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Romans 6:13


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Heavenly Father,


Your mercies truly are new every morning...and You know I certainly need them. My mind has been a whirl dealing with so many hits and obstacles and for whatever reason (cause I'm a brat I guess), I had Your peace, even though intellectually I couldn't understand why.


"I can't believe THIS has happened...what's next?"


"Everything I try to do does nothing but set me further back...(waa waa waa...pity party time)"


"Maybe I'm not meant to be here (gut says differently)"...


"Why me?" (waa waa waa...another pity party offering)...why not?


"I can't handle this"...oh yes you can, and are...peace, peace, peace...


My mind and my heart just didn't match up yesterday. The power of Your peace was quite apparent, and my mind kept wanting to reject it, I guess because I felt I had a right...had earned...the pity party I kept trying to put together. The only problem was it wouldn't fly...I couldn't really believe in my heart all the things that were going on in my head. Your peace permeated every corner and each time I'd try to gear up with self righteous defeat, Your Spirit would whisper peace.


This morning, I'm thinking it's good that You are in control and not me cause I am not proud of things like that, which is why I want to say I'm sorry and ask for forgiveness for such pitiful behavior.


Bless this study Father, and this willingness and effort to be obedient to You. May Your perfect will be done with each and every word I type, for Your glory, Your honor because You alone are God.


In Jesus Name,



6:13 Neither be presenting your members unto sin as instruments of unrighteousness. But on the contrary present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead; and your members to God, as instruments of righteousness.


Watchman Nee comments on the word "presenting" and states, "Presenting ourselves and our members to God is the result of seeing the facts of our having been crucified and resurrected with Christ and of reckoning ourselves dead and living according to these facts."


He also uses the word "weapons of unrighteousness/righteousness" vs. the rvbv's "instrument", and states: "Or, instruments. Our members are not merely instruments but are weapons of righteous to fight the battle in the war between righteousness and unrighteousness".


The rvbv writes, "The moment we come to exhortation, we have to do with the will; whereas believing is a matter of the heart: "With the heart man believeth." In learning that I am dead to sin, all I need to do is to listen to God's marvelous unfolding of the fact that I was identified with Christ in His death, and in my heart believe it. My will has nothing to do with that. When God says, "Your old man was crucified with Christ," that is Divine testimony. It is a revealed fact. I hear it and from my heart believe it, because God is true. I reckon myself to be "dead unto sin and alive unto God in Christ Jesus," because God has said that I was.


But when it comes to the application of this stupendous fact, my will is addressed: "Let not sin therefore reign." Well, some one asks, if I am dead to it, how can it still reign? We answer, By your presenting your bodlily members unto sin for sin to use, as "instruments of unrighteousness." Your tongue, for instance, which James calls "an unruly member," - you have only to hand it over to sin, and it will talk angrily, lyingly, filthily.


Now, what is God's way? Present yourselves unto God, as those in a Risen Christ, those "alive from among the dead." Of course, this will test your faith: you will not feel dead to sin. Your old man will seem anything but crucified. But the path of true faith is always one of obedience; and God has commanded you to reckon yourself dead unto sin, and alive unto Him (as a risen one) in Christ Jesus. It is in this character, of being alive from the dead, that you are commanded to "present yourselves unto God."


Now, two things about this word "present":


First, as to its meaning here: it does not in Chapter Six signify consecration: but the taking of an attitude in accordance with the facts. In Chapter Twelve, it is true, the same word is used to signify consecration to God (12:1). But here, "present" (A.V. "yield), signifies an attitude to be taken in recognition of the facts: "Present yourselves as those alive from among the dead." We are not here looked at as giving ourselves to God, but as believingly assuming the aspect toward God of those in Christ - those who died to sin in Christ's death, and are now alive in Christ unto God.


If the colonel of a certain regiment of soldiers, - say the One Hundreth, should give notice to all his regiment to repair to his headquarters at a stated hour for review, they would "present" themselves there as members of the One Hundreth Regiment. It would be as such and in that consciousness that they would come. So believers are to take the attitude toward God of risen ones because they are risen ones. They are in Christ, they are alive from among the dead. This is the fundamental consciousness of a believer, as described in the Pauline Epistles: "If then ye were raised together with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is...For ye died, and your life is hid with Christ in God" (Col. 3:1,3). If you do not have risen life, you are not in Christ; for those in Christ are all alive from among the dead.


Second, the command to present ourselves thus unto God is in the aorist tense, which indicates a definite entering upon this attitude of presenting ourselves as risen ones to God. As to sin it is, "Do not be presenting (present tense of habitual and continued action) your members unto sin." The exhortation is believingly to take the attitude of a risen one in Christ, and thus present yourself once for all to God. Whether in prayer or thanksgiving, or praise or service, you are alive from the dead. It is not that you make yourself alive by presenting yourself unto God; but that since you are in Christ, you are alive to God in risen life, and you thus present yourself. And it becomes a habitual attitude, - you keep on presenting your members unto G?od as a habit of life. He will now use them as "instruments of righteousness"; as, before, - you will remember! your members were instruments of sin."



Heavenly Father,


Oh Lord, Your Word is just so rich. Every time I do a study and get to the closing prayer I just feel quiet because the words I share in them are powerful to me.


Thank You for this study though. As I, and we, go through our day today, let the words contained herein, be used by Your Spirit to plow them even further into our hearts, that Your Truth truly might reign.


Thank You for saving me. I constantly surprise myself as I see how so many things, that I had no problem with in the past, are problems for me now. I guess that's part of that being dead that is being described here. Although it's not an on and off light switch that You turn on and off with me, it certainly is more of a dimmer switch, where over time, You slowly, and in a holy manner, make these changes to the point where sometimes I don't recognize parts of myself anymore...they're not dead. I don't know what the ongoing molding by Your Hands in my life will look, but once again, I hafta say, I trust You because I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Lately I have been thinking about the church in general here in the states. It seems a far cry in many things what I would feel is the best example of Christ.

I have been looking at scripture as to the early church. It basically says that they went about doing good ! Doing good. Plain and simple. So, my endeavors to do good is to try to bring some sort of simple offerings to those around me, in Jesus name. Perhaps small things, but something to bless others in a tangible way. Not just lipservice.

I can see the parallel of doing good and presenting ourselves.

I don't know what the Lord will show me what is good that I need to do, but I am listening to that still, small voice.


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:amen: so often organized religion seems to be all about power,

which is very seductive. I belong to a church myself,

but my bunch is all about serving the physical/emotional/spiritual

needs in our town, not trying to impose our will on others.


Our community meals program involves five other churches

besides my own, and I can't tell you how good it feels

to work with other believers in service to our town...


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