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My Neice was in horrible accident - prayers needed

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Got the call this morning as I walked into cheer camp that our neice was in a very bad accident last night and it does not look good for her.


From what we understand she lost control and the blazer flipped 4-5 times and she was thrown 70 ft from vehicle down into a ravene. They had to literally winch her body out because they could not get to her.


It knocked all of her teeth out, broke collar bone, ruptured spleen, broken ribs, lungs filling with blood, broken back/spine and there could be further damage but they won't know until they can do a scan and they can't do that until they are able to try to repair her spine. She is not breathing on her own either. She is completely numb from breast down. Dr. says that the spinal injury is not life threatening but life changing. The next 48 hours are critical and we really won't know anything until the surgery and they hope to try it on Friday.


She is 25 yrs old and has a 3 yr old daughter and is a single mom. Her Dad just got out of the hospital on Monday for heart related issues and he is not holding up well at all. He lost his job at Christmas and had just found one....The whole family is in bad financial shape. Her mom...well i won't even go there....The other Aunt who has become the "matriarch" of the family since her Mom died is trying to help her brother with the baby but she is also taking care of her Father who has dementia, facing bankruptcy and trying to save her house, keep her job and take care of her own daughter and husband. We are all just wondering what next....


I'm really scared...for her...the baby and the family......

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Oh, no...


Praying that God's hand will sustain her for her child's sake...

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Oh, New Me...I am so very, very sorry to hear of this. I will definitely be in prayer for your niece and her entire family.


I know that the Lord can take tragedy and make it into a beautiful thing...it's hard to see how He can do it in this situation, but I know that He can. God bless you, your niece and her family -- especially that precious little child.

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Keeping her and your family in our prayers here.


Hugs...and lots of prayers.

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We will be praying for your neice and your whole family.






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Oh I am so sorry this is happening to her! I will put her on my prayer list, prayers going up right now!


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Heavenly Father,


As this family is pressed and broken in so many ways, I just interceed in prayer and ask that You would somehow place Your holy hand over this family, and keep together, what the enemy is trying to rip apart. There never is any hope on our own might and power, but You alone are God and You are able to do all things, so I just lift her neice up, as she lays in that hospital bed, threatened in to many physical ways and ask Father God that You would begin to heal and mend this broken body that threatens to cause a broken heart too. You say that Your grace is sufficient for Your power is made perfect in weakness, so Father I just ask that Your grace would flow over this family, that Your power might be seen as evidence in all that this family is facing.


May You whisper Your peace to her neice this moment as she lies there in that hospital bed. May she know that she is not alone, and that her Heavenly Father's eye is upon her, and that You truly are in control. Only You can take this brokenness and heal it for Your glory because Your heart is tender towards Your children.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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My family is so grateful for the prayers here.....you are all so precious to me. Thank you so much.


It looked as though things might be improving slightly...they were able to take her off the breathing tube and she was breathing on her own, but then her oxygen levels dropped. They had to put her back on the machine. She seems to have a little feeling or sensation around her belly button area. The Dr. came in today and said that they would try the surgery tommorrow but there is a 50/50 chance of her not making it out of surgery.


I have been praying for her to make it and pull through...and I have been praying for the whole family, but I'm extremely concerned about her salvation. I don't know that she has ever made that decision and she has lived a rough life the past few years. This worries me so much so I'm going to try to leave her earthly body in God's hands because there is nothing I can do to help her and I am fervently praying for this spiritual burden I feel for her.


Once again, thank all of you so much...you will never know how much all of you mean to me.

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If she has been raised in a church, and has been taught the message of salvation, she most likely has been talking *long and hard* with God in her head.


The Bible says that if a child has been "trained in the way he should go" that when he is old he will not depart from it. Meaning that, even if they deliberately turn away during their "wild years", the training and counsel will come back to them when they "grow up".


Sometimes when accidents happen, the family is left to wonder if the dead *had* that extra moment to cry out to God. Your niece has been given this gift of time.


I'll join you in praying for her salvation... that God will minister to her and speak to her very clearly, and that she will listen and respond.


Hopefully one day she'll tell you about it... :)






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May You whisper Your peace to her neice this moment as she lies there in that hospital bed. May she know that she is not alone, and that her Heavenly Father's eye is upon her, and that You truly are in control. Only You can take this brokenness and heal it for Your glory because Your heart is tender towards Your children.


In Jesus Name I pray,



amen and amen, Lord!

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Cat, that was so well said. Yes, even in the midst of this calamity, you are right, ANM's niece has been given the gift of time and what a gift that is!


ANM, I will continue to pray. Remember that God can take what the enemy intends for evil and turn it for good. :pray:

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I am joining all in praying for this dear niece and for your entire family. Yes, indeed, a gift of precious time has been granted. Glory to God! Your fervent prayers of faith, hope and love will not go void. I believe God is woooing and comforting her in ways we may never know this side of heaven. I know He is able and loves her more than we can imagine!

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