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Romans - Justification - A Review


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Heavenly Father,


Although it is March, I can't believe I have finally finished Chapter 4 in Romans. I have been learning so much...and now, I'm heading into the chapters that I hear people always talk about...Chapters 5-8. So many say this is the heart of the Christian (or should be), so I just ask Father that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit over this study...annointing it, blessing it, opening my eyes that I might see and comprehend all that You say.


As I wrap up Chapter 4 with this review of Justification, bless it Father...cement it into our hearts and minds that we might never forget the fact that it was Your perfect will to send Your Son as a Substitute for us, His obedience to You, and our justification because of Him, before You.


I'm still feeling a little scattered in my head so I press on, knowing that You know what's going on, even if I don't. The fact that You know helps me to not try to figure out cause I just don't have the energy right now.


I love You though Father.


In Jesus Name I pray,






I. What It Is Not


1. It is not regeneration, the impartation of life in Christ; for although it is "justification of life" - meaning God will give life to the justified, he is justified as ungodly.


2. It is not "a new heart" or "change of heart," - indefinite expressions at best, but having in them no proper definition of justification.


3. It is not "making an unjust man just," in his life and behavior. The English word justified, as we all know, comes from the Latin word meaning to make just or righteous; but this is exactly what justification is not, in Scripture.


4. It is not to be confused with sanctification; which is the state of those placed in Christ, - "sanctified as Christ Jesus"; and consequently the manner of their walk in the Spirit.


II. What It Is


1. It is a declaration by God in heaven concerning a man, that he stands righteous in God's sight.


2. God justifies a man, on the basis or ground of the "redemption that is in Christ Jesus" (3:24). See 5:6: We are "justified by [or in] His blood": - the blood the procuring ground, or means: God the acting Person.


3. God who has already acted judicially, in pronouncing the whole world guilty (Rom. 3:19), now again acts judicially concerning that sinner who becomes convinced of his guilt and helplessness, and believes that God's Word concerning Christ's expiatory sacrifice applies to himself; and thus becomes "of faith in Jesus" (3:26 margin): God's judicial pronouncement now is, that such a believing one stands righteous in His sight.


4. Justification, or declaring - righteous, therefore, is the reckoning by God to a believing sinner of the whole value of the infinite work of Christ on the cross; and, further, His connecting this believing sinner with the Risen Christ in glory, giving him the same acceptance before Himself as has Christ: so that the believer is now "the righteousness of God in Him (Christ).


Negatively, then, God in justifying a sinner reckons to him the putting away of sin by Christ's blood. Positively, He places him in Christ: he is one with Christ forever before God!




Heavenly Father,


In reading this recap, I think I'm seeing correctly this fine, straight and narrow, line of Your Truth. It's illusive to grasp and put into words though...or at least, in my own words. Newell obviously is very gifted in laying out Your Truths.


Over the last few weeks, You've been opening my eyes to the fact that I am one of the 'ungodly'...regardless of my Salvation, I continue, on my own merits, to continue to exhibit ungodly behavior at times. The past couple of years, You have been teaching me this dependency on You. I know I've fought it because my natural inclination has been to stand on my own two feet, regardless of whether it was to stand for right or wrong. I feel feeble trying to put this into words...it's more the beginning of the dawning of a 'knowing', so help me please.


I keep wanting to delete the above paragraph because it's not explaining what I'm trying to say, correctly...but I'll let it remain as raw as it is.


I may not be able to intellectually lay it out correctly, but I can tell You how I'm feeling in my heart (heart girl that I am)...


I feel waves of comprehension rolling over me as I look back over my life, in good times and bad, realizing that all "my" own, personal attempts, were just "attempts". They cannot measure up to those times, when I look back over the years, and see the "Spirit driven" times. Those Spirit driven times, are holy, complete, perfection, and Your hand is over the entire thing.


What I'm trying to say is that I can look back and see times when I was out there, trying to do a work for You...trying to do good, godly things. When I look back, I see in retrospect, that they ended up lacking...filled with 'my will' wanting to please You and do good.


And then, there are times when I see that I moved out, by the prompting of Your Holy Spirit, to do a work that was within Your perfect will, and when I look back on those times, I am amazed at how You were able to accomplish the hopeless.


So as I comprehend the state I was in, knowing that it isn't a one time confession...it's a daily position before You...realizing that on my own merits, I'm ungodly, and turning to Christ, believing He is Who You say He is, believing and accepting all that He did for me, I now want to flush all my best attempts down the drain and stop...looking to my Heavenly Father for direction through His Spirit, Who lives inside of me...seeking to do Your will, and not my own will that is filled with brilliant, creative ideas that amounts to nothing...lol


*sigh* I know I'm all over the place, so I'm going to stop trying...it's too deep, and too immense, to put into mere words. Maybe when we get through the next few chapters, people will understand a little better what I'm trying to say...maybe not lol.


I can say, even though I feel bad that Jesus had to suffer for me, thank You for saving us through Your Son. Thank You that You really are God, and that we're not just born, living a meaningless life filled with hopelessness. Thank You for the purpose You destined in all of us, and may we align up, and walk in that destiny You decreed from the beginning of time.


I think I'd kinda like to just feel Your holy arms around me right now. I'd like to lay my head against Your chest and just rest there for a while. I don't wanna think, I don't wanna do. I just wanna be quiet and soak up Your presence.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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