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Glenn Beck's 5 pledges -


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I love my country. I respect the office of the President even when I don't agree with the occupant. I vote issues, not parties. I educate myself about many things from many sources.


Glenn had a series of shows on this week that I understand are amazing. We don't have cable, and I haven't looked them up on YouTube. Try to see them if you can.


The following is what came from tonight's show... and no matter what party you tend to follow, these are basic ideas that know no "party"... it's COMMON SENSE.




Glenn Beck wrote:


to Congress


- the 5 pledges -



1.I believe in a balanced budget, and therefore will vote for a freeze in government spending until that goal is realized.


2.I believe government should not increase the financial burden on its citizenry during difficult economic times; therefore I will oppose all tax increases until our economy has rebounded.


3.I believe more than four decades of U.S. dependence on foreign oil is a travesty; therefore I will support an energy plan that calls for immediately increasing usage of all domestic resources including nuclear energy, natural gas, and coal as necessary.


4.I believe in the sovereignty and security of our country, and therefore will support measures to close our borders except for designated immigration points so we will know who is entering and why, and I will vehemently oppose any measure giving another country, the United Nations, or any other entity, power over U.S. citizens.


5.I believe the United States of America is the greatest country on earth, and therefore will not apologize for policies or actions which have served to free more and feed more people around the world than any other nation on the planet.



PHOTO : http://interactive.foxnews.com/projects/inorout/




Send it to YOUR REPRESENTATIVES... they've forgotten just *WHO* pays their salaries!










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I listened to it while DH watched today's, I think. He records them and watches at night. What I heard of it was excellent! He is also on the radio during the day, I think DH listens to him at work on the internet www.wowo.com Ft. Wayne station. He's on in the mornings. This is the only station that he could find that would stream it and he tried all over and this was the first one that works.


DH said, you get the bonus of the Indiana Farm Reports..... I told him, I didn't think you would mind to much :D

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I have listened to Glenn for years, and it's been an interesting journey watching him grow and mature into who he is today.


You're right, WOWO streams it. WSBT - 960 AM - recently started carrying his show daily from 3 to 6, so if you miss it you can get it then. But they don't stream from the 'net. :(



It's the TV show I can't get, because we don't have cable. But I can often find his show on YouTube.




("Unbiased" YouTube usually runs the ANTI-Beck videos at the top of the search page. <_< )







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Thank you Cat for posting this information. I think we that love him should have posted it as well. That's for taking the initiative. I didn't know you could watch his show on utube? That's good to know.


I'm glad we are on the same page here.



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