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Cool: I don't have cancer. The thyroid is non cancerous at this time, they want further testing because not only do I have the two nodules (is that tumor by any other name?) but the thyroid is enlarged. They need to find out why the thyroid is so big.


Fools: My kids bikes got stolen out of a locked garage this weekend. I know it was locked, because I locked the dang thing. It is SO easy to pick the lock though. They stole the bike pump and all the yard tools and wook working and just plain old tools too.l

School: Starts next week for my daughter Katy -- she is homeschooled -- sorta. She has been recommended for National Jr Honor Society. Guess I better find out what all is involved in that huh? The other two start the week after.


Drool: I have a book that has all my dreams in it for a house. House plan, furniture, layouts for the rooms, layouts for the yard. When I get to heaven, I want the book creamated with me, so it goes with me and I can build that house in heaven.

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Great news about the test results, keep us updated.


Congrats to Katy and best wishes for a great year for all of the chlidren.


Nothing wrong with having dreams! I know I've got a stock of them myself. :)


That's the pits about the bikes and other things being stolen. :(


Hang in there Angela, at least we can't say our lives are boring can we? That's what I keep telling myself. :hug3:

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:balloons: VERY cool news on no-cancer, Aint!!!! :cheer:


Really ROTTEN about the theft!!!! I hate mean incidents. :motz_6:


And the school voyage begins again....after a short taste of homeschooling in May...I am SO impressed with all of you who do this. The time/energy/creativity/commitment..... And making sure the kiddos that go to public school get what they need safely....another huge commitment too. God be with Angela's children this school year...that they will acquire the knowledge that they need this term.


Drool...... LOL BTDT :grouphug:







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Angela, thats great that it is not cancerous. I have some extra nodes on my para thyroid. I hope your thyroid will be allright, whatever is determined. Mine grew so much, they did needle biopsies on my nodes and they were non cancerous. The procedure scared me more than anything, and so far, it has been years and I haven't noticed any more problems, but you have reminded me to look into it to be sure when I can do so. ( Still working on paperwork snafu's for medical for now).

I did have one good friend who had the identical type of nodes on same area that grew into her larynx area very rapidly and throat, so she had to have surgery to remove it. She had never had any surgeries and was very afraid but it worked out well and she is ok. So, it can be different for everyone with similar problems of masses growing in that area of the body. It sounds like the doctors are doing things right though, in your case, so just breathe ok?


I am sorry your kids bikes and your tools and things got taken. I know how hard it is to replace even one or two tools on a tight income. It really sucks, but I will send up a prayer for you, and suggest you ask your bishop to see if anyone would donate the gardening tools so that you can work in your yard. I think someone would do so, for your sake.


Schooling.... I am proud of your daughter, great stuff she is doing! I have only been learning about homeschooling from folks here on the site and a bit from a cousin, and I see its massive benefits. So, whatever you can do, keep doing it! The kids learn so much better than just plain public school. I wish my parents had had the time to take more of an interest in my education as a child. I am glad you are sharing your interest in this way. Very proud of you too! I showed an interest in my son furthering his own education in the Marines and he did so and is pretty well set up right now because of it, in places where unemployment is extremely high and just got another, better job offer that will allow him to keep learning and working and expanding experience levels and to be able to not travel, he is happy with the travel he has gotten since last fall but would like to be stationary, home at night instead.... and better pay and position included, so I will cheer on any efforts for kids and parents to be encouraged to do as well as they can, because it is a very competitive world out there and we are often more capable than we may think because of our environments and personal situations we may be in at any time. My son has been a good example to me, in fact, and I am starting to pursue my own dreams more as well.


So, keep on keeping on! Maybe you can get a better lock system set up soon. Getting ripped off like that is the pits, but I am glad you and your kids were not harmed in the situation.


I too, think about a home I would like to build for myself in the future, if I could... it is important to have a dream as well. So, enjoy making your plans up. I have a free software program on my computer that I play around with, for house plans. It is called Sweet Home 3D and I got it off of download.com. It helps figure things out because it also has furniture to put in place and that helps alot to figure out how much space you really need for things and paths through your rooms and such, as you walk around. Also kitchen and bathroom fixtures and counters and cabinets and fireplace or woodstoves, etc... so it helps with everything like that. I like designing yards too and gardening areas. Enjoy your plans that you make !

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Great news on the thyroid! And, adding to the others' laments, I'm sorry about your tools. As far as Katy, the NJHS thing is an honor. Congrats on that and here's a prayer she continues on with the National Honor Society (9-12), if only because it assumes a set of core values including discipline and a good attitude. Along with the prayer for Katy is a prayer for your continued good health.



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