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1.84 acres for sale in Bonanza Oregon

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I had a post about this before, but wanted to let everyone know we just lowered the price to $21,9i00 in case anyone is interested. Here is a link to the site where the property is. We decided to sell because we are working on being totally debt free. Selling this property will help us towards that goal. It is a nice piece of land with a view of farmland below. I used to invision having a big porch across the front of whatever house we built and sitting and looking at the wildlife and farmland below. It is a dead end street, so the place will never have a lot of traffic. The roads are maintained (gravel road) throughout the year. Right now, there is only one neighbor close to the property. The picture with the dead bushes, etc is actually the spot where we were going to probably build a home. The land has a lot of beautiful pine trees, juniper, etc. It's a small farming community, however, our land is in the mountains part of it. There is a larger town: Klamath Falls within a 20 minute drive.


Here is the link: At the time I posted this, the price has not been changed yet.




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So is that Southwestern Oregon? Too bad I don't still live out in NW California! Would be nice to have that land! I have spent many a day between Humboldt Co, Calif and the Rogue River area of SW Oregon, good memories!

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It's actually Southern Oregon, more central part though. Bonanza is 20 miles east of Klamath Falls! :) It's not far from the California Border.

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