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Originally Posted By: HSmom
10. Expect anything containing gel to go "strange" - I.E. milky, thick, attempting to escape the container. (Will not attack.)

The "attempting to escape" part is altitude. You shut the container at sea level with air at that pressure. Then you traveled to a place of high altitude, where the air pressure is lower. The pressure in that container is still at the "high" pressure of sea level, but it's surrounded by the relatively low pressure of GJ, CO. Pressure wants to be equal, so it tries to escape. Next time, before you shut the container, squeeze it slightly, so that it's dented. It'll be much happier. When you arrive at your low pressure destination, it will no longer be dented. Better yet, it won't keep trying to escape.

So says HSmom who lives close to sea level and visits in-laws at +5000 feet. grin

Hey! It was pretty freaky! I was attacked by my toothpaste gel and hand sanitizer in the motel bathroom. My shampoo popped but luckily in the shower stall.

My family actually made me an *emergency* kit of skin lotion and chapstick! Talk about dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

P.S. The milkiness...well you're on your own there! rofl
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