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It is absolutely beautiful.

My12 yo. daughter just came into my room crying. She hates it here. The heat, lack of trees, and the 'desert'. I didn't dare show her that land. She would be crying more to move. I want to move so I know how it feels. However the highest home payment I could swing would be about 400 a month. LOL! AND that for only about the next four to five years.

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I'm so glad I found the thread for those of us who HATE Arizona heat... LOL I swear, my kids are going to turn into little explosive balls of furious energy by the end of the summer. :bounce: It's this way every summer. By the end of the heat, they're going bats and my house is a mess. Lunamother, I wish wish WISHWISHWISHWISH I could buy that beautiful homestead of yours... :) I know that you're going to get someone in there who will see it and fall in love. Good luck with the move...you'll have to post pictures of the new place when you can!

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