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Hi All, I have finally gotten my cow well and am getting 2-3 gallons of milk per day from her. I have made mozzarella cheese, ricotta, soft cheese and butter so far. I wonder if anyone knows where I can obtain rennet and citric acid in large quantities for a good price. I am really going through my stock quickly. I want to stock up on cheese making supplies. Also has anyone ever made rennet from animal stomach? I have a butcher across the road from me and could possibly have a supply of calf stomach close by. May sound gross to some of you, sorry. Been out in the country for awhile now. Thank you for any help.

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You can dry the cow stomach and just break off bits when you need them. Easy.

www.cheesemaking.com - I LOVE Rikki's site. Not sure if it's the cheapest, but that's where I order all of my cheese supplies.

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Actually, rennet is a little more complicated than that. I did a long post about it a long time ago, and now I find that much of it isn't there any more, in two website/program moves. :huh:


It's going to take me a little time to locate it in my personal archive. And if I can't find it, I'll re-research it and post.


I've even heard of a "fig-based" "rennet".


Hang in there a bit longer...





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Ahhh, you sent me on a journey... :pc_coffee: I have tried to find every thread on rennet and cheese-making at Mrs S, and put them all together in one place so everyone can find them.


Every link in this group of threads should work, too! ;)


Here ya go!!




Great stuff!






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