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I was just wondering why I can't get into all of the members only forums. I can get into a few, but not all. I can't get into The Edge and Psst..can we talk. It's really odd....I know I've posted on them both before.


I'm confused :wacko:



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I was just wondering why I can't get into all of the members only forums. I can get into a few, but not all. I can't get into The Edge and Psst..can we talk. It's really odd....I know I've posted on them both before.


I'm confused :wacko:



Since the move, we haven't had a chance to add everyone yet. Can you send a PM to Darlene and let her know which forums you want in to?

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What is Psst.can we talk?? I've never heard of that forum before. Have you all been holding out on me?


PSST is a women-only forum.


Are you female?





We are still trying to get these entered. They have to be done individually in this new format.





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Cat, I want to know what that smilie has in that teapot!

Is the bear on the left sleeping, fainted, or dead? I don't know... Hmm, does the witch have something to do with it?

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Oh, I'm having so much fun with those smilies!


I paid the $8.95 fee at Millan.net for a 6 month "membership" to use the smilies. Not sure if I can afford it later, but I'm having fun now!


The witch would'a been better as a fairy, but it was all I found.


The other one is a TEA PARTY, with two teddy bears. I think the left one had something *else* added to HIS tea! (Either that or maybe smellyarmpits.gif )







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Thanks so much Cat!! I can get in all of them now. You Rock! :hug3:


By the way the boards look very lovely, I'm loving the Valentines Day theme!



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I haven't been re-admitted to The Edge since the switch. I promise to behave. :rolleyes:


Can I also have access to Psssst? I'm a girl, as evidenced by producing six children. :curtsey:

I will take care of that now

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ok, I can't get into Psst can we talk or the Edge. since all people have to be approved individually whenever a mod gets time, I'd like access, I used to have access.


I know these things take time, so i can be patient,, i just hope i'm not missing any good stuff!


Hmmm... you were already "in" Psst. scratchhead.gif


Anyway, you're in both The Edge and Psst now.





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  • 1 month later...

*grin* OINK, you don't know us well enough yet. It's not "clannish".


I'm still in the process of adding women into the "Pssssst...Can We Talk?" forum. It's not to be exclusive or needing to "beg"... it's because sometimes there are things women want to discuss without knowing that the guy she just exchanged ammo information with in another forum will be reading. We don't have all kinds of "bash men" stuff or sex tips :0327: , just stuff that we feel more comfortable discussing privately. You'll see it later today, since you reminded me you're not yet in it. (I'm busy this morning.)


"The Edge" covers more stuff that a lot of people aren't comfortable discussing. If you go there, you may expect to have your thinking challenged, and don't go crying that you're shocked and appalled by something. It is what it is. This tells a bit... http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32219


Not exclusive, just a "use at your own risk" kind of place.


Does that clarify?






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I have to say, I think it's very clannish to have private forums where you have to beg to be let in. Doesn't, IMO promote community feelings. Keep your secrets. I don't need them.


Well, there are 2 sides to every coin...


The ladies forum was created because we had more men joining (which is a great thing). As new members joined, we didn't always know if they were male or female, so we had to ask. The women that are in that forum deserve to feel as secure in their privacy as is possible. Being a woman, I'm sure you understand that there are times that we prefer to discuss certain things among other women only.


As far as The Edge goes...the history behind that forum started long before you became a member. There were certain members that were very disrespectful and wouldn't follow the guidelines that had been put in place down there. I was forced to close that forum down, and I decided to make it a 'request only' forum, figuring that if someone took the time to ask to be in there, then they did so with full knowledge of the guidelines with which we operate down there. If they violated those boundries, then I remove their permissions and deny them access.


That's not how that forum started out, but it was how it ended up becoming because of some members. I don't think it's fair to hang "clique" on the site, when it wasn't the site that was responsible for it.

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