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I haven't accomplished much lately, but I added 4 cases of 12 cans of ginger ale, more .223 Rem, and a book on using food storage. Another digital thermometer. Working on building up my dog and cat food supplies to a 3 month stock.

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We got our 2 1600 gallon water tanks finished last week. DH got a pickup load of wood 'tailings' from the sawmill for our woodstove. At about $10 a load, its a great deal! I got my sprout order from Walton Feed today, 5 lbs of alfalfa seed and 1.5 of broccoli seeds, so that should have us set for awhile. I have to determine what else we need tonight before I go shopping tomorrow. DH has a horrible cough from his cold he can't shake (it's driving me nuts) so we haven't finished the last of the boxes which line our living room wall, so we aren't totally moved in yet.

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We canned 6 quarts of spaghetti sauce. We tried one last night and it was kind of bland. Will have to experiment on the ingredients so it is a more bold flavor next time. Picked up a car seat/stroller for the little one due in March. As well as a walker chair and my mom bought some thing that they lay down in and kick and grab at the toys above them. Got alot of baby preps to think about.

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In the past few weeks I have managed to get my SIL on board with prepping. They are in the same financial situation as we are. When she found out what I was getting with coupons she wanted to learn and she has been soaking everything in. We are working together very fervently with a urgency....maybe it's just what is going on around here with the sickness.


Anyway...learning how to play the coupon game and boy am I getting stocked but my proudest trip was my trip to Walgreens. I got:

8 boxes of Tylenol

6 Tubes of toothpaste

7 Toothbrushes

2 packs of wipes

All for $11!!!!


I split it with SIL so we both would have some.


We both have gotten rubbermaid containers and we are filling them with OTC meds for any scenario. Stocking hand santizers and cleaning products. Organizing coupons...cleaning out clutter.


Hoping to put together a binder of info for her. She is planning a BOB next.

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Hoping to put together a binder of info for her. She is planning a BOB next.


Uh, could you put one together for me, too? :bouquet:


Actually, I'm getting my binder together. Got sheet protectors and dividers and decided on what topics to include in the master notebook. Got Jim Rawles' booklist and was delighted to find I have a good selection in place! :cheer: I printed off instructions on how to grow wheat for food (as my garden withers away) and how to cook wheat berries (thank you Stephanie, for the links!). I am going to sign off here now and get to work planning a menu and think about asking for that hand cranked grain mill from Lehmans for my birthday.

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Took the weekend off, decided to do that last week, so I tried to sort out my family tree notes, not easy, total chaos.


Started to practice memorizing shopping lists, started with 9 last week, that worked really well, now gone up to 15 for the next week.


I got a book from the library recommended in one of my psychology books, so Im going to read that next week. Then I think I will be ready for the next step.


Reintroduced Avocados to my diet, also boiled ham (off the bone). Tried lentils in a tin, and they were pretty dreadful, so Iv ordered some packet stuff, not as quick (they need to be soaked overnight), but good for me. Next week Iv ordered Greek yoghurt and I must try eggs again.


Watched I am Legend today, so I need to go back and see

it again to take down some notes. Iv definately need to do

some research into German Shepherd dogs (Alsations). Iv

owned a collie x GSD before (he was one of my soul dogs),

and they are awesome dogs, and still feel attracted to them.

My Cairn, is going to be around for a far few years yet, but

the GSD x might go on my possible breed list.


I definately want to read more on building/sea disasters,

not sure why, just find it very interesting.


Done some more patchwork, making a cushion cover.

Iv thought of a way I can make some that are totally

unique, so I need to do some research into that as well.


Looks like a pretty busy week ahead.


PS Dads foot seems to be healing well so far.

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I would suggest you take the book list to the library. Check out as many as you can (get the librarian to interlibrary loan those that she/he doesnt have) and see which are going to be worth purchasing.


I own some of those and some I've read and decided to pass on. Many only needed a quick skim to realize I had the info elsewhere or already knew the material.

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Good idea, Trish. I think the most important things to have are books like Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living, and maybe the first couple of Fox Fire books (because they can help with life off the grid should that scenario occur). A good first aid book that's maybe a little more in depth than the usual Boy Scout stuff. I have Eliot Coleman's Four Season Harvest, Mel Bartholomew's The New Square Foot Garden and they're good. I also have The Bountiful Container by McGee & Stuckey (they are affliliated with Nichols Garden Nursery), about container gardening and Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza. All of these have great ideas (although I've never been able to find the coarse vermiculite Mel says is easy to find...) and with my situation, I need all the options I can get!


I think having stuff like a Chilton car repair book for your vehicle, a gun book specific to your weapons, and maybe repair manuals for any appliances you might have are good. Books on wiring, plumbing, carpentry to keep your home in repair (and of course, remind you about what tools you'll need).

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Finally addressed the biggest high-priority hole in my preps, and ordered some Super Sterasyl filters for a homemade water filter. Also got a dehydrator, been learning to use that. And have canned a bit of fruit and three types of jam in the past two days.


Next up is:


1) De-Clutter!


so I can;


2) Run Inventory!


Which will help me move forward with preps in an efficient, economical way.


Oh, and thanks The MacKinnon for posting that book list-- I'm printing it out, and will be taking a look at it. ^___^

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I am canning whatever I can. Making up some convenience meals such as soups and stews so that we don't have to eat out any. DH and I set 5 eggs under the Silkie hen that keeps wanting to go broody. We have already hatched 20 biddies this year. I organized many of our food preps and OTC meds and toothpaste, shampoo, spices, condiments, etc. I also printed off a great deal of info I had stored on the computer on how-to's and recipes. I am organizing them in my notebook with page dividers.

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Recieved the book 'Dummies guide to English Grammar' (the uk version), so I can start on that next week. The rest of this week Im learning to use the memory techniques Iv learnt over the last few, and also get my self organised a bit in that area.



Found out more on GSD x, and looked up my photos of my GSD x Collie, oh he was a devine dog. Iv found a wonderful Uk charity which trains German Shephard Dogs for guide dogs for the blind, so Iv brought some stuff off of them.


Started sorting through the cabinets, in readiness to move for central heating overhaul.


Keeping my food index cards up to date.


Iv done a design for some more cushions, which I may do on the sewing machine, to see

how quickly I can make them up. Iv also found out more about spinning dog fur for wool.

Im going to see if the local library knows of any spinners near me, so I might be able to

take some classes.


More weight loss, so Iv really got to keep an eye on that and see the Dr if it keeps

progressing. Ate like a horse today, so hopefully it will go back on.

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Campy, I can't make that link work.


I have had problems with the link and I thought it was due to some changes I had made on my computer.

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I'm in the process of doing inventory again. I've added more coffee,splenda,sandwich bags,bacon,smoked sausage. I'm going to Publix to see if they carry the shelf stable milk if so stock up on it. I just feel a real urgency to get things in order.

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1. Non-food restocking and filling holes - charcoal, foil, trash bags, more alcohol and peroxide, printer inks, shampoo, etc.


2. Food items - 10 meals of heat and eat foods (for a quick fix in emergency--not used normally). More beans and rice (can't have too much).


3. Reading anything and everything I can find to be ready and increase knowledge.


4. Starting a new job on Tuesday after a loooong layoff !!! (new group of people to get the word out to)


5. Ordered cast iron dutch oven from Lodge


6. Added to my list of more preps to get and do. It is never done !!

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Went today and got:


3 more 12 pks. of t-paper

2 tubes of anti-itch cream

1 childrens motrin

1 clothes drying rack

100 clothes pins

paint for clothes line post

new plastic coated wire for clothes line

2 cans salmon

2 new pillows- incase someone has to come stay with us

a couple other items for first-aid

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Campy, I did a google search for urban bush people and it seems the site existed, but may no longer be active. There were several interesting links for it and none of them came up. Thanks for the link; I'll keep trying. Maybe it's a temporary thing.


Today I'm clearing the closet clutter in advance of putting preps in the cabinet and having the closet organized and accessible. Then I'm vac-sealing meats to put in the freezer and planning menus for the next month. I'd hope to have my first canning adventure today, but DH is still suffering from gout and I have to double up on chores. :(

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