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Anyone starting seeds yet?


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Is everyone getting excited about your spring gardens? I am on the border of zones 8-9.


I started seeds today while hubby finished working on a cold frame. We can transplant at the beginning of March.


I planted 4 types of tomatoes, bell peppers, a 2nd crop of cauliflower, broccoli & lettuce. Also thyme, oregano & sage.


He will sow seeds directly in the garden come spring for corn, green beans,limas & okra, watermelon & cantelope.


Hubby likes to grow squash & eggplant but we are not big eaters of them so this year we will use that space for more of what we do eat.


I also started tons of herbs, hoping to start using some of them for medicinal needs such as

St. Johnswort,Anise, hyssop,lemon balm,

peppermint, chamomile, feverfew,lovage, basil, calendula & echinacea.


I am new to herbs so hope they all come up. I know some are perennials which is good. We won't have to replant them every year.


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I'm zone 6b-7a.

Next week I get started.

I'll sow all of my onion seeds in flats inside.

I'll start some lettuce in pots and then scramble to get my son to build my cold frames for them so I can move them to the garden in a few weeks.

I'll sow half of my brocolli, cabbage and kale inside, and then they'll be moved to my plastic covered tunnels later.

There are 16 weeks till my average last frost date.


I really miss working outside. At least this year I have my chickens. On nice days I sit out there with them. It gives me a reason to go outside in the winter.

I envy you. When I lived in Arizona, I started my tomatoes in January. Of course, I had all of my coles and lettuce to tend in the winter. The gardening season never stopped there.

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We start ours in the middle of Feb. to the first of March, so got a bit to wait yet. I am really looking forward to starting my own plants this year now that Rezgirl gave me a great idea of how to do it! I will just have to read about yall getting yours started for now lol...



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I got my seed order on Tuesday! I ordered Amish Past Tomato because i heard they were good for making sauces which I want to try my hand at. Also four other kinds of vegetables,, i just have to wait til the beginning of march to start the seeds indoors.


They are all Heirloom seeds so i get to try my hand at saving seeds too this year!

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I should be starting seeds, I am getting 6 tons of horse pucky on Monday, and sometime the following week I am getting someone to rototill the yard/front yard.



I haven't figured out exactly what I am starting at the beginning of Feb. I need to do that ASAP so I can start the seed. laugh



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OH. Err... I don't KNOW how old the horse pucky is. Guess I need to call and find out huh? Very imporatant question. :-( Otherwise I am going to have some very ripe horse apples in my yard that I CAN'T USE!

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I called -- horse pucky has been sitting for 6-10 months or more, woo hoo!!! Old horse poo!~

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I can start beets, bok choy, carrots, collard greens, sweet corn, cucumbers, jicama, cantaloupe, watrermelon, mustard, green onions and onion sets, peas, potatos, radishes, spinach, summer squash, sunflowers and turnips beginning to end of Feb.


I can also Transplant peppers (Feb 15 on), Tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant, lettuce head or leaf, and some other items.


Guess I had better get busy planting some tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce so I can transplant them.

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Originally Posted By: Campy
It will be awhile yet. I am in zone 4 - 5.

Me too, but I've already started with my indoor grow lights. Also have a coldframe & a greenhouse is next on my list, SQUEE!!!

I'm (im)patiently waiting for 3 orders..... *taps fingers*
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waveHI CoM. Yes we are getting ready, tilling our garden for a week now. Have cleaned off an old nursery shed to add another 35'- 85' to our last years garden making it 85'- 130' this year. Went and bought some cotton seed mill and cow manure and put on 3 rows for some early peas I will be planting on the 26th. Also ordered $100 dollars worth of Heirloom seeds from Bakers Creek Catalog last week and should be here any day now. Will be planting them in my pots as soon as possible. Also bought collards, lettuce, cabbage, brusel sprouts, brocoli, califlower , and onions to plant soon. It has been some really nice days working outside getting things ready. lois Hope you have a good garden this year. haveniceday
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