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Romans 7:7-8


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Heavenly Father,


As the days go by and I see the clouds becoming more threatening, I can't help but wonder if You're teaching me how, through the many situations I deal with these days, to not only survive, but to thrive gracefully, in the days ahead. I keep thinking that I want all these struggles to end so that I can achieve this illusion in my mind where, while there are ups and down, many of the concerns that lay heavy on my heart will cease, and I will be more carefree than I am now. Quite the opposite is happening, and I've been getting frustrated because I really want to focus on my perception of how nice things could/should be. When I begin to realize that I need to accept that my little perfect picture is unrealistic, my heart begins to feel a little resentful and sad. But Your Spirit begins to move in my heart and mind reminding me that with You, in Christ, I can find that peace regardless of the storms that may swirl around me. I find myself balking and resenting a little bit that I can't have the externals more calm and manageable...but the fact remains that I am not in control of other people or this world, and I can't make anything happen.


And then, as You so often do, Your Spirit begins to move in my heart, urging me to trust You, urging me to believe the things You say in Your Word where others long before me suffered great, but that Your grace really is sufficient. I feel urged to let go and to let You teach me how to thrive gracefully so that the current things, and the things that will come in the days ahead, will not shake me, will not move me.


So, this morning, I sense I'm at another fork in the road...will I or won't I? You already know that I will because as my heart begins to fill up with love and need for You, it begins to flow towards the direction of Your will, not mine.


So be it. Your will, not mine Father. Help me, teach me, keep me. Bring me to that place where nothing outside of my eyes fixated on You, can move me. This is kind of scary to write this because it means I'm making a commitment to this decision, but what choice have I? To trust You or not...so I trust You.


Bless this study today...may Your Spirit annoint the words that are written, that they might open our spiritual eyes that we might no longer be blinded by the enemy, and see clearly, Your truth that lives on.


In Jesus Name I pray,



7. What shall we say then? Is the Law sin? Banish the thought! On the contrary, I have not become conscious of sin, except through the law: for I had not preceived evil desire, except the Law had said, Thou shalt not have evil-desire.


8. But sin, seizing occasion through the Commandment, wrought out in me all manner of evil-desire. For apart from law sin is dead.


Watchman Nee comments on the 7th verse in regard to: "I had not become conscious of sin (I did not know sin)" and writes: "In vv. 7-25 Paul used his own experience, which he had before he believed in the Lord, to illustrate the wretchedness of trying to do good under the law in order to please God. Neither the human spirit nor the Spirit of God is mentioned in this section; rather, the will and the mind of the human soul (vv. 19, 23), which attempt to please God with the good of the natural life (vv. 18-19, 21), are referred to. Although this is the situation of an unsaved person, nearly all Christians pass through this kind of experience after they are saved."


He also comments on "through the law" and writes: "The law portrays God and defines Him (Lev. 19:2). Accordingly, it places many demands and requirements on fallen man, and in so doing it identifies sin as sin and leads man to the knowledge of sin (3:20; 4:15, 5:20). In this way man is both exposed and subdued by the law (3:19)."


Finally, Nee comments on the word "Thou shalt have evil-desire (You shall not covet)" and writes: "The tenth commandment, "You shall not covet," is not related to outward conduct, but rather to the sin within man, mainly in his thoughts. This shows that man's problem is with the sin that indwells him, not just with outward sinful acts."


The rvbv writes in regard to the 7th verse: "Paul has been telling us in Chapter Six of having died to sin, and now, in the first section of Chapter Seven, he tells us of having been made dead to the Law and discharged therefrom. His enemies (and he must always keep them in mind - the enemies of grace) - would immediately accuse him thus: "You say we died to the Law; therefore you class the Law with sin." Banish the thought! is Paul's answer - his usual holy, horrified rejection of what is false. On the contrary, I Had not become conscious of sin except through the law: That is, forbidding a thing to one who cannot abstain from that thing, is the way to make him know his bondage - his own helplessness. "By the Law is the knowledge of sin."


For I had not perceived evil-desire, except the Law had said, Thou shalt not have evil desire - Here Paul begins to show the spiritual character and reach of the Law. He will proceed through the rest of the Chapter to show in detail the spiritual effect of the Law on him.


The direct reference in this word "desire" is to Deuteronomy 5:21, where the correct translation is, "Neither shalt though desire thy neighbor's house, his field, or his man-servant, or his maid-servant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is thy neighbor's." Now, Saul of Tarsus had been occupied with the outward things, positive and negative, of the law. But when God quickened to his heart the real meaning of the word covet, or desire - showing him that "desire not" forbade the reaching out of the heart after anything other than loving God with all the heart, soul, and mind, and his neighbor as himself; he discerned for the first time that such desire is sin. For desire, is a creature, for aught else but God's glory, is sin. Imagine Gabriel in God's presence entertaining desire for something for himself: It would be the beginning of another Lucifer! (The word epithumia (desire) is used 37 times in the New Testament, - in all but three of these passages denoting evil-desire. The three exceptions, however, indicate that the context must determine the meaning in any case. (Luke 22:15; Phil. 1:23; I Thess. 2:17; contrasted, for example, with Mark 4:19; John 8:44; Rom. 1:24; Titus 2:12; James 1:14; I John 2:16; II Pet. 3:3).


It will be well, by the way, for all legalists - for those who seek either righteousness or holiness thruogh the Law, to HEAR the Law: "Thou shalt not have evil desire"!


Watchman Nee comments on the word "sin" in the 8th verse and writes, "This chapter, especially in this verse and in vv. 11, 17, 20, indicates that sin is a person, the embodiment of Satan, and is living and acting within us."


The rvbv continues with verse 8: "But sin, seizing occasion through the Commandment, wrought out in me all manner of evil-desire. For apart from law sin is dead.


That indwelling sin which was in Paul's members, - left there by God, had no means of making itself known to Paul, except by a quickened Law that became direct Divine Commandment to his very self. Then, indeed, when God revealed to Paul, (already renewed but not knowing the incurable evil of the flesh) the spiritual nature and character of His holy Law, together with the demand on his conscience to fulfil it, - then came Sin's chance! Paul had no strength, - only the renewed will: Let Paul undertake - as he will - to fulfil what was commanded! Then it will be seen that "the strength of sin is the Law": that sin will prove itself stronger than Paul, through the Commandment!


Wrought out in me all manner of evil-desire. This discovery that desire is sin would not be confined to the letter of the tenth commandment, "Thou shalt not desire, or covet": but would in Paul's inner consciousness extend itself through the whole Decalogue: For the Law is one!


To illustrate the words apart from Law, sin is dead: Suppose a man determined to drive his automobile to the very limit of its speed. If (as is not quite yet done!) signs along the road would say, No Speed Limit, the man's only thought would be to press his machine forward. But now suddenly he encounters a road with frequent signs limiting speed to thirty miles an hour. The man's will rebels, and his rebellion is aroused still further by threads: Speed Limit Strictly Enforced. Now the man drives on fiercely, conscious both of his desire to "speed," and his rebellion against restraint. The speed limit signs did not create the wild desire to rush forward: that was there before. But the notices brought the man into conscious conflict with authority.


For apart from Law, sin is dead - Sin, like a coiled serpent, is in the old nature, but cannot get at the conscience to condemn it: for indwelling sin has no means of "springing into life," as sin, apart from law: it is quiescent, dormant, "dead."


Every impulse of the flesh, the old natural life, is sin. Take desire, or coveting: who is to know that this inward, univeral, natural desire is to sin, till the Law says to the conscience, "Thou shalt not covet"? This command not to covet does not remove the covetousness, but rather calls attention to it. And in forbidding it, immediately puts into conflict the renewed human will with the power of indwelling sin, - in this case with covetousness.


Now, however quickened or renewed the human will may be, strength, power against sin, does not reside in the human will. Furthermore, human strength is not God's way to overcome indwelling sin. That power resides always and only in the indwelling Holy Spirit."


Heavenly Father,


Well, another installment is done, and this morning my heart is happy with doing it.


I love You and may Your Spirit guide each of us this day.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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On the contrary, I Had not become conscious of sin except through the law: That is, forbidding a thing to one who cannot abstain from that thing, is the way to make him know his bondage - his own helplessness.



Hmmmmm........small wonder God's Word is "foolishness to them that are perishing..." Oye! Without the Spirit, none of this makes a bit of sense....not sane or just...but for the Gift of God.



MtRider [...Romans...she has to tackle Romans?...sheeeeesh... ;) ]

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Thsi is why 'good people' may live a 'good life' and still die and go to he**. Strong and sad words I know, but still true.


Because they can not 'see' their need for redemption, after all they are good, just ask them. <_<


We must be made aware of the sin in us before we can realize the need for salvation. This is where so many people have misconstrued Paul's teachings as they try to convince themselves and others that the LAW was evil and no longer applicable...well, as Paul put it, BANISH THE THOUGHT!


The Law, God's rules, boundaries, ways, and commands are the necessary 'light' to reveal the Sin so that we can realize the need for Grace,Forgiveness, Mercy, Redemption and Love that our precious Lord offers.

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....and LIFE on the other side of that is so completely different. Not in the aspect of troubles from this fallen world are any less. Sometimes they are more..... :o But troubles from our own error should fall off a bit as we grow... HE says..."the rain falls on the just and the unjust..." But talk about a change of perspective! ...."good" is simply "filthy rags" and there is SO much better and ... :shrug: ...


MtRider [ mere words are so inadequate.... No wonder Jewish scholars thru the ages and later, Christian ones as well, have sat and studied/prayed/discussed the wonders and mysteries of our Creator Lord their whole lives striving to understand... ]

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