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Hello from Virginia!

Bay Mare

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Well, I have been lurking around here for a good while and finally decided I needed to say hello! I live in a fairly rural part of south central Virginia. Just the hubby and me - no children. We have horses, goats, chickens, dogs, & cats. And most recently, the opossum that has moved in under the house! We have a small house with no closets or storage space so trying to store things or stock up is becoming a challenge. We are also both pack rats which makes it even worse! :P


We are going to get serious about gardening this year (or at least try to.) The last couple of years since we moved here has been a real flop! I am going to try some pressure canning also and will probably have lots of questions about that. I am a little scared of it and keep thinking that maybe dehydrating is the way to go! :rolleyes:


Well enough about me - just wanted to say Hello!!



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Welcome, Angela!!! My name is Angela too! And there is one more on here as well! (ain't2nuts)


We are so glad you are here and we were all beginning canners ourselves once. I just got brave enough to pressure can meats myself this year after canning for 20 years (water bath).


A huge welcome to you!

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Thanks for all the Welcomes and the reassurances about canning!


Homemaker - I was born and raised in Roanoke! My family is still lives there so I am in Roanoke frequently - at least once a month.



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Welcome Bay Mare, so glad you are here! I finally started canning after being here for a while, and I love to can now! There will be someone here to hold your hand when you decide to do it.

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Hi BayMare, yes VA is a beautiful state. I was stationed at Norfolk NAS my first tour in the navy and my son was born at the naval hospital in Portsmouth. He finished the Naval Academy in 2006, after going from active duty enlisted Marine status before it. He is now out of the service but his wife is also prior enlisted and now a Marine officer still serving. DS spent over two yrs at Quantico Base and is now working hard internationally most of the time with a company outside of Camp Lejeune, NC, while DIL readies for her tour on a ship in the Persian Gulf in May.

I did travel all over VA while living there and although there has been alot of expansion and growth, it remains a great state with much to offer. Living this far north ( Upstate NY, Adirondacks) makes me miss it! Glad you joined up. We all have a start point so don't be shy about asking questions to learn things or to answer if you know a way of doing something someone else is asking about! Your place sounds terrific!

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Hi Angela ka Bay Mare and welcome to an awesome place to learn from some great folks.

This place is addictive and full of resources. Looking forward to reading more post from you.


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Guest Rhoda

Guest Rhoda, please use English only so everyone can read your post. Thank you. 


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