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USB TO USB cables???

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Hello.... my question is for the techies who might be prowling around.

I got one of those nifty electronic pic frames and the disc that goes in the back is specifically for the frame or maybe cameras too, and I found a slot on the side that is USB... so am thinking I can use a USB To USB plug cord to transfer to my pc?

there might be a port for this little tiny pic disc but I see no thingy for popping it back out........so I need the USB cord.


What would they be called? It doesn't have to be very long. An estimate for such ( price wise would help me budget it in next shopping trip)? Like at Best Buy prices, approximation would be terrific.

I will look for the book for it, but right now it is not handy to look at so thinking I can just do an automatic transfer to my pc via the USB cord plugged in.

I would love to be able to use the pics on the thing!


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Arby, if there is a slot for the card that has the pictures on it, once the card is inserted just push down on the card (there should be a tiny click) and it should raise up so you can remove it.






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