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Here's to all my sewing sisters..


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You know what they say..."As you sew, so shall you rip."

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You are so cute, Rezgirl. smile I do a lot of that Frog Stitch. smile


JCK88, you are sooooooo right. smile


I can't remember the last time I sewed that I didn't have a little problem of some kind. It just never fails. frownmecry




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I think my main problem is that I just don't understand the tension stuff. Sometimes the bottom is supposed to be slack, sometimes the top, and sometimes it's supposed to be even. I just don't get it...

so rip it, rip it, rip it here too!anim%20jumping%20frog%20FINAL.gif


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Arby..what?!? I read the thread, honest...


Oh...right... I read it and read it...and posted THEN.

Now I re-read it.

I've had so much on my mind lately.




DUH. Ribbit..rip it...frogs...


Okay, ya'll got me with that one.




I'm laughing here, really. rofl


Usually, not much gets by me, but when it does, it's a zinger.




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Don't feel bad, I've been rip it-ing along.... machine is giving me fits still. Only justttttt managed to get two curtain panels done by now and my machine is rickety ---- I don't even know if theres a repair shop anywhere in this county or the next!

May just have to bite the big one and get a new one, aargh



I need four panels done.


Cannot get the tension right at all.... and I have tried to be as methodical as I can about adjusting one thing at a time on this thing! It just won't comply.

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I am sorry your machine is giving you fits. Normally the book will show you how to adjust the tensions. If the top thread is too tight, you adjust it one way. If the bottom thread looks too tight, you change another way. Do you have the book ?

I wish you were close by. I could have them done in just a little bit of time. I have 2 sergers and 2 sewing machines. All that work just fine. You could send the stuff here, but shipping may not be cost effective, having to ship both ways. Do you have anyone nearby where you could go and use their machine ? I know you say you live in the Boonies.

I know here you can get good used machines cheap at the thrift stores.

Good luck !


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This was the problem, Violet, cant find the instruction manual... But I managed to make some simple curtains. Got all four panels done just now. I did figure out it had to do with the top threading.... duh... but my eyes are definitely not what they used to be. Still I do not feel comfortable just yet trying to sew a blouse.

I used to know alot, but can't recall it well enough to be sure, so trying to break down what I do. I hope I can get it straightened out. I really need to be able to sew so much stuff.

If I cannot find a repair shop to bring it in for a tune-up, then I will have to replace it if I do not get it adjusted right myself. Between gas to go out of my area maybe and the cost of repairs, I think I would break even having to just replace it as it is a standard lightweight 14 inch machine and I was pricing machines already...

gonna have to reiki it I guess, lol! ( Yes reiki can work on any thing, as well as healing people and animals....)


I sure wish I at least still had the navy sewing machine manual. I could fix it then. I remember it being a fantastic manual for basic machines.


Well, glad I got those curtains done because I am going to work on a long cast on technique with my dpn needles and the satin yarn for knitting socks tomorrow. Now I am going to unwind and get to bed.

Thanks so much for your cheering me on. It will probably just take a couple tweaks here and there...


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I am proud of you for persevering and getting them done ! Good job.

Is there any way we can help you find a manual ? What kind of machine is giving you fits ?

I know how frustrating it can be. I wore out at least 2 machines. They could not be repaired unless I put too much money into them.

My last machine is a dream. I got a really great Janome 6600P with a little money I inherited. I figured it would make my dad happy to know I got one. I used to sew these western shirts with all the piping and pearl snaps for him. He loved them. He would wear them until nothing was left of them.

This machine is for quilting as well as sewing. It has the wide opening so I can put my quilts through to quilt them. It has a built in walking foot for the quilts, too. Lots of decorative stitches. Really a nice machine. Thanks Dad !

I have a Babylock that is really good, too. I have a White serger and a Babylock serger. None of my machines has ever needed anything done to them other than a new blade for the White serger. Have had that thing 20 years.

Here is a link that shows pictures of the way the threads may look. Then, it will tell you which to loosen or tighten, the bobbin or the upper tension.


Here is another good one:


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That is EXACTLY what I wanted to do last week.....GRRrrrrr

Bought another machine off ebay last week. Should be here Wedensday. Has a 30 day return policy. If it's not what will work for me, I'll return it. Right now, though, anything that will straight stitch and zigzag will make me excited. I haven't had the urge to sew for about a year, and that is evident in my closet.
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Oh, Rezgirl, I am sorry your machine was being ornery, too. Hopefully the new one will work great.


Arby, I do hope those sites help you. I know my book shows the same sort of diagrams. That got me thinking that surely there must be something online with the same sort of thing to help you out.


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I learned to sew on a treadle machine at the ripe old age of 8! My daughters have been taught on that same machine.

That was fun and actually sewed very well...still does. I "rip it" more with my newer machines. At present, I am making a new quilt top for one of my late MIL quilts I inherited. Before I started the quilt top I made up a bunch for pjs in flannel for the entire family. I made them in a scrubs type pattern for the adults and the kids in a variety of styles.

The fabric was given to me. can't beat that price.

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I assume all the ripping is because we are trying to teach ourselves.

I haven't been in a sewing class since early in the last century... and then I used to sew over my fingers all the time, because the sewing machine didn't move the fabric like it should and I had to shove it through.

Bloody fabric... sigh... I used to have to wash the blood out before I could use whatever I made.

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