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Walmart now laying off

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Yes, I heard about this, too. It's the "home office" people... they're tightening up their administrative costs.






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Wow, if Walmart's laying off, you KNOW things are bad. When they start laying off store employees, we're really screwed.


You think it's bad now, wait til they start printing up "funny money" to cover the spending...oops, I mean stimulus package. Can we say "hyperinflation"?

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we went 'shopping' at Wallyworld the other day and the shelves were looking a bit bare? And the selection is way down as well SO maybe even the big guy is taking a hit?


Just remember it is going to get worse before it gets better but we are ready for it, seen it coming, and we will make the best of a bad situation - as always.



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Some of the Wal-Marts around here (I have 5 in a 25 mile radius in three directions from my house) have started cutting hours on some people by half. Of course, they have done this before about 10 years ago. They don't want to pay benefits so they cut postitions to less than 35 hours a week.



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I asked a friend about two weeks ago why we could find no employees when we went to Walmart, since she works at that store. She said that the store was bringing in 1/2 of the money that it used to and so they had layed off almost 1/2 of their employees and were having them work two or three departments to take up the slack. She said that she thought there would be some store closings coming up soon. That was a HUGE red flag to me!

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