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2009 - The Next Step in our Journey

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2009 is upon us, Christmas is over, New Years is on the way. I always think about the coming year during this week between Christmas and New Years. I think about what I did right and what I did wrong, what I want to continue and what I want to do differently.


Our levels and styles of prepping are greatly varied here at MrsSurvival. Many of us refer to the prepping life style as a journey. What is your next step, your next goals, your plans and resolutions?


Really looking forward to this thread! smile

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Great idea for a thread Stephanie!


My plan is to be healthier and in better physical condition - I believe that is the one of the top things I can do in order to be bigger help to my dh and for our little family team.


As for prepping - I'm going to spend this weekend organizing, taking inventory and planning and then I'll be doing some more shopping. I got a copy of Peggy Layton's book - Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook for Christmas and I'm getting some good ideas from the book (plus I'm going to buy some copies for some family members).


Thanks for starting this thread!

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This is a good way to end a season and to begin the next. I am doing pretty much the same. what worked the past yr, what didn't work and waht are my golas for the new season. I quit doing New Years Resolutions as they didn't/don't work for me. Setting myself goals works better. Especially when I break them down into attainable levels. I found that I haven't kept up w/ inventory. I lost track of part of what I have & where. Not completely but enough that I need to fine-tune my system. I read a post (can't remember who so can't give credit where credit is due, sorry!) about looking at our supplies as a newbie would. Kinda start over but keeping what we have & add to it like a newbie would. At least that's what I got from it.I am reassesssing my amounts to prep, what I want on hand, where we are lacking(the holes) , new skilss needed, old skills honed & then hitting it hard!

I also like the min of 3 approach to prepping. Knowing 3 ways to do something or having 3 levels of skills. I saw something similiar about soldiers having 3 levels of survival, what the unit has, what the soldier carried in his pak & what's on his person(pockets, skills etc.)I will apply this when approaching our preps for the new season.

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After the ice storm, I realize we need to store more lamp oil because I finally have a good idea now of how much we would use.


I am getting a Berkey within a few months. I had been saving for it, and am nearly there. We are funneling every spare dime into the propane generator fund also.


This is the first time we have set aside a specific amount of money outside of the grocery budget for prepping. My husband sat down with me with our budget and we found that we can prep a little more than we realized, which is a good thing. He explained that if I don't spend the money one month, it will carry over to the next and add up. So I now have a better idea of when I can buy larger ticket prep items.


The past few months have made us streamline everything. I'm so grateful for the chance to "do it better" in the coming year.


Honing extra homesteading skills is another goal. And continued control of my diabetes is another goal, along with more weight loss. 30 down, more to go...and keeping daily fitness goals is good, too. Hubby and I realized during the ice storm when things were harder and more physical work was required, it was a good thing we are relatively active people. We aren't getting any younger, LOL Gotta keep moving. Wood hauling IS weight lifting, after all!


Canning goals are to increase the canning over what I did last year. Also, gardening goal is to enlarge the existing gardens another couple of feet. (About all I can dig in one season. I do all this, husband doesn't have time)


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I've nearly finished preparing my "food-prep" Journal for 2009. I've broken everything down into sections and will be able to keep track of what I purchase each month as it's put away into storage. We're already blessed with a generator but still need more oil lamps, lamp oil and candles. I want more polar fleece blankets as well to add to our emergency supplies.


As soon as I finish getting the "food prep journal" filled out and in order in it's binder, we three adults in our family, will begin going over all of our other survival items and getting that list compiled and prioritized as to what we have, need, and finally want.


DSIL was blessed with two pairs of good binoculars for christmas, giving us a total of 3 now... so I think we're pretty well covered on that "want/need" item. Eveyone in the family got nice heavy polar fleece PJ's for christmas also. DGS's are way too long for him (like about 2 feet long) rofl so grammy is gonna trim them down about 18", sew the extra 6 " into hems, that can be let down as he grows... and use the rest to make him warm foot booties, to keep his feet warm.


Not knowing what the immediate financial situation is going to be like for any of us, we will just keep plugging along acting like we're newbies and keep buying, bartering, and prepping, prepping, prepping. Luv ya all. twi

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I spent 2008 aquiring preppping basics in knowledge, skills and items. It has been an incerdibly busy year! It has felt like a long roller coaster ride as I learned just how unprepared and vulnerable my family was and I put all my strengh, brain power and energy to trying to remedy that. pullhair


For the coming year I need to build on these basics. It will (probably)not be as frantic or scary, I know I can handle many situations already. rocks


I will be putting my physical fitness as a top priority. Everything I have learned and experienced is pointing to the need to be in good health and fitness to be ready for whatever happens. DH is busy ensuring we will have money continuing to come in, I need to be able to handle any and all family and home problems. superduck

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I can relate to every one of you!! I love MrsSurvival!


I'm considering 2009 my year to FINE TUNE!


Like several of you mentioned, I will be focusing on my body. God blessed me with a perfectly healthy body and I have not been a good steward of it. ashamed This year, I'm going to fine tune my body with healthy eating and healthy living. I want to shed more pounds (already lost 20) and develop an exercise routine that is a regular part of my every day life.



I also was in the 'gathering' cycle for 2008, and I have gathered a lot of good stuff, food, equipment, resources, information, etc... Now, I want to fine tune my skills in making the best use of these things. I was mentioning the other day that I had bought my Berkey, but have never opened it and used it! ashamed


An example of fine tuning my skills is with gardening. We have done 'some' gardening each year that we've lived here, but this year I'm going to DO IT TO IT. Thankfully my dh is on board with me about this, so that is going to be a big joint project. We're probably going to have to have some top soil brought in thanks to this lovely Alabama Red Clay! rollingeyes




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I worked a lot in 2008. I did so for reasons (obligations) other than the money, but the money has been a huge blessing. Our finances are getting whipped into shape; this is the first year I'm NOT starting the year with a lot of effort in finances. The plan right now is just to stay the course.


The flip side is that the time I spent working was time spent away from home. Consequently, things are in a bit of disarry. My inventories are out-of-date. Also, I've moved away from a lot of scratch cooking.


My goal for the first three months of the year is to get back into scratch cooking and menu planning. That will also get me using more of my preps (and rotating them and keeping track of what I have on hand).


The second quarter of the year (April, May & June) will be focused on gardening - and outdoor tasks. I hope to build another, bigger chicken coop and get a WHOLE bunch of layers...so I can sell more eggs. I've been selling a few dozen a month, but demand is much greater. However, I'm not sure how I'll get a coop built.


I don't have a plan for the remainder of the year; I'll evaluate it when it's closer.


I do need to improve my body, but don't have the motivation right now. Perhaps it will be a by-product of the above goals! grin


Great topic, Stephanie! thanks


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I'm mostly planning to organize what I have and try to get my little farm on a more sustainable keel. Looking forward to a healthier yr now that I know to stay out of the sun and avoid fluorescent lights and take LOTS of vit C. Some financial things are coming back into my control, and that will help.


I've decided not to raise pigs this coming yr since I still don't have my two butchered and they are huge. Maybe next fall I'll want to get another pair or I may wait even longer. I will hopefully be milking in in few months. Breeding bunnies too and I have several new breeds of turkeys and geese and ducks to work with. I'm trying to get my chicken breeds sorted and culled too. I have lots of repairs and new structures to build. Add a garden to that and it can get overwhelming!

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This coming year is also a year I want to get stronger and healthier. I think being physically fit helps you deal with all of life's stresses and will be important in a SHTF situation.


The past two years have been spent accumulating a lot of prep items. This year will be spent in making sure we know how to use them and refining what we really need because we will be moving some time before summer. There is a high possibility that it will be to a smaller place so I am planning for smaller storage space and also for the possibility of having to garden only in containers. At first I wasn't looking forward to this, but now I'm kind of looking at it as a forced way to get me better organized. I'm hoping that by the New Year the new Mrs. S site will be in place...I would like to blog the whole process as a way of keeping track of what I'm doing.

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Originally Posted By: JCK88
After the ice storm, I realize we need to store more lamp oil because I finally have a good idea now of how much we would use.

Can you share what you've learned about the lamp oil. I've read your posts on your recent experience.
what did you have on hand, how much did you use? If you had your druthers, how much would you store?
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This is a great thread to have started!


For 2009, my goals are:


1) Maintain my present level of prepping in foods and equipment. Remain up-to-date on current intel in all categories, for proper planning/execution of goals.


1A) Clean out my garage. Throw out everything that I haven't used in the last year, except for prepping supplies. I need that garage space to get my workshop online again.


2) Cut back the multitudes of frivolous waste spending (Icee's/other treats after Dr. appointments, fast food, etc.)


3) Tear the backyard up and start a garden.


3A) Monitor ongoing national economic situation.


4) Finish researching a hen house and rabbit hutch. Get the materials on hand for the rabbit hutch, first.


4A) Construct and get occupants (buck & doe) into the rabbit hutch. When intel indicates the actual need.


5) Get the materials on hand for the hen house.


5A) Construct and get occupants (10 hens) for hen house. When intel indicates the actual need.


6) Research building/using a small greenhouse. Early Fall project.


7) Apply more of my income to pay off debts faster.


8) Continue to eat less and move around more. Being "pregnant" for 15 years is ENOUGH!!


9) Continue to pay more attention to my DW. Listen to her more closely! Bring her more flowers, more little surprise gifts, more compliments on her being the Wonder Woman that she truly is!!!! (Get my DW some serious psychological help since she's stayed with/by a "sailor" for 33 years!! Ha!)


10) Get a few camping trips (training) in with immediate and extended family members.



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Here are a few more specific things for me.


1. In 2008 I finally got my Nubian Nanny Goat clap

In 2009 I plan to perfect the milking of said goat. wink


2. In 2008 we had our first kidding and now have a baby doe.

In 2009 we will breed her and have another milk producer.


3. In 2008 we were gifted two wethers for companions and pets.

In 2009 we plan to train them to pull carts and their weight!


4. In 2008 we doubled our chicken flock also adding roosters.

In 2009 we plan to double it again and try hatching our own.


5. In 2008 we set up rain barrels (plastic trash cans)

In 2009 we plan to put on spigots making them more accessible


6. In 2008 we joined Sam's club on a special 10 week trial.

In 2009 we plan to join for the year and do more bulk buying


7. In 2008 we made basic BOB bags for all nine of us

In 2009 I plan to improve these by adding more items.



I'll stop there for now, but what I'm seeing is a pattern for us, everything I'm planning for 2009 is a result of what we accomplished in 2008. You know, that feels pretty good, we did a few wise things and now we have a good foundation for the next level. smile

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For 2009, I'm working on learning more about medicinal plants, gathering them if possible, and growing others. Last year my prepping friends and I worked hard on figuring out wild edibles we could gather and I expect we'll continue to work on that.


I'm going to make my garden bigger and better, but am working hard to set realistic goals. After the last couple of years, I have an idea of how much time each task might take. I plan to start creating a list of what needs to be done so I can schedule and prioritize, e.g., divide rhubarb crowns, transplant raspberries, etc. I haven't done a lot of these things before, so I'll be using my time in the next few weeks on researching how. Before long it will be time to start seedlings again. Ackkk! I'm also going to start some test seedlings of things I haven't grow before so I'll be able to tell those things from weeds when I plant the main crop in the garden in the spring. rofl


Two other things we'd like to do is put in water catchment tanks and build a chicken fort, but we'll have to see how the money goes. DH is busy working on his main goal: drumming up more work.


We've set getting rid of more "stuff" as a family goal. We did two bags today!


And finally, I hope to lead my children in learning the woods around here a lot better.

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1. Practice shooting more. (Handgun) and learn to shoot rifle and shotgun. Teach the kids to shoot and have them take Hunter Safety courses.


2. Buy a 22 and a shotgun and some other, as yet undecided rifle.


3. start our garden in the front and back yards -- time to plant is almost here (2-4 weeks)


4. Build out my bedroom closet as a food storage closet. Built out the hall closet as preparedness storage. Rearrange the hall utility closet, and inventory.


5. Build my food storage up to a year, somehow.


6. Start collecting and using more coupons to stockpile items for trade and use. (First time I went couponing, last week, I spent 112 dollars, and saved over 130. Today I went couponing and saved 63$ and spent 61, I spent 14 cents on packages of cupcake wrappers. I have 10 now. I use them for muffins and for cupcakes and now I have about a two year supply. LOL


7 cut out resturaunts and AMPM type places. I was feeling so sick and tired tonight, I went to Panda Express and it was 39 bucks to get out of there. . . there went my coupon savings.



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I didn't start getting "pregnant" until I came ashore to a desk job.


I did go back to sea during the Balkans War (retirement was cancelled and then rescheduled after I extended my enlistment).


Getting through scuttles was no problem during General Quarters when the shooting was going to start at any moment!


The effects of adrenalin are AMAZING!!!


Sorry to hear about your hubby being in the Navy!!! He has my sympathies!!!


Proud retired QMC of the "world's largest non-nuclear Coast Guard"!!

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Originally Posted By: Bookworm
Great idea for a thread Stephanie!

My plan is to be healthier and in better physical condition - I believe that is the one of the top things I can do in order to be bigger help to my dh and for our little family team.

As for prepping - I'm going to spend this weekend organizing, taking inventory and planning and then I'll be doing some more shopping. I got a copy of Peggy Layton's book - Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook for Christmas and I'm getting some good ideas from the book (plus I'm going to buy some copies for some family members).

Thanks for starting this thread!

Bookworm, I love the way you referred to your family as a 'family team', that is so true on my part as well.

I haven't ever read any of Peggy Layton's books, I'm going to keep my eyes out for them at the thrift stores and such, they sound great!
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I've been thinking about this some more and I'll add that we are starting to plan our garden for this spring - it's not easy keeping a garden watered when you have to haul your water but we're working on ways around that issue.


We're going to be (finally) getting chickens and a milk goat.


I'm learning about making cheeses and kefir and am planning a herb garden as well.


I'll continue cooking from scratch and also, like has been said in other's posts, trying to find more ways to cut back on any frivolous spending. We have no credit cards so that helps a lot to deter that too.


I met a lady a few weeks ago who is the pres. of the SAS in SD and they have pistol training twice a month so that is on my to do list as well.


One of my top priorities is to get rid of any uncessary things and really simplify our lives. flowersmilie




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My goals for the year:


1. Get in shape to improve my health and increase my ability to do physical tasks.

2. Radically increase the size of my garden with an eye to producing most of our vegetables and selling extra for a little extra cash.

3. Increase chicken flock and get turkeys again with the goal of breeding and selling chicks.

4. Buy at least 1 handgun and another rifle or 2. I've discovered I just love rifles. smile And ammo, lots of ammo.

5. Get hunting license.

6. Get ccw permit. (Just need to get fingerprinted and submit the paperwork.)

7. Work on my archery skills and take bowhunting course before year is over.

8. Brush up on first aid.

9. Get hand wheat grinder and stock up on wheat.



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For 2009 I plan on getting rid of ALL the stuff stored in the basement that I was saving for "just in case I need it". Since I only have a half basement to begin with, this should free up a good amount of space for preps and other items grin


I found a "neat" way to conceal small - medium size items. How many people look at the section of wall between the top of a closet door and the ceiling on the INSIDE of the closet ?


I have cut the sheetrock in 2 of the closets, glued some 3" square 1/8 ply pieces inside the opening as backers and then put the sheetrock back in place. If you are careful with the cutting of the sheetrock, a casual look will not show anything. (It is a "pain" to cut the sheetrock since you really can not get a good position to work.)


You typically have a space about 3" wide, 8" - 16" high and 14" long above the closet door. The header for the top of the closet door prevents anything from "disappearing" down into the wall.



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I'm fairly new so it's all a goal for me!


1) We've almost made it to our 6 month supply goal. The next year we will push hard at the beginning (tax returns) for the rest of what we need, hopefully getting up to a year by spring. After that we'll slowly add as money allows to provide for extended family who are not likely to prepare so we have room to share. I want to inventory my spices to make sure I can make everything I purchase taste good.


2)I need to make a complete inventory of non-food items I must have. I have one for the food, but not the non-food.


3)My dh also has some guns he hopes to acquire and is teaching us all (teens and up) to shoot. He may look into getting he and I a conceal carry permit.


4)I really must improve my gardening skills. That could become mandatory for long term.


5) I plan to work harder on using all these things I'm collecting so in an emergency I'm not trying to learn as I go. For example, later in the week I may try making soy milk and tofu, something our family has used but I've never tried to make myself.


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To have just gotten started Cheryl, you're doing fantastic! Well done!


A couple of more skills I want to fine tune.


Animal Husbandry


Medicinal Herbs


Vegetable Gardening


Bee Keeping (if we get a hive this spring)

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Well....here it is the YEAR 2009!!! woohoo


I'm so excited, I have a good feeling that I'm going to be able to accomplish a lot of fine tuning in my life, my skills, my spiritual growth, my physical condition, etc!



Feeling Fine in 2009!!!! bounce


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