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Everyone, please give a warm MrsS welcome to Karelle.


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She's our newest member.


She's also my mom.




Mama never wanted anything to do with computers until a few weeks ago. I'm not quite sure what happened, but she sent Daddy on a mission to buy her a laptop.


One of my brothers taught her to turn it on and off...she's perfected that after 2 weeks lol...


Today, I was talking to her on the phone and she asked, "How do I register at MrsSurvival?"


uh oh.


Mom is now a member here lol.


So, while on the telephone, I gave her a tour of our forums. OF COURSE when she got to "The Edge" and read the requirements for getting in there she said on the phone, "I'm not typing all those letters to send you a pm. Let me in now, I'm your mom!"




I don't know how much she'll share for a while...she's still learning how to navigate, but for now she can read, so it would mean alot if y'all take a moment to say "hi" and "welcome"...





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Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the group Karelle. At least now we have someone to keep Darlene in line. :24: I hope you will love it here like the rest of us.







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Welcome Karelle!


I am so excited you get to see what a wonderful place this is! We are so blessed to have it, and appreciate everthing Darlene does to make it possible for us to be here!




Plus I think it is hilarious that now Darlene ~really~ has to behave!


(Just kidding Darlene, please don't kick me off, lol...)



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WELCOME, Karelle! If our Darlene is the princessy.gif , I guess that makes you the *Queen*! queen.gif



Now, Karelle, if there's *ANYTHING* I can help you with, just ask... we don't have to bother Darlene... I'm sure we'd have LOTS to talk about... bestfriends.gif



Oh, and if you have any problems... itwasher3.gif

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I am so glad you are here! We all love Darlene so much and appreciate everything she has done for us, I know you must be a very proud Mother.


A HUGE Welcome, a [[[[[[[Hug]]]]]]], and have a cookie! :D



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pchello.gif Welcome to here!


We're all mostly harmless...






...except for frequent bouts of chocomania... chocolate.gif



...and fits of canning... :canning:


We don't sit around overreaction.gif



...worrying about stuff like bird flu duckwalk.gif


...or worrying about high prices




...or worrying that the sky is falling!runforhills.gif




BECAUSE...we're too busy doing something about it, and helping others, too! :grouphug:



We don't believe in last minute preparations for life's unexpecteds,panic.gif


because that's a lot like learning to swim when you are drowning shrk.gif




We believe it is better to have it and not need it,feedme.gif


than to need it and not have it.thud.gif



Preps happen to be the only insurance premiums that we get to keep!treasure.gif


We believe that the difference between adventure and disaster is being prepared...campfire.gif



And, um...Karelle? Here's a :hug3: for giving us Darlene!




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Oh WOW, Darlene's mamma! :wave: A big welcome to you. :balloons:



Now some folks here are ......a bit..... :sassing:


Some might be ..... :behindsofa:


Some are :laughkick:


And most of us do a lot of :bighug2::hug3::bouquet::cheer::grouphug:



This is some place that Darlene and the early ladies constructed. Hope you enjoy yourself!





MtRider [...staying up WAY past my bedtime again... :mornincoffee: ]

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Welcome Karelle! So glad you joined us here. :curtsey: It is pleasure to meet ya' and I have to say you raised one mighty fine daughter in Darlene. She has been the kindest person and so thoughtful of others. Nice to know someone can keep her in line! :happy0203:


There is so much to read here and learn. Please don't feel overwhelmed at it all. Anyone here will be happy to help you and just remember.....the only dumb question is the one not asked!


May God bless you in your learning....



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Wow, Karelle,

It's great to have you join us.

I just know that Mrs. S is going to be even better now with you here...the one who taught Darlene everything she knows!


And if you manage to sneak in a few stories now and then about our founder, we will be eagerly reading them!!

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:welcome: Karelle, It is so nice to have you here. I've often wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and her dad did raising Darlene. She is special to us all. You must be excellent parents to have raised someone with such a loving, giving heart. Her faith in the Lord sustains us all when we feel we can't go any further and her faith in us is just as strong. To those of us who have gotten to know her, she is a blessing. You must be very proud of her, I know we are.


(((((((Karelle)))))) Welcome to Mrs. S. We are honored to have you here with us.



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(((Karelle))) and welcome! We are so honored to have you here. This is a truly wonderful place, and that's because of your wonderful, caring and wise daughter! My DH and I were honored to meet her last Fall, and consider her a truly special friend! Welcome, so glad you are here!

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Welcome! Don't mind the crazy moments, but we do as a group, hereby absolve you of ANY addiction to the internet and lots of reading and learning. Your ironing or laundry might not get done or things dusted, but you will be reading A LOT.


Have fun! :hug3:

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:welcome4: Hi and a great big welcome Karelle. So glad you've joined us. As the others said, will be a great help in keeping "you know who" in line. Can you believe she needed written notice to let her MOM in the edge?? Well, I'm glad you set her straight right off. :wub: .


:woohoo: Darlene has done slipped up now. Let the cat outta the bag. Handed us the key to the castle. :sHa_sarcasticlol: Who wants to go first? Have we got a lot to tell you Karelle!! Check out her avator people... "nobody knows the trouble I been". Not anymore. :008Laughing::whistling:


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I've not been in here to post the past couple days, so will say


welcomewelovenewmembers.jpg now. :) Glad you have joined. :)


Don't feel bad about not knowing a lot about computers, I sure don't know 1/10 of what there is to know about them either.




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