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$10 Flu kit


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Hey y'all,


I've been away from the forums for a little while, between a computer crash and been extraordinarily busy at work, but at work today, I saw this while looking for something else:




It's a $10 kit described as:

Kit contains products suggested by the CDC & World Health Organization when dealing with or preparing for the pandemic flu virus.


5-Day Kit Contents:

- 10 ea. N95 Flat Fold Respirators

- 10 pr. Nitrile Gloves

- 10 ea. Antibacterial Hand Wipes

- 1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer 0.75 fl oz. (22 mil)


I'm sure this is not the absolute best deal out there, but for a basic startm or something for a BoB, this may not be a bad idea. Mind you, I am not employed by this company, nor related to anyone who is-- I just saw it and thought I should throw it out there for anyone who might be interested. It looks like you have to register to purchase from them, but there shouldn't be any restrictions since they are a commercial company.



Interesting thing is, this lil' kit is advertised front and center on the company's front page-- a spot usually reserved for more big ticket items. Anyway, just thought someone might be interested, if only for pricing data ^_^






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