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Homeschooling Means No Wimpy Field Trips

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thanks, ya'll :)


of course, being SCHOOL, the student needed to do his own report- using his own photographs and locking himself in my room with photobucket till it was done :lol:


my favorite part is that he looked up the genus of deer (like horses are equines, dogs are canines, deer are cervidae) and invented a word for 'deer who use the sidewalk'- Cervidestrians



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Nice slide show Luna. Can you slow down the pic changes just a tad? It ran just a wee bit too fast on the changes for me to either see all the pics well, or to read all the text.

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VERY cool! I am taking my kids to the Biospere2 next week and I am really looking forward to it!

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thanks! the photobucket remix won't let us slow it down, you just have to keep hitting the 'pause' button <_<

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Thanks for this! I'm a nut, I know, but I love seeing photos from people's vacations - particularly the kid's comments. Cervidestrian is very cool, very cool indeed. Have your boy read 'Frindle', a kid makes up a new word for a 'pen'. Excellent story.


I love the humor, particularly the 'roos.


I agree that the 'field trips' of homeschoolers are more intense than regular school. Once, my niece went to the PARK. No lie, not a national park, a city park. BYO brown bag lunch, no theme, nothing. LAME.


So glad you had fun and learned things along the way. :) Thanks for sharing!

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I used to feel (slightly) guilty about calling field trips "school"...then one day, I was at a local attraction with my kids and found an itinerary that had apparently been left behind by a school trip chaparone. They arrived at the location, had 45 minutes to look around, then met for lunch. Following lunch, they had about 90 more minutes to look around before it was time to meet the bus.


That it!!!


Now I know why "school kids" rush through everything.


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