA-I did not read the other posts before I wrote mine. Looks like dogmom and I have the same idea!!

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Mother am sorry you got a hurt bump or two....be thankful there is nothing broken and will pray for your speedy recovery and be careful walking around .......i am really careful now with all the snow and ice....and you do not want to be in the same pickle i was and am in...take care and keep the faith and Merry Christmas

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Thank you ALL! (from my wheel chair which they say I will get to know very well before it's all over) I am a bit embarassed but what a wonderful Chrsitmas Gift to open on this special morning.


I actually laughed when after 12 x-rays the doctor told me I was contused, bruised, sprained, torn and even concussed. I was SO grateful I was NOT broken. (Motherearth, I well remember what you went through and did NOT want to follow your footsteps errr well your creepings) Given time I will heal and I'm sure it will be faster now with all your hugs and prayers.


MT_Rider... well bless you for being the friend you are! grin


Merry Christmas everyone.



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A lot of 'careful' hugs from here. I prescribe a nice cup of herbal tea, a slice of fruitcake, and a loving family to help.

So sorry to hear about your 'bumps'. Mr. Skagit fell & broke his right wrist last Thurs., so we are SIP, due to 26" of snow.

Merry Christmas, heal quickly!! Skagit bouquet

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Oh..wishing you a good holiday, and a huge bottle of Aleve in your stocking!!

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I wouldn't have if one of the wonderful elves on Mrs. S hadn't mentioned my fall.......It really was nice of you though.


Skagit, Tell Mr. Skagit to take care. I believe I know how he feels even though I'm not broken. Pain is not a nice companion for Christmas. Hugs for you also, as I know how much of a burden an injury puts on the spouses.


I had a quiet, peace filled day with bearable pain. It was nice to contemplate on the real meaning of Christmas.


Again, thanks all.


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Lois, How wonderful to see you posting. Thank you. I hope you are feeling better also.





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Goodness Mother! I just popped in to Mrs S to see what was shaking... and found it was You! Or should I say "shaken"! LOL! I so hope you are feeling a mite better already and send you my best (but careful) cyber hug. The good news is ... you have some time to heal before the gardening season gets in full gear. wink


Wishing you the speediest of recoveries.



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Oh hey, what's this? Misery must love company! First me and my knee, Mother and her doggoned-near-everything, and Mr. Sagit and his wrist, and OldMaineBear with his arm!!!


Mother, we need to have a wheelchair race!! Vvvvrrrrooommmm!!!


Here's hoping you and all the rest of ya'll get to feeling better soon!!!!




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