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Romans 1:28


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I'm in a time crunch with my missionary girlfriend here with her husband. They'll be leaving tomorrow, and we have a ton of things we need to do, so I'm only going to do one verse this morning. It's important that I keep this study going for myself, so sometimes a balance is needed...


Heavenly Father,


I love You.


I need You.


I want You so desperately not only in my life, but leading it, in control, whatever You want.


You are my Heavenly Father, my God, my Everything.


Thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You for being Who You are.


Thank You for bringing Jean and her husband here exactly when You did. Thank You for her Godly counsel and her willingness to be there when I so desperately needed her. Thank You for Your peace that floods my soul, thank You for working out these things that fill my mind and my heart. Thank You for Your Word, because already, with only 27 verses done in the 1st chapter of Romans, I've gleaned a deeper understanding of You, of Christ, of Your Holy Spirit, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface.


Even though today's study will be just one verse, I just ask, even before I start it, that there will be SOMEthing that will impact each of us, to tuck away in our hearts to carry forever.


*darlene takes her bible, holding it against her heart, and crawls up into the Father's lap...*


Teach me Father...through the power of Your Holy Spirit, please teach me.


In Jesus Name I pray,




28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;


The rvbv states about verse 28: "Here we have for the thrid time the judicial utterance, God gave them over. This time it is to a settled state, a reprobate mind. There is such a solemn irony in the manner of speech in the Greek, that it should be brought out as well as the English will allow. Alford translates it: "because they reprobated the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a reprobate mind." Conybeare renders it: "As they thought fit to cast out the knowledge of God, God gave them over to an outcast mind." We might render it: To a mind disapproved of God, since they did not approve knowing God. And given over to do what? To live lives, think thoughts, be such creatures, as are not befitting the universe of the blessed God; and most particularly not befitting man, who is created in God's image."


Heavenly Father,


I already know that those You have chosen, will not be 'given up'...we will not be engulfed into the vacuum that our sins deserved. Christ's death and resurrection not only stands and stops that inevitable consequence, but removes it through the power of His Blood that He shed on that Cross.


So Father, a part of me feels so hurt that He had to suffer so much for me, I'm so undeserving...and a part of me accepts, with an incredibly humble heart, this gift of mercy and grace You have offered me.


Let this walk I walk with You speak, in volumes that nobody can deny, of my gratitude, my respect for You, my desire to honor You, and most of all my genuine and very real love for You.


I keep wanting to express how my heart feels this moment with eloquence and illustrations that present the depth of how I feel, but it's just not happening. All I can do is simply say I love You and let it rest at that...etched with Your Holy finger, on my heart.


There is something Father that I know You would have me do...a 'mini-mission' perhaps. As usual, I really don't wanna hafta do this, but I know You would have me go. So, all that I ask Father is that You would go before me...that You would fill me with the power of Your Spirit and that every word I utter would be only the words that You would have me say. Keep me and my big mouth outta it, or I refuse to go. This ain't about me, it's all about You so I just need Your help to keep it that way.


Bless the people who read this prayer today. May You remind them of how incredibly special they are in Your eyes. May they remember where You rescued them from and may their hearts be filled with humble gratitude and love for our God. Impart to them Your wisdom and faith (cause You promise us if we ask You in Your Word that You will give us that), increasing what they have this moment 7 fold, and may the wonder of Your power, Your tender and loving attention to every detail in their lives, in turn fill them with a passionate and consuming love for You.


Thank You for this day...I look forward to it all unfolding.


In Jesus Precious Name I pray,

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...just cuz it's not a common word [used seriously] these days - I looked up the word "reprobate"


ORIGIN late middle English [as a verb]: from Latin 'reprobat' - "disapproved"

from the verb 'reprobare' ..... from 're' ( expressing reversal ) + 'probare' (approve)



Sooooooooo........ what this is saying is that God 'gave over' those that continued in THEIR DISAPPROVAL OF HIM....THE ALMIGHTY. DarleneSwoon



I always thot it was like....they are wanting sin so bad that God just threw up His Holy Hands and said, "Fine then...have what you want." It seems like this was more meaning what they decided what they did NOT want....namely, God.




Oooooooo, no wonder they're stepping in the doodoo!




MtRider coffee2

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