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would you believe me when I say that Mexico City is #1 in the world for kidnappings?


I believe it.


Would you believe when I say that Phoenix Arizona is the #2 in the WORLD for kidnappings?


I believe it. 359 last year. Almost one for every day of the year.


My son guessed China was number 2.

My daughter guessed somewhere in Africa.


I was shocked to find out that it was Phoenx, but I believe it. Wow.

Violence, car jackings, home invasion robberies, stabbings, murders, rapes. This city sucks.


What can you do to provent violence in your life?




Chin up! – I see people who walk with their head down or gaze towards the ground. They fail to see what’s happening around them, both wondrous and terrifying. You want to see him/her/it before it’s on top of you. Whether it’s a dude wanting to jack you with a sock full of quarters or a piano falling from the second story window, you want to see it before it’s too late.

<LI>Look around! – In addition to getting your gaze off the ground, look up, down, left, right, behind you! Scan your surroundings, not frantically, but casually and occasionally. Take note of people, places, things, dangers, beauty, silly children, escape routes, makeshift weapons, sales going on at the local butcher shop, whatever’s happening out there. Collect the data, just in case…

<LI>Eagle Vision – Use it! Don’t fixate too much on what you attend to with your gaze; continue to take in the whole scene. If you there’s a piano being hoisted by a rope and pulley system to the second floor, don’t fixate on the piano dangling above your head and bump into the guy holding the rope! I’m not sure where this idea of death by a piano from above came from, but you get my drift. This is especially important when something is going down or if there are stirrings in your surroundings that need more attention. Don’t get funnel vision and miss a bigger picture.

<LI>Listen up! – Hear what’s happening around you, around the corner, in the other room…etc. It may help to turn the music down in your headphones or in your head. In addition, if you use a cell phone you may want to end a call if you’ve got a blip on your radar. Your eyes can’t take in 360° of a scene, but your ears can. Use ‘em!

<LI>Intuition – Use your intuition as your guide. Never ignore a gut feeling just because you’re walking in a public place that you’ve walked through hundreds of times. Don’t freak out either. Have your senses on special alert if your intuition is firing, just as precaution. Maybe it’ll turn out that your gut was telling you that the street vendor you’re used to seeing on a particular corner was absent that day, maybe something more.


Add to that. Pay attention to the people in your life. Most of the violence you will experience in your life will come from PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Are your firends into drugs or do they drink and get angry and belligerant? Does your spouse do things that scare you? Get out. Are your kids into drugs or do they hang out with questionable people? Get them involved with positive activities and make sure your know their friends.


What have you got? Avoiding danger is much better than having to face it.


I know I was wrong when I went OUTSIDE when I heard people screaming and fighting. I did go out with the phone, but I should have just called from INSIDE and let the police do the rest. I wasn't armed, all I had was a phone. Not a good situation. I won't be doing that again.

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Glenn Beck was talking about this today. The reason Phoenix is #2? It's a major hub for drugs coming in from Mexico.


The dealers/gangs lose money from each other, so they grab someone off the street to get some money back.


Anyone who ignores what's happening in Mexico right now is headed for a big shock when it continues to affect the US.





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I'm not surprised about Phoenix.

When we lived there, our house was across from a school. Almost every weekend you could see police walking on the roof with flashlights searching for people. Police helicopters would fly over our neighborhood shining search lights down into the yards.

I am so thankful God enabled us to move!!

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