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Cough syrup

Purdy Bear

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The Asthma Nurse I see gave me this concoction:


Honey, Lemon and Vinegar in a cup of hot water and sip through out the day just like a normal syrup.


Apparently the honey soothes the throat, and the Lemon and Vinegar cuts the cough. I just use Lemon and it works as well, I guess its the Vitamin C in it.

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LOL, girlnextdoor,I am having a hard time with the big words too.... but its kin to garlics wondrous stuff, which is antibacterial and maybe anti-inflammatory as well? I really need to go look in the Herb Book.... thats where I learned about such cough syrup. Another note, strain out the onion after its cooked.. then a spoonful of the honey is used.


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