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what did you do today to save a penny - Part 2


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Stayed home.  Does that count?

I saved a penny today by taking the, maybe 3/4 cup, leftover rice, and instead of throwing it away, I warmed it and put cinnamon, raisins and sugar on it for DH's breakfast.  I also warmed a couple sl

Hit a yard sale this morning! 100 jars assorted (but 3 of quarts) for $25! Woohoo!!! It's too rainy out to unload them right now, but very happy!

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Yard Sale Day!!--Bought 4 cases of jars--halves and pints for $5. Wish I had more room, they had lots of quarts. Mini hand crank ice cream maker for $2. Cast iron cornbread pan with cactus form in it for $1 That is to sell on ebay!

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What I did to save a penny or two....today I trade a very old car that we don't want or need to a guy (known him for years) in exchange for him remodelling my son's bedroom(lathe and plaster). Actually I was hoping to sell the car, but we had no takers so I figured that this was a good deal.

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I can't resist a good freebie...A friend of ours runs a little 7-11 type store. I stopped in yesterday to get a fountain drink(and use her wi-fi) and there were about 30 packages of snack cakes on the counter. She told me to take them because they were going to expire today and the vendor was going to throw them out. I am glad to see the vendor cared about selling fresh product and I was happy to take them off their hands. I put them in some big gallon size zip lock bags and hid them in the freezer. Next time DH gets a sweet craving I can get him one. The perfect size to cure his cravings.

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Awesome score Momo. :thumbs:


I traded $25.00 of manufacturers coupons for free groceries from our local store. They can use them, I couldn't. They called it even. :happy0203:

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My Dad's Secretary's (Ellen) Mother-in-law just moved into an assisted living community, and Ellen has a basement of things that need clearing out. She heard that I'm closing on my first house Friday, so she invited me over to see if I wanted anything.


Well, I'm gonna have to go back for some things because my car isn't big enough, but what I was able to get for my house was:


1) I have the claim on the nice singer sewing machine with nice table (that the machine sort of flips entirely into, leaving a nice side table with glass top, and draws along the side with bobbins, etc. . . that's one of the things I need to go back for


2) Toaster oven


3) Beautiful old sewing box full of notions, thread, ribbon, etc. . .


4) Box of kitcheny things, including a rolling pin, colanders, pressure cooker, sifter, and other pots and things


5) Table lamp, looks like carved oak. Needs a bulb and a shade, but those are no biggie.


6) Books, including a 1919 edition of Little Women and a copy of Little Men to match :faint3: , and a hymnal. And a clarinet, of all things. I don't play, but I did get my degree in music ed. If I don't put this away for TEOTWAWKI, I know of a few charities that take donations of instruments for school band programs, or for kids who cannot afford their own instruments.


7) A slew of tools and other things for my utility room/ workshop, including saws, a hack saw, propane torch, copper wiring, nuts, bolts, gloves, tin snips, soldering irons, "egg-beater" drill, etc. . . all in a basic, nice tool box.


8) I have a claim on the freshwater fishing poles, that I need to go back for. I'll try to get what tackle I can.


9) If one person who has dibs on a dresser doesn't want it, I'll get it, for my roommate who will need one.


10) A box of glassware (Previously, I had nice wine glasses, plastic cups, and coffee mugs. Some actual glasses are nice). Also a pyrex casserole, and some casserole warmers.


11) Some stainless steel flatware, to supplement the flatware I had.


Nice haul, huh? All for free! I can't even give a complete inventory, because with the box of kitchen things, and the tool box, I just said "Oohhh! Box of useful things! I'll take it all!"


By the way, if anyone has a need for a 9 foot mounted swordfish, I can hook you up, lol :grinning-smiley-044:


Anyhow, most is staying in my car until the Friday, so I'll take it to the new house straight after closing.

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I'm not sure I should put this one here, because it's not *my* penny being saved. :Blushing:


But I've been filling up an empty cupboard in bigDD's kitchen with foods to help at those times she's not feeling well, or the weather's bad, or she has nothing to fix for supper. Some are packaged preps, like Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper, and a few are chicken noodle soups, ginger ale, etc. I bought everything on sale, except for just a couple of things.


They just opened a new grocery store 3 weeks ago near her, and they have coupons for free items that I picked up for her. (She forgot to take them with her.)


So far she hasn't seen it, because I'd get a phone call. :happy0203:

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I think I've finally got the hang of couponing.

Got 6 200-ct bottles generic Benedryl,

6 headbands,

two generic Vaporub jars,

a 40-ct box of nitrile gloves,

60-ct jar guaifenesin/dextromethorphan pills,

96-ct pseudoephedrine,

24-ct ephedrine,

5 32-oz bottled 91% isopropyl alcohol,

1 24-oz bottle ethyl alcohol,

6 32-oz bottles hydrogen peroxide,




12 double-rolls TP,

and a jug of Tide HE

for $45.21.

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With the Obama Health Care Plan changes coming in 2011, I chose to stock up on Over the Counter drugs today. I won't get that 30% pretax savings tomorrow so went to my local Wally World on the last day of 2010. <_<:buttercup:


Also, dug another row of potatoes from the garden. Never did THAT on New Year's Eve in Wisconsin. :sHa_sarcasticlol:

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We just did a little Christmas shopping today... Yep, on New Years Eve. Hubby's grandkids were out of town for Christmas so we postponed buying a few of their gifts to take advantage of some of the sales. One of the places we checked is called Ollie's Bargain Outlet. They are sort of a junk/closeout/ you-never-know-what-you're-gonna-find type of store.


We purchased some organic relish, organic oatmeal, pomegranate juice, Juicy Juice, crackers, and a whole lot more. We also got a few more gifts for the grandkids. They also sell a lot of books, cleaning supplies and just about anything that you might think of, except clothes... I don't recall seeing clothes, anyway.


I got this from their website: http://www.olliesbargainoutlet.com/default.aspx


Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is currently located in 10 states: Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Today's the last day "off" before I go back to babysitting our Grandson after the holidays (Tues-Fri). So I ran a few errands.


I've been de-cluttering in the basement, and found that the mice have been playing in the cardboard boxes, so they're going ~out~ and I got some plastic totes at Target on sale. Nice enough sale, and I'll probably go back to get more. No more sifting through "mouse pellets"! <_<


I stopped at the ABC Warehouse to get a pair of cheap headphones for lilDD, and the guy put some Christmas paper rolls on the counter. I saw that they were marked 79 cents each on the box, where they had a bunch for sale. After he rang me up and I paid, he asked if I wanted some - they were giving them away! :o


I said, SURE! How many could I get? :happy0203:


He gave me a whole box, with probably 50 rolls in it. They have about 40 feet each, kind of small rolls, but sheesh... for FREE! :woohoo: And he even carried them to my car for me.


I thanked him very much, and told him to let his manager know that I will be sharing them, and that I will continue to return as a customer. I'll be sending a note to the manager, too.


Mom had said she was out of Christmas paper, so I called and told her she doesn't have to look for sales. :thumbs:

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At the bent can store I scored four cans, about 1.75 lbs each, of dry whole milk for $2.79 each. They had some plastic bags about the same size of dry nonfat milk; maybe those will still be there come payday.

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How did you get mice when your name is Cat? Your name alone should strike fear in the little critters hearts.


:sEm_blush: They know I'm a softie at heart. If they're still alive, I let 'em go outside, where they probably just come right back in. I haven't the heart to kill them outright unless they're suffering.


We've been lucky... we haven't had a mouse problem until just the last few years. I guess the house is getting old enough that they're finding their way in.

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A few cans of foam will take care of that Cat. It's usually around pipes coming in from outside.


I understand how you can't kill the mice unless they're suffering. Let the mouse trap do the work and then throw the whole thing out. :grinning-smiley-044:

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We have found places where the cement edges - where poured wall and floor meet - developed a small crack and eventually crumbled just enough for mice to enter.


We have found places where they ran up the (above ground) basement wall and then got under the siding and dug their way in between the under-boards. (They were sloppily made and had unsealed gaps. After the siding's on, the manufactured housing guys think you will never know just how poorly they fit them together.)


We think a few found a way through the drainage pipe running to the pond from the dry sump pit after the low water level uncovered the end. They loosened the cover edge and came up.


Manufactured housing is just not made to last long. Even when we finally save enough to gut the inside and fix it up, you can't even trust the walls to hold things like solid wood cupboards. It's just not like "stick built". :(


It will be expensive, because everything will need work.

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I have a brand new in box Presto 16 quart dial gauge canner I can sell for $50. However, the shipping is about $25 or $30...... That doesn't save any money. It would make it regular price with shipping.


For my bargain, I found 14 one pound packages of the kind of hot dogs we eat for 50 cents each ! I grabbed them all and brought them home and froze them.

They had some chicken ones, too, but I did not get those.

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Drove across town, $7 in gas round trip, but used a pile of coupons there to get $37 of groceries for $11. :curtsey: While we were on that end of town, we visited a Goodwill store we don't usually get to; found a bagel-friendly toaster and the loose-weave cotton blanket my son likes. :cloud9:

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