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Do you food seal your salt? How about bars of soap?

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I bought a large quantity of high quality celtic sea salt and want to make sure it stays fresh. I thought I read somewhere that salt is actually moist, at least the natural sea salt. I wouldn't want it to mold.

I also have large amounts of plain Ivory soap. Could that dry out if it isn't sealed? It'll take me several years to use it all up.

I'm going crazy with my new food sealer, but don't want to waste those pricey bags on needless sealing.

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No, I pour salt into two liter juice bottles and cap it. It will not mold. If your salt is too moist, spread it on a pan and put it in a warm oven. Stir it several times with a spatula and then set it out to cool. Then put it in the bottles.


Soap will lose moisture, but not spoil. Actually letting it dry out before using will make it last longer. If your "in use" soap gets too wet, put it on a dish and set it someplace like the top of the fridge and put out a fresh bar. A wet bar will waste your soap.

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Several years ago I pulled a bar of Ivory soap out of a bath bag that was in the attic for about 5 years. It was dry and deeply cracked, but it was usable.


As for the salt, it will suck moisture out of the atmosphere. This will make it clump up, but won't go bad. If you are worried about it, vacuum sealing it won't hurt anything. I'd do like CGA said and put it in empty juice bottles.


Mind if I ask where you got your sea salt? All we have in stock right now is regular iodized salt.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions.

My salt is already in little shakers, so I guess I will just seal them up in rubbermaid containers.

Fritz, I get my salt at my natural foods co-op. They had a great sale last month-love the holiday sales!

Good idea Susie about putting the bars of soap in my clothes drawers. That would free up space in the bathroom cupboard. I may have to weed out some of the clothes I don't wear. I can kill two birds with one stone!

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