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Dad only has days left ...

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At the moment I am sick of tears. Dad is still hanging in there. He is on medication that is keeping his heart beating till the family is all here. Last ones in tomorrow at 1pm. Then we have a family consultaion with the doctor. Today the Sydney hospital rang and DH's surgery is scheduled for next week. I have to have him in Sydney Sunday night. So it looks like I wont even get to my Dad's funeral. I just need time to take a breath, is that too much to ask?


I am sorry, I seem to be whining, but it is getting pretty tough.





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(((Sue))) Bless your heart, hon! I'm so sorry that so much is happening at once.



Father, I pray for Sue right now in the precious name of Jesus. I pray that she will find comfort, strength, peace and yes, even BREATH beyond herself. I pray that now that she is at the end of herself, her abilities and even her understanding, that you will pick her up and carry her through what she is facing. It will require a miracle, but you are a God of miracles and we know that we can count on you when we can't even count on ourselves. Amen



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Another day - and all my brothers are now here. We had an appointment to see the doctor in charge of Dad this afternoon which none of us were looking forward to as we anticipated that they would be telling us it was time to withdraw medication. It was a very pleasant surprise to be told that Dad has turned a corner, his kidneys which have not been working for the past 3 days, and over night they are now functioning. He is not out of the woods yet, but we think we can cancel the funeral!


So now I can start thinking about the trip to Sydney ...


we are very relieved!


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Oh SUE!! What good news!! Rejoicing with you...and keeping you and your family still in our prayers.

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Thank You Father, for Your tender mercies in this family's lives. May Your hand continue to be over each and every one of them and may Your perfect will for their lives unfold.


You alone, are the One who grants life and takes it home, so I trust You with this situation. As much as Sue and her family love their dad, You love him far more.


May this situation bring glory and honor to You, the One true God. Pour out Your Holy Spirit Father, over each and every member of this family, strengthening them, causing holy joy to fill their hearts. May they see through their spiritual eyes and not their human ones because something very holy is taking place before them.


In Jesus Name,

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Weeping with joy and thanksgiving. The scripture that came to mind was Psalm 150:6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.


Posting a wonderful song that says it so much better than I can.

"Shout to the Lord"




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Oh Sue, I just saw this! I will be praying for you, your dad and your family!

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:grouphug: I know what you are going through

I lost my dad due to cancer 5 years ago

This past week my father-in-law died

it is truly hard to lose a partent hugs pinkroses

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For all who have been praying for my Dad, Thank You. He made his 80th birthday, and was finally allowed home in time for the family reunion/celebration. All but one of the decendants made it to see him. Now he is still at home, but getting palliative care. Yesterday they moved a hospital bed into the home for him, he has 2 nurses come and wash him every couple of days. Could I please ask you to pray for him still. But Mum is no longer asking for him to be healed. His heart is so weak, that time has run out. They both believe that his time on earth is nearly over. We dont want him to stay in the discomfort that he has, Even a mouthful of water is difficult to swallow as it hinders his breathing. I would like to take time off work and be there for them, but I have had 3 weeks without pay during the last few weeks. And the nurses said it could be a week or a month. So I am back on the edge again. Fortunately work is very slow at this time of the year. It could be another 3 weeks before new work starts to filter in.



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