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Mother Nature is Mad here in Kansas!


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It's been awhile since I've posted but I'm sure many of you have been watching the weather and know that Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas are getting blasted by Mother Nature right now. The many "tornado" survival drills that my daughter and I have done with my two grandchildren here, paid off this afternoon and I have to say I am very proud of the way they handled themselves in the face of danger and fear when the warning sirens went off.


Our basement is always full of food, water, camping and survival gear as well as legal documents that we dont want to track down at the last minute. My daughter and I calmly told my 8 year old grandson that the sirens were going off and we needed to go down to the basement and get into our "tornado closet beneath the stairs.... He went to his mama's book shelf, grabbed 3 of our photo albums , called the dog and started down the stairs while Rachel and I grabbed, BOB's, medication bags, and cell phones.


Stetson didnt begin to get scared until he heard the loudness of the wind outside, and with the wisdom of the good lord, i started singing row, row, row yer boat at the top of my lungs with his mom and sister joining in... he started to giggle and sing with us after a minute or so which helped to dispell his fears. We didnt tell the kids that their Dad was out in the storm and we didnt know where he was...


Our side of town recieved minor damage from the winds, but the east side of town had alot of damage from the wind, baseball size hail and what was reported to be an F5 tornado. But God is good and only a few persons had monor injuries because of the advanced warning that we recieved from the NWB and the doppler radar station here in Goodland Kansas.

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:P HEY all, sorry it has been a few weeks since I was last on, the library has been shut down for the finishing remodel and move. They reopened yesterday... So just thought I would check in and say hello,, and see how everyone is doing........
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An F5??????? Wow.... Twilap, I am proud of how you all handled this. I am glad you have your basement set up well and that you thought of all those things you each did in the process of responding to the sirens. I was watching my weatherbug radar yesterday and saw all that stuff going on on the radar and I wondered what might be going on. I am glad you stayed safe!

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Hello everyone. I am so glad that you and your family are all safe and sound, Twilap. Sounds like you all have done some wonderful training.

Hey there Unike1, it's good to see you.

Hi there Arby.


I have been packing boxes most all day. My mom came down again to help me out. I seem to get a lot more done when she is here. I can't wait to get this move over with. I really hate packing boxes. I guess it will be over soon enough.


We have had rain here off and on for the last 24 hours. I'm a bit tired of rain now. The sun needs to come out for a while. Maybe it will show up tomorrow.

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Good to see both of you back, Twilap and Unike. :)


Sounds like you have really done a great job of getting the family ready for storms. Yes, God is so good. :)


Unike, glad the library is open again. :)





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