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Well, I think it is time to let you all in on the BIG, BIG, BIG project. :)


I have a lot of pictures and so this may be a very long set of posts. :) I won't get everything in one post, that is for sure. :)


So, just a bit of information to lead up to the project.


We have lived in our home for 38 years comes the middle of August, and we have never replaced the tile in the kitchen. Last year when our DD was up here, she made a comment about the floor needing to be replaced and I said I knew it but, we just hadn't had the money to do it, as when the tile was replaced, the cabinets and cupboards were going out too. She then said she would help us out with the project, money wise.


Well, DD had planned to be up again in June this year, but, do to the job, she didn't make it at that time, but, will in Aug.


Our eldest DS came up with his two boys, they got here on the 4th and left yesterday morning. Jerry was a LOT of help, he and Oldpine worked like slaves for several days. The first several days was so hot and it was hard to work in that kind of heat, as even with the A/C on, it was still really hot inside. Of course the doors were open a lot and they did have the kitchen window open to help get rid of the dust from sawing and all.


Oldpine took two weeks of vacation to be here when DS was here. They have worked hard on this project these past couple weeks, but, it is not done by a long ways. They sure got a good start on the project. I need to add that in order to get the kitchen done, we had to work on the porch first. It had never been finished inside, so they insulated it and put in paneling. One of the kitchen cabinets and the cupboard above it will be in the porch for more storage.


They only got part of the cabinets replaced, as Oldpine is making all of them himself. We have the doors and drawers to add, as well as sliding shelves or drawers in all of them.


Here is a couple before pictures and then I'll be adding some pictures of the progress. :)



This is part of the work shop area. We attatched a tarp to the garage so there would be added room.


This is a picture of my old counter top. th_DCP_3311.jpg


Most of the cabinets and cupboards are in the picture. th_DCP_3333.jpg


This is the porch corner where the cabinet has been put. DCP_3322.jpg




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I don't know how many of you are interested in all of these pictures, but, I'm posting them anyway. :)


Here is Jerry starting to take the counter top off the cabinets, his youngest son is watching him. th_DCP_3335.jpg


The top is now gone. th_DCP_3336.jpg


It is the cabinet from the picture above that is in the porch, and here is Jerry getting ready to saw the counter top to fit. th_DCP_3338.jpg


Everything is out of there from the north wall, except the turn table. Jerry just pulled the door off from the cabinet under the sink th_DCP_3354.jpg


I do have a lot of pictures between the pictures I did put in, but, thought it would get to long if I put them all in. :)






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The sink is next to go. th_DCP_3357.jpg


Jerry is holding the sink while Oldpine takes the things off of it. We are using the same faucet.



Jerry thought he could hit it with a hammer and break it, but, didn't work. DCP_3365.jpg You see three generations in this picture. :)


Oldpine is taking the turn table apart now. th_DCP_3372.jpg


Now, everything is out of the kitchen except for the stove and refrigerator. Oldpine is working on the floor, it all has to be removed. th_DCP_3380.jpg


Jerry is working on the floor here. th_DCP_3389.jpg


They wanted me to get in on the fun too, so here I am. :)th_DCP_3388.jpg





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The power was turned off and the box had to be moved about 18" as we are going to put a small set of drawers between the stove and refrigerator. So, Oldpine is working on that. th_DCP_3400.jpg


Jerry in the hall removing the last of the old tile. th_DCP_3408.jpg


Part of the east wall had to be removed and replaced, so several of them got involved. This is Jerry's youngest son. th_DCP_3415.jpg


Here is Jerry's other son using the hammer. th_DCP_3419.jpg


Now it is Jerry's turn. :)th_DCP_3420.jpg


Jerry and his son are working on the underlay this is the first one to be replaced. th_DCP_3426.jpg


The underlay is all down and now it is time to put the tile down, Oldpine is measuring to make sure it will fit. th_DCP_3431.jpg


Jerry puts the first tiles down. :)th_DCP_3433.jpg


Most of the tiles are down here. th_DCP_3438.jpg


Here Jerry has just put the last of the tiles in place. th_DCP_3453.jpg


Think I need to put a new post in, so will call this all in here.





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To continue with the project. :)


Here is a picture of our other DS and two of his boys, oldest and youngest, they just walked in the door. As you see by the dates, he didn't come until Friday. DCP_3448.jpg


Here is his oldest DS, this is one of the two that had been here a couple weeks ago. DCP_3449.jpg


Here again you will see three generations as well as our oldest and youngest natural grandsons. DCP_3456.jpg I think he was just waking up after the trip over here.


Here Uncle Jerry is holding Aiden. DCP_3458.jpg


This is when Oldpine and youngest had just put the cabinet in, this is the first of the cabinets that will have counter top on them. There is a slide out, well it will be a slide out when finished, before the cabinet. DCP_3461.jpg


Brothers working together, isn't that nice. :)DCP_3464.jpg


Someone got carried away with the putty, I wonder who. :)DCP_3467.jpg Oh my, now the other one got it too. DCP_3468.jpg Such brotherly love. :):)


Here I did get them to let me take a picture of them together. :)DCP_3474.jpg


Looks like I need to make another post here. :)





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Everyone wanted to help, even the youngest. :)DCP_3475.jpg


First he helped measure and now he needs to help put some screws in the container, as they had to do some work on it, it had to be cut down or something. DCP_3477.jpg


This is one time I let the grandchild play in the cabinets. ;):)DCP_3483.jpg


They are getting there, but, it is slow going. DCP_3486.jpg


The top is about ready to go on. :)DCP_3490.jpgDCP_3502.jpg


I haven't had water/sink in the kitchen since the day they took it out, so now it will be just a few more days. DCP_3575.jpg Yes, I have a dish washer now. :)


Another picture of our grandson in the cabinet. :) This is the one that will be a pull out and have shelves. DCP_3499.jpg


Everything had to be leveled. DCP_3563.jpg


DCP_3571.jpg This is the last to go in, but, as you see, the sink hasn't been cut out yet.


This is the new counter top. It is sort of like the old one, except it is blues and pinks instead of golds. DCP_3566.jpg


Sure looks like I have a lot of counter space. DCP_3572.jpg


Time for new post, I think. :)




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They said I could put my things on the turn table, but, after I did that, they did more sawing in the kitchen and now I had to dust everything in there. Oh well, didn't take that long. Everything has to be wiped down or washed, as dust is everywhere. DCP_3578.jpg


Now to fasten the top down and where do we put the sink. :)DCP_3581.jpg


Man, the walls aren't flat/straight, so some of the counter top has to be shaved off. I guess that is the way it is with most homes. DCP_3580.jpg


Here we go, for better or for worse. Jerry decided his dad was the one to cut out the sink area. :)DCP_3583.jpg


Here it goes. DCP_3585.jpg


After working on the drain and water pipes, we can use the water in the sink. :)DCP_3591.jpg You can see a garbage disposal here too. This was given to us by the kids about 10 years ago, but we just didn't put it in until now. :)


The first load of dishes in the new dish washer. :)DCP_3593.jpg


This is a sample of the counter top. :)Multifleck.jpg


This is what we will have on the backsplash along with white tiles. :)tile.jpg


Here are what the handles will be. :)handles.jpg


So, now you have it all in pictures. Just hope this all gets done before Christmas. :)


There is so much left to be done, all the top cupboards and the tiles and the kick plate and the molding. Our plans are to put the cupboards all the way to the ceiling, or within an inch. Then we will add a decorative crown molding.


We plan to have a glass in the ones above the sink so we can show some of the cups that Oldpine has collected. Right now and for the past 40 years there has been no cupboards at all above the sink. The house was finished in 1968, both our dads worked on it.


The house has been a mess and will be until all is done. The dining room and living room are one long room. 12 x 28 foot and so is not a lot of room. Old pine would finish one thing and it came in the living room then another and in the living room, so we had very little space. Then, when the drawers and all the things came out of the cabinets, where did it go and where is it yet, on the floor in the room. It was fun trying to find space for an air mattress for DS #2 for the couple nights he was able to spend there. His older DS was in the basement on the bunk bed, the youngest slept with him. :)


Not sure when the house will look normal again, but, the kitchen will really be nice. :) I don't think I mentioned we are going to put a small cabinet and cupboard between the stove and the refrigerator as well as one on the north side of the stove. :) They are not made yet. So, yes lots and lots of work yet to do and Oldpine goes back to work tomorrow.


I am not sure why some of the pictures are so small, but, they do take up less space being small. :)


Now you all have it, the BIG project. :) Only started, but, at least you now know why I haven't been on a lot, even after I got my computer back. :)




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I have no idea why some pictures are so small, as I resized them all to 600 x whatever.


We did take Monday off and we went to Itasca State Park which is about 25 or so miles from us.


Here are a few pictures I took up there. :)


We took Minnie with us and she enjoyed the trip too. :) Here she saw a chipmunk and chased it but, didn't catch it. :) Sure a good thing, or someone might have been in trouble. DCP_3520.jpg


You will notice the date on the picture following is wrong, the camera had stuck and when Oldpine got it to work, the date was way off. :( This is a picture of Jerry and his two sons. :)DCP_3529.jpg


Something else happened on Monday, they started road construction and so here is just one of the machines that were on the road this week. DCP_3561.jpg I'm not sure how long it will take for the road construction to be finished, but, they are doing about 20 miles of it or so. We have to take a round about way to get to town, but, at least there is a different way for us to go. :)





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I just put all the pictures in an album, but, of course, they are backwards. So you have to go the last one first or the first one or whatever. :)


Oh, I am so happy about this and I know I will enjoy it soooooooooooooooooooo much. :)




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I(sn't it great to have something new? Especially in the kitchen. I have been through two kitchen remodels and I know it isn't easy -- but it sure is worth it.


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Ohhhhhhh, I love it!


Congratulations, again! You are so lucky to have the help to make it look so pretty!


If I need something done in my house, I generally have to do it myself, unfortunately, by my self too. Replaced my counter top, sink and redid the plumbing in my kitchen.


I love remodeling with a passion, my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Father were always doing that type of work. Levels, nails, saws & wood, it's fantastic what you can make!


I'm so excited for you!

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! This is going to be so nice....don't you feel like a QUEEN!!!!! You will all appreciate it so much more since you are putting in all of the hard work. Please keep posting and showing your progress.

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