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The brochure arrived


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Well well, the brochure from the government arrived just now. For weeks we were told "the news" would be delivered to each household here. No worries, no panic, we've got things under control ma'am.

It´s written in clear simple language that most people would be able to understand.

°What is the new Mexican flu? (oh I so love the pc inccorectness of our government to call it the Mexican flu still)

°What to do to minimise the risk of infection?

°What to do when you get symptoms?


In short, those emergency barracks I noticed outside our local hospital monday are meant for flu patients.

Other than that, wash your hands, do not touch mouth or nose.

Clean the surfaces in the house that are touched.

Avoid contact with people that have the flu (uhm.. how?)

Use paper tissues to blow your nose and throw them away.

Some babble about Tamiflu and Relenza being available only for riskgroups.

Who the riskgroups are, children, pregnant women, or those that get a free fluvacs every year.


This next one I love!

Is there a vaccine available for the new flu virus?

Not yet but they are working hard to make a vaccine.

The government has bought enough vaccine to inoculate all citizens of the Dutch kingdom.

It is expected to be available in the autumn.

Who it shall be used for is not sure yet.

They are looking at other contries to see how the virus behaves.

The government will soon publish those results and make known who may receive the vaccine.


Clevery hidden in the text says that 1 out of 3 will get ill and a disruption of daily life can be expected. Think (the brochure says) of stocking supermarkets or delivery of clean drinkingwater and energy!

In short, a lot of info and the most important facts at the end when one is fed up with reading the brochure.

Well done PR people.

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Wow! So are they saying they want to see what the effects of the vaccine is on other people in other countries before they administer it here?????

No it is more that they want to see how the virus mutates before they decide which people are eligible for the vax. Backthought could well be that they want to see how the vax behaves but that's not in the brochure :rolleyes:


My sister works for the department of health (inspection of hospitals and carehomes) and says she gets daily memo's about the whole thing. She doesn't even pay attention anymore.

Will have to find a way to persuade her to pass me the info. Didn't know she had access to all of this.


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