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I found a site in the mother earth news www.readyreservefoods.com They have alot of nice things there but the shipping is pricy I was gonna get a 50 hour candle it was only 6.99 but the shipping was 14 bucks more for ups ground. So I decded to wait.

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I second the Emergency Essentials link. I have always been extremely pleased with their service and products. I also have a box of the 100 hr candles set back. They are great!

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I went I saw and as soon as things calm down around here purchases at emergency essentials will become a weekly occurance.

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They look nice, but the combos always seem to have one thing we wouldn't use much. sad

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I haven't ordered any combos, but my sister and I go together and order, so last month we bought 6 monteray jack cheese cans at the special price, and got free shipping, since it was a featured item. We watch our pennies every way we can. :D

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Yep, I also try to take advantage of their monthly specials. I alternate between Emergency Essentials and this site every month: http://www.ldscatalog.com/webapp/wcs/store...mp;cg4=&cg5=



New record for the ldscatalog site. I placed my order on Saturday, it was here today - Thursday.


If you are sitting on the fence about investing in long-term storage foods just jump in! This stuff is packaged to last for 30+ years! That means you have 30 years to work it into your regular pantry. Take into account the very real threat of inflation and this becomes a far better long term investment than a savings account.

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