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Romans 6:12


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Heavenly Father,


My first inclination is to not do the study today, but I can't help feel like that's exactly what the enemy wants.


Last night, I found my last 2 puppies dead. They were both sold and would be going to their new homes soon.


I have no idea what happened to them, but You do. I don't understand why this has happened, but You do. You know what a hard hit this is to me...my heart hurts and I hafta go out and bury them today.


Consequently, I'm really not into doing this study at the moment but I'm going to do it anyway. It will be short, just one verse, but may this one verse be pleasing to You.


Please, let Your hand of protection and mercy flow over me and mine today.


In Jesus Name,



12. Let not sin, therefore, be reigning-as-king in your mortal body, that ye should obey the desires of it [the body].


Watchman Nee comments on the words "let not sin" and writes, "This is to reject sin and to cooperate with the Spirit of God."


The rvbv writes, "...The Greek is emphatic: "be not at all allowing sin to reign!"


1. Notice first, our present body is mortal, that is, subject to physical death. We are waiting for the redemption of the body, at Christ's coming.


2. Sin is present in our members, and ready to reign-as-king, if permitted. That is, our bodies have not yet been redeemed from the possibility of sin's being king, if we permit such kingship.


3. It is through the lusts or desires of the body that sin is ready to assume control. The body has many desires not in themselves evil. Paul, speaking of foods, says, "All things are lawful for me; but I will not be brought under the power of any" (I Cor. 6:12). It is when natural desires are yielded to in self-will or self-indulgence, that sin uses the desires of the body to assert sin's power and establish its reign.


4. The believer is directed to reject this reigning of sin, which would involve our obeying the desires of the body.


5. Note the important word, "therefore." This looks back at the first part of Chapter Six, in which our death with Christ unto sin has been asserted, our relationship to sin being now the same as Christ's - we have done with it in death and burial. Notice that these present verses of exhortation are built wholly upon the fact that we died with Christ: we reckon ourselves dead because we participated in Christ's death. Therefore we dare refuse sin's dominion. We owe sin nothing. We are dead to it; justified from it, and living in another sphere!"



Heavenly Father,


I'm just shell shocked right now...I don't feel like talking much.


I do love You and trust You and need You...so please help me with the mess that this situation has now created.


In Jesus Name,

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The words, "we owe sin nothing" caught my attention and have caused me to ponder this concept. I never relly considered that we owed sin anything, but now thinking upon it I suppose sin was our note holder, our debt obligator. And now, "we owe sin nothing".


Praise Your Holy Name! You have set us free from the penalty of sin! You have released us from our slavery of sin! You have forgiven and released us from the obligation of sin in our lives.


You are worthy to be praise and I do priase you this day and all days!



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