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Has anyone here gotten the swine flu yet?

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My DH is going in to the Doctor today because he is coughing up a lung. We all had the flu shot. We are around a lot of people since we work in service and have traveling family members so we have a feeling we may have it. My daughter and I went in 3 weeks ago with a nasty bout of the flu and they said this was a nasty strain the was not covered by the flu shot. I got bronchitis from it as did my daughter. I'm wondering if we did have it or do in DH case. I'm actually hoping they ask him for a blood test. At least we'll know.


Problem is DD and I both got better, but are now coughing again so we wonder if we got it again. Hopefully the doc will know.


So has anyone had it who and how long did it take to get better?

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You may find some useful information at the links posted below:


This link offers practical steps to prepare for a flu pandemic with several good informative links - i.e. tracking the swine flu etc.





This is the source link for the above link, and you will find good informative links here too.



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6-8 weeks can't remember exactly but I wasn't feeling well for a very very long time.



I had taken vacation for 2 weeks to visit sister in hawaii, felt great up until I stepped off the plane. I started to feel a little ill but not bad... figured it was something I ate on the flight. Two days later 104 temp! after a couple of days of that... my BIL looked at me. Yep! swine flu! I had never been sick before...ever! not a cold, no flu, nothing!


I was so sick, saw lizards on the walls! green lizards! Headache so bad I wanted to hit my head against the wall, still saw green lizards... I did see them! people in hawaii buy them to eat mosquito's and turn them loose in the house! I was so glad to know that cause I thought I had lost it!


I went home 2 weeks later still with a high temperature but not 104!. I took another week off because I was still so sick, but had to go back to work.. and I was so sick for a long time.


I remember thinking that even after 2 months I still didn't feel up to par.


The hard part is the having to go back to work! when ya really need to just sleep and let the body heal.


This is why I take the flu so seriously, having had it I understand.


I wasn't the only one at work recovering, it was an epidemic... don't remember them referring it to a pandemic then.


I got a flu shot in the 1990'sthe one and only time I had agreed to get one and... got the flu 6 times that year!



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Well now they have a confermed case here in MI so I guess we have to really watch out. Both of my kids have auto-immune issues so if they get thisthey go straight to the hospital! Not that I want to be there with all this stuff out there!

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Oddly enough, having problems with the immune system *just might* be better with this flu.


One of the most serious problems with the flu of 1918 was that the body's own illness-fighting system went into "overdrive" and killed the patient. That's why it was so much more deadly in the teen-to-50s range... the healthy ones. And pregnant women, whose bodies are working extra well "for two", also seemed more susceptible.




Of course, this one may have its own problems because they all mutate.



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DH found out he has bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection. Whoosh! Doc said there is only one case confirmed here and it's farther north of here and they have the person contained and they think they have limited her contact with other. We'll see how long last.

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DH found out he has bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection. Whoosh! Doc said there is only one case confirmed here and it's farther north of here and they have the person contained and they think they have limited her contact with other. We'll see how long last.


I was watching searching out the symptoms for the Swine Flu as well because my husband has had a terrible cough since Wednesday. I believe he has bronchitis too and so does the Dr. He is actually starting to finally feel better, but still coughing. He didn't have a high fever (a low grade one for one day), no sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea....


I am glad your hubby doesn't have it.

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I'm glad too, now I have to get my DS well. He has a 103.5 fever and he just threw up all over the place. I would take him into the hospital, but DH just went in and they said there was no way he could have it. SO I'm taking DS and DD in tomorrow to get them checked. DD is coughing up yuk and DS.... Well who knows what's with him. If he gets worse we're off to the ER (again.... :( ). I REALLY don't want to take him in there...that place is a germ factory!

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Westie - Question for you! I had read somewhere that taking acidopholis and probiotics could prevent flu bugs....have you heard this? I guess more with the one's that involve diarrhea and vomiting. I have also heard of people taking the acidopholis (spelling?) to help an upset tummy. Just curious if you or anyone knows if this is true!

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haven't heard that. but this is a great reminder to get ginger ale and put in your pantry... makes note to put on list!


not 7-up!!!!!! 7-up is lemon lime but you need ginger-ale!!!!!!



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I got some kind of flu a few days ago and when I went to the doctor they took a swab test for the swine flu, to be on the safe side. I still have not heard back from them, but expect to soon.


The symptoms were extreme fatigue, severe bronchial congestion, coughing, stopped up head, lots of mucus, some sneezing, aches, threw up once and experienced chills early on before I got into the doc and got medicines.


I was not offered Tamiflu. I was too out of it to ask why unfortunately. I am gradually getting better and I believe it's because my dh got me into the doctor right away, the second day I had it. I was so sick that I hardly remember that day.


Tragically, there has been one death from the swine flu and it was a small child brought here from Mexico. I'm hearing we will probably see more deaths as the flu continues spreading, but because warmer weather is here, I'm also reading that the flu may die down until colder weather hits and then resurge. So I think this is a wakeup call for us all to get things in order so we can quarantine if needed.


I will be surprised if the flu I have is swine, although in some ways it would be good because I hope it would give some immunity. I am nervous about taking any flu shots down the road, but that's just me. When I get colds they usually go bronchial and I've found three prescription-only medicines that work well for me:


Maxifed (which is a high dose of guifesein)

Hydrocodone-Homatropine (which really calms coughing and relaxes me)

Albuterol sulfate (which is an inhaler to help bronchials)


I'm also taking Astelin to help with seasonal allergies.


I hope this helps someone here and that all our families stay healthy. I think it's important to think positively as we go forward because our thinking influences our bodies.

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You know, I don't make kraut, but was at the health food store and saw some "traditional, made with just salt and water" kind. It said it had lots of probiotics, so I bought some. Yum!! When my Gram was little, her mother kept a huge barrel of kraut in their cellar and they would eat bowls of it. Except for getting the flu in 1918 (before she was old enough for anything except breast milk), she claimed she never got sick when she was a kid. This is probably why.

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We took yet another trip the doctor yesterday along with a bottle of purel. The doc did a general flu test on DS and said he was clear but was stumped by the high fever. She decided since we have all had this bug going on a month now it was time to treat us all. The Z-pak they gave me last time cleared me up and my DD, but we managed to get the same stuff again. So doc decided we are re-infecting each other with a mutated version or at least that is the guess she had so now we are all of z-paks and hopefully it will clear this mess up.


Both kids are drinking OJ like crazy and it has helped my DS a lot. It is cutting the flem in his stomach so he isn't throwing up. I have a cabbage in my fridge that I would Love to make into kraut. Anyone have a good recipe? My mom used to can it in jars, but i don't know what recipe she used. Wish she would have written that kids of stuff down.... <_<


As for the flu the doc said that it hits like a ton of bricks. She said that one day you will be fine the next you will be down for the count. She said you will ache all over, the kids will not move at all their temps will be very high and they will not eat anything. She told me if either of the kids get like that take them directly to the ER since they are already low immune kids. Our ER is an hour away so I'm already packing a "feel better bag". Just in case.


Also we go to the "Big City" tomorrow and possible the "Big Hospital" tomorrow. My Dad managed to get 3M medical masks for us and the kids WILL be wearing them along with being carried everywhere. I'm also refilling everyones purel bottles AND I'm bringing the clorox wipes. I'll be glad when this appointment is over... I'm just going to keep praying God will protect the kids and guide me if they do get the flu.

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