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what did you do today to save a penny - Part 2


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Applied for (and rec'd) a WalMart cc and am saving 15 cents per gallon through December by using it for gas. Pretty good deal in this day and time! Filling the van was $3.13 a gallon! Yippee. Taking the truck tomorrow!




Recently cost us less than $3 to fill vehicles up. The 15 cents off is only through December and only in certain states that honor the discount. Stopped using the gift card discount since we save more with the cc.

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Went to library for books instead of buying them :-)


Ps....just got home from grocery store and I must confess...they were having a sale on their huge boneless chicken breast (they do this frequently!) and they only had 3 packages left (each packages has about 6 in it) and all three of them jumped right into my grocery cart! Then they had one whole end cap full of frozen fries, two 1 lb. packs for $1 and 4 of them jumped right into my cart too! But, they left about 100 of their friends behind because I told them I didn't have room for them in the inn. Had our favorite sausage 3 lbs. rolls (the 5 for $19) so 3 of those boogers hopped right in too! They must have realized that I had a van full of their meat friends from another store and couldn't stand being left behind! :sHa_sarcasticlol:

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Philbe - We love picnics and hiking also and it's one of our favorite family outings! Yosemite is just a two hour drive away!


Okay, I just did the math and I spent $23,59 for two turkeys and two full turkey breasts (with bone.) Not as cheap as some years but cheap enough. Of course, I had to buy $75 worth of groceries to score this deal but I got a lot of bang for that $75! (Rainchecks, coupons, and great sale items) Now, back to my canner!

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I picked up a turkey at $.55/lb and 2 chickens at $.77/lb. The turkey is frozen, so it went into the deep freezer for now. The chickens are thawed, so they'll get tossed into the crock pot tomorrow, picked clean once they're cooked, then I'll leave the carcasses in until the next day to make some bone broth.

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I recently joined a co-op, called Bountiful Basekts -it's open in so many areas. For $15, and a we get a huge portion of fruits and veggies. I've had so much that I've been sharing. It's really fabulous. You can do every week, but for the two of us, it's about right every other week. :)

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We bought 40 lb of hams at ridiculously low sale prices (farmers must be selling off livestock they cant get corn for) and cut them down. Froze and canned slices for scalloped potatoes & ham, chunks for soups, and froze the bones for the next broth making day. Going to get more, too, since we expect meat prices to climb with the crappy corn harvest. Some are already 'predicting' more drought this summer....do you guys think a third freezer would be 'too much'?

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I just bought a new freezer. That makes two uprights and three chest freezers total. I need this many at different times of the year, and then slowly can and empty them. I have one full of beef, one chicken, one quick meals, and two for hunting. In January when hunting season is over, I will can the two freezers of deer, quail, duck and turkey. Once that is done I will probable can up some more of the chicken and beef too so I am not so reliant on the freezers. I have Five generators if needed so I don't worry about the power going out, if I thought it was going to be long term, I could keep them cold while I can everything in them. ( hubby uses four of those generators for work and one of them will run my whole house with air conditioners etc running)

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Philbe would love to have more deep freezers...but...if the power grid went down I'd lose alot of it I think. Do you have an alternative way to quickly can things (without electricity) that you have in deep freezers?


Yup, I have canned over the gas grill as well as open fire. A little fussy, but it works with patience. And come to think of it, maybe I'll just 'clear out some more freezer room' with another canning cycle...you know, one canner full of stew meat, one of chicken, one of pork, one of ham...equals one 'cycle'. Repeat as desired. Some work, but I do love to see those jars on the shelves!Maybe I'll keep my eyes open for a small used freezer to convert to a chest refrigerator instead. Its supposed to save quite a bit on the electric bills...got the info from www.energyconservationinfo.orgIt also gave direction on how to put an on-off switch on the water heater to save $$ too, but the refrigerator looks easier and quicker - no wiring required.

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Luma, I get 1% back on all of my Discover card purchases. It doesn't sound like much but over the years it has really added up. Especially when I use it to buy big ticket items like appliances, furniture, car repair/tires, home repairs etc. I pay it off EVERY month so I've never paid a penny interest. I just let the amount roll over year after year and now I have quite a bit of their money saved up in my account.


My D-ex laughed at me when I told him I was saving 1% on something. It isn't so funny now though. I could use that saved money to buy a nice washer or dryer or freezer or whatever I want. Okay just between the two of us...over the past 7 years I've accumulated over $800.00 dollars of their money from buying things I already needed and paying my monthly bills.


Now the rewards are even greater with 5% for gas and other perks.


Ex always say nothing is free. I agree with him but dang, I can't see how this is costing me anything? Yep, I'll take 1% of free money from a card I was going to use anyway.

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It costs the average consumer because most people, even if they pay off the card at the end of the month, tend to spend more on credit than they do if they use cash. Also, Discover charges higher fees than the other cards do, so the retailer marks everything up to cover the higher fees. dh and I refused to even take AmEx because the fees to us (the merchant) were so high that our profit margin wasn't high enough.

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WM (in some states) has the 3 cents off on their "gift cards" which we used for gas in our car...then they came out with a 15 cent off through December on their Discover credit card. We each got one, MM using his for the truck and me using mine for the van. We never, never, never charge more than what we can pay off, and on time, when the bill comes in...and it's saving us 15 cents a gallon every time we top thing off. Gas today was $3.05 and 15 cents off that aint bad...considering where the price has been! Geez...and we thought we were getting a deal. Four years ago gas was a whole lot cheaper!!! We seldom carry cash on us (even though we know where to find some if we need it) and use our credit or debit cards. But again, always paying on time and in the full amount is a must.

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Most people buy more with credit than with cash because it's next month's money that they're spending. Whether or not they can pay it off has little bearing. For example, today I bought $125 worth of cotton broadcloth from Fabric.com. Even though we'll have no trouble paying it off next month, if i had had to use our debit card I wouldn't have spent so much because all of this month's money has already been budgeted (spoken for). Next month I'll include the $125 in our budget because I've already bought it, but if I hadn't I wouldn't set that much money aside for material, kwim?


And that's how consumers spend on average 18% more by using credit cards rather than cash.

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If your fabric was on sale, then you would save money by buying it all at once on a debit card instead of waiting to put it on a credit card that you (figuratively - you!) couldn't pay off at the end of the month. If I were doing it, I would have bought the whole thing, put it on my CC, paid the card off at the end of the month and got 1% cash back.


I guess I'm an anomaly. I have never spent more than I can afford in one month, I don't buy things I can't afford, I'm not late on my payments, I do not pay interest on CC. I treat my CC as real money with benefits. I'm a credit card company's nightmare.


I'm either smart, was taught well, have good impulse control, don't have a sense of entitlement or... just plain lucky. I'm thinking the latter. :sigh:

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Jeepers, I think it's the former :hug3:


Looking at a cc as real money with benefits is how I try to look at it too -- like with some of the Christmas presents, I was going to buy them anyway, but get cashback through Ebates, and also, get points on the credit card I used to buy them. Saving on things I'd already buy (and pay for), and also getting an added benefit of the points.

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Yep...using cc's requires strict discipline, and knowing "why" you're using them. Keeping all the receipts (with a written mileage amount on the gas cards) and then entering them into a running ledger (in our case...Quicken) keeps you aware of what you've charged. Not to mention that when you sit down to enter those receipts into your Quicken account, it gives you a "visual" of what you've charged. Guess my years in property management helps us?

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I did not cook a turkey this year, but I wanted some broth, so I asked around for a carcass. I got 1 on Thursday that still had all of the dark meat!!! I got a gallon of broth out of that carcass, plus plenty of sandwich meat.


Today I was given 3 more carcasses. I will be set on turkey broth for a long time! Love the free food! :hapydancsmil:

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