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Merry Christmas Friends


I thought it would be interesting to hear how your Christmas Celebration showed the reflection of you being a prep-minded person? Did it influence the types of gifts you bought, have an impact on the foods you prepared, adjust your shopping list, make you more cautious or perhaps even more extravagant?


I know, that I saw some definite Prepper Reflection in my Christmas. What about you?



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Here's how being a prepper changed my holiday celebration. For one thing, I was determined not to purchase one single item on credit and I accomplished that! clap


For another thing, I didn't have to go and spend a fortune on 'special' foods. I found that I was able to make just about any recipe that I wanted because my pantry was so well stocked. Dh did stop for egg nog at the store, but I could have made that myself too thanks to our chickens! grin



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Great idea Stephanie!


No credit cards were used in the funding of our Christmas.


There were:


some camo t-shirts


a small zippered gun case


hand warmers


a large (popcorn) tin (for storing stuff)


thermal pants


various tools


warm blankets/throws/fleece robes



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We were more frugal than we have been in the past as well....although we could've been more so. Our kids mainly got clothing and clothing to grow into, blankets, hunting and fishing items, handwarmers, camping items....which all worked great because the boys are avid hunter and fishermen.


DH usually really lavishes tons of gifts but this year we agreed not to buy for each other....didn't quite work because he needed a few things. Then he broke down and did the same...difference was it was practical like foodsaver, frydaddy, and I DID get two frivilous things...a camera because mine was ductaped together and the 7th season of the Waltons (for some reason that show can relax me). Thing is he took money he received as a Christmas present to buy mine. This year instead of having tons of gifts to unwrap each of the kids bought for each other....you could tell those gifts meant the most.


Last night at a relatives house we had our Christmas. When I got there I found out that two of the BIL had been laid off...one for a while. SIL is trying to take of her father and work full-time and her husband's hours had been cut drastically. Actually, we are all facing some serious financial difficulty....it seemed all the kids knew it or felt it because they showed so much more enthusiasm and appreciation than normal. I mean they excessively hugged and thanked everyone.


This Christmas has been special to me....I know that our next one may be very different.

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We were more frugal here, too. My gifts were a Foodsaver and a gift card to JoAnn fabrics. Husband got a barn jacket, a shirt, books I got at the buck a bag sale at the library, and a scarf I knitted and home-sewn pj's and slippers. Daughter's gifts included home-knitted hat and scarf, clothing, gift cards from grandparents and aunts, large popcorn tin filled with goodies upon which she rolled her eyes and said, "A Faraday cage for my ipod, ma??" She also got home-sewn pj's and slippers, and some clothing items she wanted from her favorite store.


We didn't use credit cards. We didn't splurge on expensive electronic items. All of my friends received home made gifts. We just didn't have the extra to spend a lot.


Like Stephanie, I didn't need to do an extra grocery shopping for our special dinner. It was all folded into the regular twice a month shopping, and special treats were home made, from the snowman sugar cookies to the spiced pecans from a bag out of storage. (I did the whole bag, sealed them in jars with the new food saver, and gave some as gifts to my friends and neighbors.) Teacher gifts this year were mason jars of dried soup mix for chicken soup. I put a tag on them saying "Chicken soup for the teacher's soul" and added quotes about teaching on the back of the vintage Christmas cards I printed off the computer. The teachers loved them--and as one pointed out, right after the ice storm a pantry gift is most welcome.


In order for next Christmas to be as special as this one, I am starting now on home-made gifts, and will be using my JoAnn's fabric gift card toward that end, I'm sure, LOL







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I got DH a brass tumbler/case cleaner - whatever you want to call it. He is going to use the $$$ my mom sent him to get some media and a few parts for his reloading equipment.


The only thing prep minded I got was a book on food storage/survival - posted about it in another thread. I have no idea on what I might spend the $$ I got but I'm browsing different sites for prep stuff.


Glad you folks had a nice Christmas!

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No credit cards used here, I refuse to own one! Everything was purchased with cash and it was fun to see the looks on my grandchildren's faces when they opened their gifts and got things that they liked, but had not asked for!


Polar Fleece and flannel PJ's for everyone


New socks and underwear for the two kids (they actually got excited).


polar fleece blankets and throws for nearly everyone.


New Clothes for everyone, that are warm and made of heavy cloth so they will last longer.


"Santa" brought DGS the New pair of size 5 shoes he asked for.. (don't ask me why that child asked for shoes???) but he was happy as a hog in mud when he opened up the package and found them. He shouted "Grammy, Grammy... Look, Santa got the letter we wrote him and he brought me new shoes!" Maybe in his 8 year old mind it just re-affirmed his innocent belief in Santa for one more year.


DGD was totally suprised when she opened up the telescope I got for her... (figured it's educational and will last her a life time).


We bought alot of games that the whole family can enjoy playing together, a few toys for the kids, and DVD's for the family... I definately spent more than I had planned to , but over the coarse of 6 months time it all added up and didn't take abig chunk outta one of my disability checks.


Our pumpkin Pies were made from scratch from the pumpkins that came outta our neighbors garden this past fall, and everything except the ham that we had for our dinner came from our long term food storage or the freezer.


Christmas Eve supper was a rich, vege-laden venison stew, from the buck DSIL got back in October and freed up our time to spend time on the phones with friends and family back in Arizona, Illinois and Ohio. DSIL & DGD attended midnight mass and they seemed very much at peace sharing a private father-daughter christmas mass together.



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We did a lot of instruments (acoustic guitars, harmonicas, drums) for the kids this year. Trying to think of skills, creativity and keeping them busy if there was a power grid problem. I tried my best to avoid 'battery users' although, there were a couple.


I also tried to add to our board game/parlor game collection. I found a really good one I thought some of you might want to check out. We don't have the corresponding book, but I'm going to get it now that I see what it's all about.




I was playing this with one of my oldest sons (his present) yesterday and it was really cool. It's all about survival skills. A great game for a family trying to increase these skills. ie. different rope knots.

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Originally Posted By: Stephanie
Here's how being a prepper changed my holiday celebration. For one thing, I was determined not to purchase one single item on credit and I accomplished that! clap

Us too ! But then again it was a bit easier for us as we don't have any credit cards wink

We have a few friends that were 'bragging' how well they made out going shopping on 'black Friday' for they saved money. But they all put it on credit cards so I know that in the long run after pay all the interest and penalties that they will be really paying MORE for the items that they had to fight the crowds to get.
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We got rid of credit cards quite a while back too - you do pay more in the long run. Plus, not having credit card debt helps you sleep better too! Both DH and I noticed that change right away. We use only cash and thankfully DH got a great bonus this year, not a ton but more than we expected for a little company. Plus, we bought useful things for the boys (clothing and boots) and Legos and stuff like that for toys last - no battery operated stuff here either.




New Year!

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Well our Christmas was somewhat prep related..in a broad sense. I had asked my parents to only give us money (we are very open about that sort of thing) so we could put that towards our savings to buy a house. They did that, and my husband's parents gave us cash as well, which also went into savings. My parents also got me a cookbook (I LOVE any and all cookbooks) called "The Pioneer Lady's Hearty Winter Cookbook" (for when we live in the country, my Mom says!). Not to mention we kept it frugal between my husband and I (we each spent about 25 bucks) so we could save money for the house.


OH yes, and my husband got me "The Zombie Survival Guide"..that is definately prep related! And we're practicing the skills we learn from that book in our game we got, called "Zombies". LOL I think we might be a bit too obsessed with this!

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I did gift baskets for immediate family and a couple of close friends. There was some candy and cookies, glazed strawberries, glazed blueberries, marinated mushrooms, and pickled asparagus - all homemade this summer. All candy & ingredients (except for marshmallow fluff) were pantry items.


My family dinner was tonight. The meal was taken from a side of beef I bought this spring. Potatoes and carrots from the pantry. Fresh veggies I did buy. Pumpkin cake roll was from all pantry items.


Gifts for my parents were paid for IN CASH. They've been so strapped for money that they haven't been able to get new bedding. So, day after xmas, we dashed over to Sears and took advantage of their bedding sale. They were really touched. Something tells me I'm going to get their ratty sheets for mock sewing. bouncesmile


I did pay for a couple of small items for DH - winter gloves and some cologne. Again, cash. His new job is our best holiday gift. We are planning the new budget and it looks remarkably good.

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Originally Posted By: JCK88

Teacher gifts this year were mason jars of dried soup mix for chicken soup. I put a tag on them saying "Chicken soup for the teacher's soul" and added quotes about teaching on the back of the vintage Christmas cards I printed off the computer. The teachers loved them--and as one pointed out, right after the ice storm a pantry gift is most welcome.

Judy, this was really a neat teachers gift! I can't imagine any teacher not being touched by the time and thoughtfulness, very cool! cool

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um..well, we managed the cash xmas.


However, my sons got some xbox and computer games, my daughters got some toys that use batteries, including age rated little laptops. I got a new cell phone. DH is shopping the post xmas sales for a new laptop for himself.


There is something to be said for enjoying the technology we have while we can. I love my ipod shuffle and snazy cell phone.


I am working on learning low tech cooking and survival methods as we enjoy the techno toys and comfort I have now.

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Paid CASH for Christmas which was a great feeling!

Younger son got Legos and we almost have everything for the Police dept. except the Pontoon Plane. Coast Guard is next since it is something he is not only really good at but he really enjoys it and it can keep him occupied for HOURS! (he is adhd). Older boy got a new cell phone, his old one died and he needed one, my boys are crime victims so I want to do all I can to keep them safe and that is one thing I insist on for him. My mom got the boys Clothes, and my older boy work boots, I got Mom cleaning supplies and a magazine subscription, and a gift card for the local grocery store so she could always have her milk when she needs it. I got some gift cards to Walmart that I used for Preps - I got myself a nice set of Enamel Ware for my 72 hr kits, I also got a car pot to boil water and my mom got me AAA since I got locked out of my car once and had to be towed once all within 2 weeks! I got new sneakers and a pr of crocs for my birthday. Never thought the crocs would be comfy b/c I have deformities in my feet, but I LOVE THEM!! I also got myself some new books that I have wanted including one on canning, now to get the canner!! (A move may put that purchase on the back burner for a few months though). I may still get myself the Food Saver I want for my Birthday present to myself though! Oh yeah, I got Christmas and Birthday money from friends and I got 2 portable heaters for the house (we have oil and I ran out just before Christmas)so hopefully I won't get sick again if heat goes out. Other than that, I am definitely planning on moving asap (I have to save deposits).

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We bought stuff on clearance all year long and did not use the credit card at all!


I got a 'new' old/gold Presto canner with my Christmas cash from my inlaws. I also got an immersion blender to make soup-making for canning easier.


My husband's gifts were prep related in the home protection area.

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We were informed before Christmas that one "sub-family" had no money for presents, so we were not to buy them anything either. No way! No extravagance, but we took a gift of soup and soup mugs that were still at GM house when we cleaned it, (at least 10 years old) removed the long expired dry soup and replaced it with a quart jar of "pasta chicken soup mix". Got some stocking stuffers for the kids. Everyone was thrilled (and everyone else got them gifts too)


and no credit cards, either


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