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Romans 6:3


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Heavenly Father,


I'm really annoyed at the moment. I just spent almost 3 hours doing today's study over several verses and just as I was getting to the end of the study, my computer shut off and I lost everything.


This is not the first time that this has happened...it's happened just a couple of times, and only when I'm doing a bible study (now isn't that interesting...not.). But I'm aggravated, annoyed and ticked off at the enemy...especially since today was the first time in a long time that I've felt the ability to start to open up like I usually do.


So, it's almost 2pm, I'm not going to give up, but I'm only going to do 1 verse today...this study is starting to get very involved and after loosing all that I just wrote, I think I'll just get one out for today.


Father, like I said in the other prayer that I wrote earlier this morning in my original study, it's just so blatently obvious how the enemy really starts to come out from under cover, to illicit these attacks against me. In the grand scheme of things, I'm just a nobody and like it that way. I'm doing this study because You've laid it heavy on my heart, and I'm willing to do it in public (like I've said so many times before) because You've asked me. You must be up to something, because the enemy is really gearing up as I start up the Romans study and it's ticking me off, if you really want to know the truth. I find myself starting to think thoughts like "well, I'll show you, I'm going to get this study done if it's the last thing I do..."...*I*I*I*I*I*I*I*, and before I even finish typing that sentence out, I know I'm doomed for failure if I think that *I* will be able to step out on my own willpower and stand up to him. So Father, I turn towards You. All I can say is I'm willing, and even when I don't want to, I'm still dependent on You to bring to a conclusion, in this Romans study, Your perfect will. It is, and will finish, only because of Your power, Your faithfulness, and the fact that You alone are God.


I'm telling You Father God, I can sense the storm clouds rolling in faster and with more fury. I, and we, need You so desperately, so I just ask that You will hide us beneath the Shadow of Your Holy Wings this day and in the coming days. I need to learn what You would have me learn in Romans so please help me to finish it, for Your glory, and because You want us to be equipped to know who we really are, and all that You have done and given through Your Son, Jesus Christ.


Please help me Father.


In Jesus Name I pray.


3. Or [in the very matter of our baptism] are ye ignorant that all we who were baptized unto Christ Jesus unto His death were baptized?


In verse 3, Watchman Nee comments on the following words:


"baptized": "Baptism is not a form or a ritual; it signifies our identification with Christ. Through baptism we are immersed into Christ, taking Him as our realm, that we may be united with Him as one in His death and resurrection."


"Christ Jesus": "We were born in the sphere of Adam, the first man (1 Cor. 15:45,47), but through baptism we have been transferred into the sphere of Christ (1 Cor. 1:30, Gal. 3:27), the second man (1 Cor. 15:47)."


"His" death: "When we are baptized into Christ, we are baptized into His death. His death has separated us from the world and the satanic power of darkness and has terminated our natural life, our old nature, our self, our flesh, and even our entire history."


The rvbv writes in reference to verse 3: "Here the apostle turns them back to their baptism, that initial step in public confession of the Lord upon whom they had believed. Did they not realize the significance of that baptism - that it set forth their identification with a crucified and buried Lord? For in their baptism they had confessed their choice of Him, as against sin and the old life. But Christ having been "made sin on our behalf," had died unto sin; had been buried, and had been raised from the dead thruogh the gory of the Father; and now lived unto God in a new, resurrection life.


Therefore they could see in their baptism the picture of that federal death and burial with Christ which Paul sets forth so positively in the second verse: "Such ones as we, who died."


We must first of all receive the statement of our death unto sin with Christ (verses 2 and 11) as a revealed federal fact; and then allow the Apostle to press the symbolical setting forth of that federal death by the figure of water-baptism. For these early Christians had not been befuddled regarding the simple matter of baptism, - as later generations have been! To them it was a vivid and happy memory, - the day they dared step out, against the whole world, and often in the face of persecution and even death, and confess the Lord Jesus, definitely and forever, as their own Savior and Lord.


Now, says Paul, in that very matter of your baptism, you set forth what I am teaching you, that you who are Christ's died with Him. Not only so, but your baptism set forth further that you were buried with Him: for was it not a vivid portrayal of your death and burial, when you went down into the waters which signified - not cleansing, but death? "Water," says Peter, "which after a true likeness doth now save you - even baptism: not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God through the resurrection of Jesus C hrist." Eight souls, Peter here says, were saved in Noah's day in the Ark - type of Christ. For those eight were, in the Ark, brought safely through the waters of judgment which drowned the world; as we were brought, through Christ, safely through the judgment of sin at the cross; and now have "a good conscience toward God" - thruogh God's having raised up Christ: all of which, baptism sets forth - "after a true likeness" (I Pet. 3:20,21).


Scripture here connects baptism with death, not with cleansing; with burial, not with exaltation; with the ending of a former ocnnection that we may enter a new one.


We find therefore, here in Romans 6:3:


1. That Paul, along with all believers of his day, had been baptized. He offers no explanatory word, thus showing that the matter of having been baptized was a common consciousness among Christians.


2. That it was unto Christ Jesus that believers had been baptized. The preposition "unto" (eis) seems best rendered here as in I Corinthians 10:2, where we read that the fathers of Israel were all "baptized unto (eis) Moses." Those Israelites were not baptized into Moses, but were indeed judicially associated by God with the Mosaic economy, - "into a spiritual union with Moses, and constituted his disciples." So believers are baptized unto Christ Jesus, which we believe, must be the meaning here. They were indeed so "baptized unto the name of the Lord Jesus" (Acts 19:5), that they thereafter bore His Name (James 2:7, marg.). But we must not confuse this water-baptism of Romans Six, which stands for the identifcation of believers with Christ in death, burial, and resurrection; with the Holy Spirit baptism of I Corinthians 12:13. For our identification with Christ-made-sin, and our death in and with Him, must never be confounded with what follows our Lord's ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit, - baptism into the one Body. These are two absolutely different things. One has to do with taking us out of our old man, justifying us from sin, as well as from sins. The other, the Spirit's baptism into "one Body," has to do with the glorious heavenly position God gives us in a Risen Christ.


To seek to have a man baptized by the Spirit into Christ before he has been identified with Christ at the cross in death and burial, is really to ignore man's awful state in the old man, which God had condemned to crucifixion with Christ made sin. So with the Bullingerites and many others: they do not distinctly see or solidly preach our identification with Christ in death and burial. "Buried with Him in baptism" - how can these words of Colossians 2:12 possibly apply to the work of the Holy Spirit? We beg all to consider this. Death to sin, and burial with Christ, water-baptism, and that alone, sets forth.


3. Neither must we confuse baptism unto Christ Jesus here with that actual identification in Christ's death of which baptism is a symbol. That our old man was crucified with Christ is one thing; baptism, quite another. However much baptism portrays our death with Christ, it in no wise brings about that death. If we had not died with Christ, there would be no meaning to baptism.


Certainly baptism sets forth the fact of our death with Christ. Christian baptism in water is the Scripture picture, - not of our being cleansed, nor of our being introduced into the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit (which is an entirely different matter); and not, of course, of our regeneration. But it is a setting forth of the great fact that we federally died and were buried with Christ, unto sin, unto the world, and unto all of the old creation; and now are raised with Him and share His risen life; - on new ground altogether."


Heavenly Father,


I pray that You will pour out Your Spirit in abundance over this study today, bringing alive, and planting Your truths deep within our souls, that You might grow these truths, as Your Word unfolds here in Romans.


May You hear the prayers of my heart, that will remain unspoken, because I trust You, I need You and I love You.


Thank You for getting me back into this study, and may every word that I write, bring glory to You.


In Jesus Name,

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