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I picked up a few things at Save-Alot today. 24 cans each of cream of mushroom & cream of celery soups, 12 can green beans,2 bottles cooking oil,2 pks. coffee filters,2 cans salmon,and 4 cans pasta. I noticed today that their prices have gone up. Thats not good.

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The Save-A-Lot near us closed down. It was open for a couple of years and WHOOSH it literally closed down within a few days.


I didn't shop there very much...only once or twice. Their prices weren't that much better than the WINCO down the road.

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I went to sam's club and bought a years worth of yeast, brown sugar and vegetable oil and powedered sugar. I also bought 25 more lbs of flour (already have 50 lbs. stored). and i added 50 cans of tuna to my storage and six cans of coffee.


I am going to go back next week and stock up on sugar and more flour.

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In the past few weeks DH has been on a roll and it has been great!!!


I sold some land that I had and although it wasn't a lot I have been using some here and there for preps and putting the rest up.


We went to Sams and stocked up on stuff like TP, Tomato Sauce, Ketchup and Sauces....took my calculator with me to make sure I was getting the best deal.


Went to Kroger and loaded up. I realize that I need to concentrate on shelf-stable food but I was able to get some porkloins for $4 because the shelf date was close to expiration and I lucked up on a sale for boneless skinless chicken breast bags for $4. I also loaded up on frozen veggies $1 a bag. Now that my freezer is full I'm concentrating on cabinets.


DH has been cleaning out and organizing all of our cabinets. I got the sale paper yesterday and took advantage of the $1 sale at Kroger. Was able to get deoderant, toothpaste, off brand IBprofen, cereal, crackers, poptarts, ravioli type stuff, rice side dishes.


While looking for DS a pair of pants I lucked up and got some things for this next winter for DD. I'm sure she will be in a 6 by then so I was able to get some dresses and outfits for about $2 each. One of the local sports stores had a huge sale and I was able to buy shoes for $10 and a few bags for BOB, and bookbags for the future half price or more.


Went to thrift store the other day and got a bag FULL of chapter books for my son for .80. I figure with everything spinning downward so quickly it may be good to have them on hand even if they may be above reading level. Especially for this summer when they are bored and we have nothing to do!! Plan to make another trip up there today.


From this point I'm planning to try to fill in holes and just plan to concentrate on picking up a little extra here and there when I go....even if it's $10 worth of beans. I'll be off work with the kids this summer so I'm trying to think ahead now about activities to keep everyone busy and entertained. I'm researching gardening now and thinking of inexpensive ways to entertain them now.

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I'm starting a sewing class for my husband's emergency preparedness group.


They want to learn everything from basic sewing to buttonholes to fancy techniques for ponchos, headgear, etc.


SO...I'm still trying to find a place big enough to host everyone with their machines. :o

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DH is getting worse than me about this prepping!


This week we have been working on a solar cooker, a rainwater collection system, and a greenhouse. We have been busy planning, designing and getting the supplies ready (and cheap). He thinks like McGyver, so he is in hog heaven while he's doing something useful too. The cooker should be ready to cook in tomorrow!

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Went to Wal-Mart and got some big packages of toilet paper, several containers of salt and oil, powdered milk, and cleaned out most of their large packages of Ivory soap. While I was there I added to my medications, including children's OTC medication, bandages, etc.


Later this week I hope to go get some more bulk beans and wheat.

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I made a major score today.


I happened to stop in our favorite thrift store (linked to the humane society) and LOW and BEHOLD in an odd corner, I found canning jars! They were .25 each!


They had some 1 gallon jars, a handful of wide mouth quarts, a few wide mouth pints, and a few regular pints. I ended up with 4 bags of jars! :woohoo:


Now I'm pea green with envy. I love canning with wide mouth jars, but they cost more so I always buy the pint. When I find wide mouth jars cheap, I do the happy dance. Those gallon jar are a prize too!


Josephine - You what a steal! Where on earth did you find such a deal? That is awsome! My biggest problem would be finding some place to put them all. I love a good deal. I'm thrilled for you both!

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Josephine - You what a steal! Where on earth did you find such a deal? That is awsome!


My Safeway (normal type grocery store) was having a sale, each jar for $.99. But when you bought 3 jars, you got a $2.00 off coupon to use on your next visit, for whatever you wanted. I went and bought 24 jars, got $16.00 in coupons, then I bought either just enough to go over the coupons I had, or two more to bump it up to a factor of 3 to get another coupon. I could have gone on forever, and blown my entire $150 weekly budget, but that would have meant 445-ish jars. They have an expiration date of Nov 2011... that would mean eating pasta sauce 3 times a week. :D

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I just added 7 cans of tuna and 3 cans of caned tomatoes with chilis. 2 packages of spiral pasta and 2 packages of yoke free noodles.


I need to take inventory of HBA's in the closet, and organize them.


I know I'm low on first aid supplies like ace bandages and bandaids, tape ( for butterfly stitches). Need more alcohol and peroxide. Have huge bottles of Member's Mark brand of tylenol, ibuprofen and have 2 bottles of Anacin . Need to stock more vitamins.


I also need to keep and eye out for canning jars and lids. ;)

I should also add more salt and pepper to the preps.




I just bought 5 cans of coconut milk. It was only $1 a can. I figure it would be good for rice pudding.


Been talking to hubby about getting some food grade buckets with lids for food preps. He seemed interested. Alot of time I talk and he doesn't sound too interested. I may be getting thru to him? *fingers crossed* It'd be nice to not have to do all the prepping by myself. :)

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I finally told my son my plan D, which is if I start making a decent income and paying taxes again through my writing in the future, that I was going to get a 5 acre piece of land and making it into a homestead and setting it up for him and his family as well, so that if it is needed in the future, for them as well, it will be there. ( OF course he inherits it. ) I also told him I was doing further research on the Eminent Domain being given over to China for their loans to help all our great spending bills being put into place by President Obama lately. He said good luck finding it on MSM, and with his education he was rather thinking this would be impossible, but I told him President Obama was going too far with many things and this might be a possibility, so I was going to do alot of research to find verifiable resources. ( In MSM for instance or have they also been silenced completely ( maybe part of the funds 'raised' are paying for utter silence. ) If this matter is not the actual truth, and just someone dreamed up opinion to scare Americans, we need to know that as well. Yes, it scared the heck out of me ( mild terminology there), and if anyone cares to join me for a brandy tonight they are welcome to it.

But at least he liked the homestead plans. Who knows, maybe they would help me get all that done! ( They do well with their incomes these days. )


Also found out DIL watched Obamas speech at Camp Lejeune Today. Not sure what she thought, but it didn't sound like she was too impressed.

Last thing, which is good, is that she will be on a navy ship patrolling the Eastern African Coast for Pirates instead of being in the Persian Gulf and this is such a relief and that she will be home before Christmas 2009, so a big Christmas is planned this year with me being given transportation to be there! WOOT!!! I miss my son so much, spending time with him and the fact that I have not met DIL and her family in person yet...... as I live so far away from them all right now... So things to look forward to are helping me to try and stomach this terrible possibility of China being able to walk in and take our properties if this is a 'done deal'.


It really shook me up. OK, preps, talking as sanely as possible with son, planning Christmas visit, and having a sip of brandy! :wink (2):

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One of our area chain stores has "bulk buying" now, where you can order by the case. Meijer has stores in 5 states around and including Indiana.


Right now they have 5% off "grocery cases", and if you buy $150 worth any time, they ship free. (Apparently they deliver to all 50 states?? http://www.meijer.com/Shipping_Information.cms )


But it's pretty *DUMB* for me to order and pay shipping to my door when I live 10 minutes away from one of their stores. I wrote to them asking if it was possible to have their cases sent to the store for pick up, thus saving shipping costs. I told them that having this as an option *might* make me reconsider buying from Sam's Club, as I do now.


So I was comparing prices today, and figuring costs per item, to compare to Sam's Club and other stores.


*GASP* Sometimes remembering former prices is a curse...






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I got:

2 more packs of TP

12 tuna

11 canned milk

12 corn

6 cream corn

6 whole potatoes

2 canned stew


Cleaning out First aid supplies

Got more:


gauze pads



Cleaned out small freezer

Added more home canned goods.


This week has been very productive.

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Helped a friend build his first EDC/Get Home Bag, and helped him plan a 'family-box' on a budget.


Part of my resupply medical stock arrived...

100 4x4" Gauze Pads

25 rolls of 4.5"x4.1yds Gauze Rolls

200 Butterfly Closure Strips

2 3/0 Nylon Suture Packets

10 5"x9" Ab-pads

10 Petrolatum Gauze Pads

Water Jel Burn Blanket

2 36" SAM Splints

2 3" ACE Bandages

2 6" ACE Bandages


Next week, the final part should arrive...finally.


Also picked up two rolls of vinyl sheeting.

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I found 1 lb. boxes of elbow macaroni for 37 cents each. I got 16 lb. I would rather have low carb, but in case of shft, I will have food stored and won't care what it is.

Think I will give 5 lb. to my friend.

Got some free after rebate toothpaste and shampoo, too.

Bought 2 small bottles of dish soap on sale.

Found a king size fitted sheet for my daughter. Paid $1.50 for it. We will wash in bleach water. Got another rack to use between layers of jars in my canner for 79 cents.

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I haven't been around for a while, but I have been busy! I have built a nice sized raised bed (concrete block) garden (4x20). That's been a big project!


A local store has had granny smith and fuji apples for .33/lb. I have bought 200 pounds and have been canning applesauce and apple butter.


I also GOT MY BERKEY! I ordered a Crown. I'm so happy!


Major prep this tax season (besides the Berkey) was a great big, black, evil gun. :thumbs:



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