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Trucker Says Food Shortages Coming


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This is just one of many consequences likely to result from any widespread epidemic or disaster.




Trucker Says Food Shortages Coming





April 30, 2009




First of all, I speak with knowledge of what is going on out on the highways of America. I have been driving over the road for 32yrs so I think I know what I am talking about. Just a warning to all Americans stock up now because shortages will begin to show up very soon.


I drive an 18 wheeler and haul food product to all 48 states and I am heading home as with most and I mean most all of the drivers I have talked to and hear conversations all day on the C.B. radio. First of all, we want to be home when this gets real bad and second, we do not want to get the swine flu on the road as that to us would be almost a death sentence. Most of us eat in truckstops and shower in public restrooms at the truckstops so the chance of getting this is very very HIGH!


As for medical attention, if we do get the swine flu on the road the driver would have to call an ambulance because very few hospitals can take an 18 wheeler parked in the lot.


Most if not all of the food and goods are moved across America by truck and this will certainly turn into a huge fiasco as shortages start to become noticed by everyone. People will panic and you can be sure there will be martial law in the big cities due to shortages of food.


My advice is don't panic – just do what the Boy Scouts say "Be prepared". Get your supplies now. 3 or 4 weeks to be safe.


Thought you ought to know what going on out on the Highways of America...


Take care .... AKA "The Bullet" heading home somewhere in the Northwest.




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So very true, I bet most people hadn't even thought about the truckers. :(


Yes, if they get sick, look how fast it could and would spread. So, one can't blame them if they don't want to go out on the road until this is all over. :(


Thank you so very much for making this post.




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My husband is a trucker and I can confirm this. He has said that the CB is just full of drivers saying that they are heading home and taking vacations right now. My husband is heading home by Wednesday (scheduled home time) and may not go back out until we get past some of this. We'll have to see what happens. I'd sure rather have him at home if this is going to get worse.
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We have a trucker who lives down the road. His huge yellow rig lumbered down the hill two days ago and has been sitting in his yard since. I saw him outside yesterday as I went by and stopped to ask if he was on vacation. He said he is switching over to local routes for now and is not taking cross country routes until more is known about the flu situation. Previously, he had routes to Texas and California.

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my DH is a trucker and we are taking all the precautions we can. Lots of disinfectant, no restaurants, limited public places, good sanitation, vitamins - the whole gamut


Honestly, we can't afford for him to park it for an indefinite amount of time. Would he take a load to Texas? Most likely. Ask me again if this thing ramps up!









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have I ever mentioned that a nice pantry is important! ROFL!


top ramen rocks!

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Question: How long can truckers really afford to be off the road?


My dad is a retired trucker and that was not a luxury that he had as owner operator. His buddies that still drive don't have that luxury, however, I guess if even for a short time that would definately put delays on groceries and other supplies. Maybe if this happens, people will realize how important truck drivers are to our economy and the things we need.


I used to be so scared my dad would get sick on the road and not be able to get home. I can totally understand them wanting to be home to see how this pans out!

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Thank you for this heads-up. I'm a dog breeder and find it hard to keep 'stocked' up on kibble. I've noticed for the past week, that my brand of dog chow is missing and many shelves are empty which is unusual. I've had to resort to other brands which have not agreed with my dogs but I'll have to take what I can get at this point. We're heading now to get what we can--due to this posting.

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One of my brothers is a truck driver too

I often think of him out there and pray for him daily

Thank you so much for posting this . hugs sheila

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My hubby and I both work as IT/ maintenance for a string of convenace/gas/truck stores. We service 50 stores in the San Antonio area this is about 300 Sq miles that includes where the major outbreaks are in Texas. So I fully understand your concern we have the same concerns.



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My husband is a diesel truck mechanic with a pretty large company that services many semis that are owner-operated as well as other companies' trucks and their own trucks. He's seeing a major slow down as well. HOWEVER, part of this slow down is due to the economy being the way it is. He did mention earlier this week that they have even less trucks coming in now than they did last week though. Hopefully this will pass quickly! I worry about him because some of the vehicles that he regularly works on go cross country. There was one from Texas just a couple days ago.

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I work for a retail store and I noticed a very low inventory of all grocery(dry goods) on the shelf yesterday and today it was worst. It just had me thinking a few more days or a panic and we could be sold out. This is a big retail store here. Just wandering how long we could supply peoples needs if the truckers could not work. I would have to say 3-5 days.



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yes, I have also read that 3 days is about all the stores carry. My little country market.. maybe 2 hours and it is sold out.. first to go.. liquor and cigarettes! heck once that is gone, most of the community will leave!

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