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Romans 6:5


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Heavenly Father,


Boy things sure get busy around here in the summer months. I haven't organized myself well enough yet, to get this Romans study accomplished daily. I get up early to head outside before it gets too hot, and once I'm out, I'm there all day, till I come in at night, get a shower and am too tired to even think. So Father God, I'm sorry I've been slacking on this study. It still remains heavy on my heart and mind and I just ask that You would somehow help me to get back into a routine with it.


I wanted to take a moment to thank You for watching my back. It's been rough lately, and I've gone inward and haven't had much to say. As I started to get to my wits end, I began to see You move in my life, bringing me words of encouragement in a variety of ways...unexpected ways, through people, through writings, through Your Word. I am reminded of how harshly the enemy slams me and how gentle, quiet and tenderly, You counter that. It's so easy to miss sometimes, but Your Spirit is faithful, turning my eyes towards Your encouragement, so thank You Father.


As I do the 5th verse today, I ask that You would annoint the words shared here, that they might teach me, and us, what You would have us learn.


I love You Father God, and I need You. Hold me close beneath the shadow of Your Holy Wings today.


In Jesus Name,



5. For if we have grown together with Him in the likeness of His death, indeed we will also be in the likeness of His resurrection:


Watchman Nee highlights a few words in the 5th verse:


"grown": This denotes an organic union in which growth takes place, so that one partakes of the life and characteristics of the other. In the organic union with Christ, whatever Christ passed through had become our history. His death and resurrection are now ours because we are in Him and are organically joined to Him. This is grafting (11:24). Such a grafting 1. discharges all our negative elements, 2. resurrects our God-created faculties, 3. uplifts our faculties, 4. enriches our faculties, and 5. saturates our entire being to transform us.


"likeness": The likeness of Christ's death is the baptism mentioned in v. 4; the likeness of Christ's resurrection is the newness of life mentioned in v. 4.


"in the" (likeness of His death/resurrection): This does not refer to a future, objective resurrection but to the present process of growth. When we were baptized, we grew together with Christ in the likeness of His death; now, through His death we are growing into His resurrection. Just as the element of Christ's death is found only in Him, so the element of Christ's resurrection is found in Christ Himself. He Himself is resurrection (John 11:25). After experiencing a proper baptism, we continue to grow in and with Christ in the likeness of His resurrection, that is, to walk in newness of life.


The rvbv writes: "Here Paul looks back to verse 2, to the fact that he declared true concerning all believers, that they died to sin; and he now insists that that death is a fact about true believers only - those who have been vitally enlifed with Christ. The word means to grow together - as a graft in a tree, so that the graft shares the tree's life. (The Greek word is sumphutoi - used only here. It was confounded by the King James translators with sumphuteuo, translated in Rom. 6:5, "planted together," whereas the proper word means to be actually enlifed together with.) The meaning of Verse 5 may be paraphrased: If we became actually united with Him, which, in our baptism - the "likeness of His death," we profess; so we shall also be united in the likeness of His resurrection: (so therefore to be walking in newness of life!). Conybeare well remarks concerning verse 5: "The meaning appears to be, If we have shared the reality of His death, whereof we have undergone the likeness" (in baptism).


Now when the apostle says we are to be united with "the likeness of His resurrection," he refers to the walking in "newness of life" just spoken of in the preceding verse. (For this verse explains that.) To be joined in life with the Risen Christ, and thus daily, hourly, to walk, is a wonder not conceived of by many of us. But it is the blessed portion of all true Christians. They shared Christ's death, and now are "saved by [or in] His life" - as we read in Chapter 5:10. But not only saved: we walk here on earth by appropriating faith, in the blessedness of His heavenly "newness" of resurrection life! This is what Paul meant when he said, "To me to live is Christ"; "our inward man is being renewed day by day"; "I was crucified with Christ; Christ liveth in me...the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God."


Of course this fifth verse may look on, also to that day when our bodies will share this resurrection-life, - as we have seen in the verse before; but the context here shows Paul is speaking of our "walking about in newness of life" in Christ, today!


We reap the exact effect of what Christ did. Did Christ bear our sins in His own body on the tree? He did. Then we hear them no more. Was Christ made to be sin on our behalf, and did He die unto sin? Truly so. Then Christ's relation to sin becomes ours!"


Heavenly Father,


In all honesty, I'll be glad to get through the next couple of chapters because there are so many questions that pop into my mind as I do these verses. I know that things will infold in Your Word, so I'm being patient, but Father, You know my heart and mind, and the things I'm not quite 'getting', and I just ask that You would illuminate my mind and heart so that I can truly comprehend what You really mean in these verses. I'm not studying it, just to read Your Word, I'm studying it, so that through the power of Your Word, and because the words here are spiritually alive, that I might finally comprehend all that You intended for Your children.


Help me through this day Father...help me to accomplish the things I need to get done. And may my desire to be obedient to You, and to take time for this verse, bless the rest of the work I do today.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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