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Next Christmas

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Suitcase are wonderful and that way I never loose the gifts. I started using suitcases when I forgot where I hid gifts :rolleyes:



This is going to be a interesting Christmas. Extended family is getting gift baskets of homemade goodies and dried spices. Dil2b is getting a cookbook with all my recipes from meals to cleaning supplies. The boys will be getting well that is where I am stuck. I am thinking knives, bows & arrows etc. I will be watching Ebay & Craig's list for good deals.


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I am busy quilting away ! That and I got some nice fabric that I cut and hemmed for tea towels. Got one Christmas apron made. Been shopping bargains, too.


Woo hoo. I am going to start wrapping gifts soon. I put a piece of masking tape on the corner with whom it is for, along with the contents. Right before Christmas I put a regular nametag over the tape. Otherwise I forget what I bought and put in the packages.



I got my wrapping paper on clearance last year after the holidays.

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When you have over 60 people to buy for, you start the day after Christmas. :)


This year we are not going to wrap all the gifts, we are going to use some of the shopping bags from different stores. Menards have nice bags as well as Wal-Mart, so for those who shop at those stores, they will end up with them. :) Of course the bags won't be full, but, tie a ribbon on them and it saves paper and a tree. :)


I do have a lot of wrapping to do though, as the kids will be having things wrapped.


I have a note book that I keep a list of names and what we have gotten them, and we have also pinned names to some things. We have totes that the gifts go into so we don't lose them. :)




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Well since all three boys are engaged and the Dil2b live out on their own they are all getting practical gifts...jammies, big thick fuzzy socks to run around inside with no shoes on. I am making hanging kitchen towels (where you crotchet the tops and put velcro or a button, also going to try and make aprons for the girls too. Just sent all them an email and told them to send me their goodie box wish list because I was making my shopping list. Wonder how many peanut butter balls I will have to make this year. Must go to the thrift store and find mini loaf pans so I can make mini loaves of pumpkin, banana nut and sour dough bread for everyone.

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