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Could you do it?

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IF you were told right now to go home and stay there for two weeks could you do it? I know that we are all preppers some more than others but do we really have all we would need? If we couldn't

stop at the grocery store or wally world because every one there was told to go home and everything was closed. what would be that one thing we would have forgotten in our preps? Just trying to fill in holes.

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I know we could make it, as long as the water supply remained available. If not, we'd be hauling from the lake up the road.


If electricity went off I'd lose a lot of fresh food, but we'd be fine. There'd be a lot of complaining from individuals!

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My nurse mom (whom I currently live with) used to live in Iowa, so between her longstanding tradition of always having multiple pantries full, and multiple freezers and fridges full, and a closet full of medical supplies, I think we could last two weeks.


I don't think right now we're prepped for much longer, and surely by the end of those two weeks we'd be at each others throats . . . depending on if we had to stay in the house or were at least able to frolic in the yard with our dog (Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Jr, we call him Mal for short). Although we're a great nerd family, we would get a little antsy after a few days, despite the large number and variety of books and DVDs. But so long as the utilities were still on, we'd be okay.


If we lost water, that would be a big problem. If we lost electricity (as has happened before), I'd be the candle hookup for the family. But we would still be able to cook and keep warm, as we did the last few times we had no power for a week or two in the winter-- many blankets and quilts, and grilled breakfast, which is pretty awesome. Keeping cool in the summer is helped by the many trees giving shade on the property, so again, as long as we had water, we'd get through.


I'm seeing that water supply is a weak point, and also crucial. I don't know how Mom or Dad would react to the suggestion of rain barrels for "irrigation of the garden" . . . I'm sure we have a supply of bottled water in the patry already, but I'm also sure it's not enough for four people for two whole weeks. I'll need to inventory and make some calculations.


Thanks for this topic, it's a great way to focus on the immediate holes needing filling, like my apparent lack of H2O.






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I'd be good if there were no utility losses.


Without power I'd be fine. I don't have a heat source yet, but it's nice enough now that it wouldn't be an issue.


Without water, I'd be a little short. I've been waiting for the hardware store to re-stock the coleman 5 gallon jugs...I like those, nice and tuff.


Great topic. It really has me thinking. Without the computer as a resource it would be tough for me, I'm really dependent on it. I should really print out instructions for a skillet bread, for example. I've never done one and and can imagine what I'd end up with if I took a crack at it on the camp stove without a recipe.

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I think we could do it, as long as the electricity was still on so the freezer didnt defrost. We have a wonderful village river nearby, so it would be lugging it home and then boiling it all up.


I think the hardest part would be putting up with everyone.

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We could do it! There would be a lot of screaming and yelling from my pop-tart obsessed five year old, though...maybe I should try to build up a stock of those. Oh, and cereal. :) My kids and husband are cereal-dependent, though I could live without it happily. We have about forty gallons of water stored...that's about a two week supply for us...so that's O.K. although it could use some improvement. I think comfort foods and first aid stuff are our big holes. Good thread!!!

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We could do it as well. With our age and my health it wouldn't be easy but we have prepared for this for a long time and I believe we could handle it.


We have water stored, we have a continually running spring already piped though a bit far from the house, We have a hand pump that can be fitted to our well and we have a rain barrel. We have fresh foods growning in the greenhouse and wild edibles comeing in the yard to provide more fresh foods. The goats are dry now but we have milk stored and the chickens are laying big time. Pleanty of meat both in the freezers and in canned and dried form. pantry a bit down now after winter but the stapels are still well stocked.


Med cabinet is a bit outdated but not bad enough to worry and lots of herbs to use instead. I need to stock up a bit on cross word puzzles as DH likes the ones in the paper daily and he wouldn't be going out to get those but if we have electric and internet yet I'd just pull a few off there for him LOL.


Seems I can't find any real holes in our preps but I'll keep reading here and in the scenario thread to ssee if someone jogs my flagging memory.


Good post,


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Yes, if the power stayed on, the big hole for us would be library books. Now that DS is home schooled, he's consuming quite a few a day. When we got snow on library day a few weeks ago, we had a problem here! So, what I need the most is an emergency stash of books for the kids.


If the power was off, water would be difficult, to say the least. We have a plan, but its going to take a lot of effort.

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We could do it as long as we still had electricity. We could probably do "okay" without electricity, but I wouldn't want to try it. We may be cutting it close on diapers (which is always an issue since I have a set of twins still in diapers and my oldest wears a nighttime pull up) and we might run low on the juice my kids like to drink, but they would have other things to drink as well. If we had to stay inside the kids might live wires, but if they could still play outside in the backyard and ride their tricycles and cars in the driveway life would be okay.

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I could do it, it's all about adaptation. Used to happen all the time when I was a kid, we'd loose electricity for long periods of time...wells would dry up...too poor to 'buy' anything for months at a time.


I grew up on the bare necessities, but just because I don't live like that now doesn't mean I couldn't go back...I've already ridden that bicycle.

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Tobacco. We have two nicotine-addicted individuals in the house, and seldom have a full week's worth of tobacco. I get paid tomorrow, and from the growling in every direction I can guess that as of yesterday there was a half-day's supply. I've been asked for any available tobacco cash, but there isn''t any. Even if there were, there isn't. I said the last purchase would have to last until payday, and they need to learn to believe me.


Tobacco seed takes 6-8 weeks to sprout. My first seed flat got left out in torrential rain. I'm on my second seed flat, and have it under a heavy iron grille to keep the cats off. Tobacco sprouts won't do any good, though. These plants won't be worth their keep until fall.


Either meat or cottage cheese would be nice, but not essential. Apart from the tobacco, we're good for two weeks.

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Great question! Honestly we could do it even though we are low on dog food, I know we have some deer meat in the freezer we could fix up for them.


Without water we would have to divert the well water back to the house (changed to rural water a few years ago but the piping is still run to the house). No electricity would be harder but we could do it. Plenty of food on hand.

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Sad to say, but my family has done it and then some. When my DD was born almost 2 months early in the dead of winter, we had to quarantine ourselves for several months to keep her from getting RSV and any other yucks since she was SOO little. So we locked ourselves up tight and besides the trip to the mailbox out front and 4 trips to the doctor for her RSV shots and well checks we stayed home. No grocery trips, no wally world, no trips to the WIC office... nothing! We had one visiting nurse who came first thing in the morning before she saw any other patients and she took a shower before she came and wore a mask and gloves when she came in. DD was a special case since she had a life threatening condition so we had to be extra careful.


We did very well. We lived off what we had in the house and made due with things. Milk was from a can, chocolate was from the chocolate chip stash. We didn't get sick of the food cause we tend to eat the same things anyway so it wasn't much for us. When we needed a change I would make something we hadn't had in a while that was made from the same foods we ate, but different. (instead of spaghetti we would have Goulash ie... boxed mac and cheese and spaghetti sauce.) Same stuff just different.


When we needed to do something different we would dig up an old Movie we hadn't seen or play a board game we hadn't played in a while. Come to think about it we do a lot of staying home for weeks at a time. In the winter we generally don't go anywhere much. We make one trip a month to get groceries and do all our errands and then we stay home. Guess it's not much change for us.

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We would do fine as long as there was electricty and water. It's very wet right now and the sump pump is running hard. If we lost the power for too long, the battery back up wouldn't keep up and we'd be swimming!

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If I were being sent home from work RIGHT now, I would need to stop at the feed store on my way by. I don't have enough dogfood or sweetfeed for the horses/goats to last me two weeks.

If the power stayed on (hence....my well would still work) I would be fine. We have plenty of the basics, and then some. I would actually enjoy being told not to leave home for two weeks!!

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I would be lacking in the dog food deparment. We usually buy a 50 pound bag when we get close to running out, but it lasts us exactly two weeks so it would be cutting it close. If the power stayed on no problem, if not then we would also grill alot of food and dutch oven cook. We would also have sump pump problems if the power were out. This is why I would like a generator, because if the battery back up pump quite working we could hook it up to that. Good post gets me thinking. :)

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Still need more fuel for the camp stove, but will try and remedy that on Friday, just in case the power went out. Still, theres seasoned dry ash wood outside, limbs and branches so could do a fire outside if necessary to cook over or boil more water.

Other than that, I would be fine for two weeks.


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If the electric stayed on, it would be a cake walk. If the electric went out then, I'd have to ration the generator use to just long enough to keep the fridge, freezer and water running. We could do it. I really need to get the berkey filters ordered . That is definitely the first thing for May to be ordered. Along with the mylar and oxy absorbs.

We have a power inverter that we're thinking of using with a solar panel for the computer ;). Just haven't gotten the panel and what else we'd need. It's way down on the list. I could live without this thing. I'd go into withdrawl, but I would live LOL

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Excellent idea for a post!

I had to stop and think a bit and it's a good thing I did. Going first thing in the morning to the feed store for a couple hundred pounds of cat and dog food!


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Still need more fuel for the camp stove, but will try and remedy that on Friday, just in case the power went out. Still, theres seasoned dry ash wood outside, limbs and branches so could do a fire outside if necessary to cook over or boil more water.

Other than that, I would be fine for two weeks.


i had a similar role play pop to mind the other day. it grabbed my attention so much that i had to create a fb group. i made it a closed group. below is the url and a description i lade out. this issue is close to my family because we were refugees 39 years ago! we are first generation Cuban-Americans. after castro came to power and fter my parents go t married, they applied for a visa out of the country. my dad lost his job. they lost their possessions. and my dad was made to work in a labor camp in a sugar cane field. once my dad was detained from a bus. they had mistaken him for someone else. he literally feared for his life because he was sure they were going to shoot him right there. fortunately, another soldier told the first two that he was not the suspect in question. my uncle was a p.o.w. for 11 years there. i call him a p.o.w. others may not. he was in the resistance against castro when he was finally caught and arrested. :busted:


the biggest heartbreak, though, was for my grandmother and grandfather. they had three children my mom, my aunt, and my uncle who was 15 years younger than my mom. it broke my grandmother's heart, but she let her only son go to the U.S. with a catholic priest during the peter pan flights. if it wasn't for this my family would not be here now. my grandparents were able to claim my uncle. or was it vice versa? when they left they came with my two older cousins. then my aunt was able to come because her kids claimed her. my parents had a visa to spain when my family left. i was born there. btw. when my parents, older sister and brother left they were only allowed ONE SUITCASE between all of them. family jewelry, money, etc... was confiscated from them. my sister was not even able to bring a doll with her. when i was six months my family got a VISA to the U.S. one year later my younger sister was born.


we came here with nothing. we worked very hard. we earned what we got. my grandmother sewed many of our clothes. we brought our lunches with us if we went to the park. every sunday we went to church. every night we ate as a family at the dinner table with the tv off. no music at the table. my mom saved every penny my dad brought home. my parents and grandparents' generation lived through what we keep preparing for. :smiley_shitfan:


well here you can find my closed group. if you are interested in seeing more just contact me on fb mercedes galvez-arango riley




if all you had were the clothes on your back and $100 for the 99 cents ONLY store and were to be transported like a refugee by your government to a new land where there were no native animals or vegetation what would you take with you? you are allowed to take a couple animal (1 M/ 1 F) and feed for one year. the only water is the rain that falls two hours daily!!! if you are in a family each person is allowed $100... including the proven unborn child. but everything must fit in the barrel given to you for transport. everything must come from the 99 cents only store. and only the clothes on your back are allowed. you have 24 HOURS to get ready and go. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


24 hours to get your supplies

$100 to 99cents only store

only the clothes on your back

one pair of animal and one year feed supply

no native vegetation or animals

only water is from rain fall two hours each day.


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WAter, Check, Food, Check, cooking items (stove, grill) check FUEL FOR THOSE 0-00-0 oops. I need to get the propane tank (5 gallon) filled, but I do have 8 small bottles of propane for the smaller two burner camp stove. Problem is I have NO idea how long one of those will last.


Toleit paper, medications (Rx), first aid kits, guns and ammo, all in place.


I still need n95 masks (I figure they last two hours, so that would be two hours 'out' a day, or in a sick room) So I am figuring on getting as many as I can for the four of us....but won't have the money until the END of this next month. I have SOME bleach, some has to go in our newly refilled 66 gallon drums. I also have a lot of vinegar. Need more bleach and lysol. A thermometer, lots of medications and supplies like bandaids to refill the first aid kit.


There are some smaller holes in my bug out bags, and if we had to leave tonight we would be woefully unprepared.


Someone dropped off two bottles of vitamins today (I have NO idea who, they left them on my door!) and my Bishop came by with a bag of lemons so I can finish drying about 5 lbs of apples. Both of those will be handy preps.


My daughter is just finishing her 6th grade work. (she is homeschooled) She still has many of her 6th grade books if I have to take my other two out of school. She also is in many 7th grade subjects so I could keep my son busy as well.


I have been making lists of things I need, on 3x5 cards by store. Like Hardware store: Propane, plastic, duct tape, etc...



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