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Quick question about canning beans

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I have been canning spiced pinto beans the last few days. Due to an unexpected interruption today, my beans, which low boiled for 30 minutes, then sat in the hot water for several hours. I can now finish canning them, but they are already soft and quite cooked. I usually can them for 90 minutes at 10 pounds. Can I can them for less time safely since they are already almost cooked through, so they don't turn to mush?

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NOPE, you must always do the proper processing time according to guidelines. They will probably be ok, or good as refried beans which you can use in mexican style cooking. The processing time makes sure all the bacteria is killed.


I just soak mine overnight and process without the 30 mins cooking, because the processing cooks them.

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HannaLee, sorry about your beans, very aggravating isn't it?


The processing time is set for the food to be properly preserved and the jars sealed.


You may just want to freeze these? or eat them and do a fresh batch to can?


Beans are one of the simplest things to can and are a great convenience. I'd hate for your first experience to be mushy. :(


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They need to be hot packed, not raw packed. The beans and the liquid need to be boiling hot as they go into the jars. If it says "hot pack", you don't have a choice due to safety issues. It is part of the safe processing.

I agree with Stephanie on this, I think I would freeze them instead.

You need to process, as said, for the full time to destroy any botulism spores in the food. It does take 90 min. to do that.


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Thanks,, Ladies! I knew I could count on you to answer fast! I canned one batch of 7 quarts (brought back to a boil and hot packed) and just refrigerated the other 7 quarts worth of beans. We'll eat them up over the next couple of days. The canned ones, if they are mushy, will be smooshed and refried.

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