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My daughter's (11,12) both woke up sick this morning. Fevers, sore throat, and cough. Just started with the sore throat, now they have the fevers and cough. We will see what developes through the night.


Friday I was diagnosed with Rumatoid Arthritis AND my doctor thinks I also have Sjogren's. What is totally weird is my best friend has it and for over a year I have been putting off telling my doctor about the symtoms I have had, since SHE had it -- I thought I was just seeing myself in HER diagnosis (kind of like reading down a list of symtoms online for some dreaded disease and saying "Wait -- I think I may have that!) LOL My dentist last month told me I have a very dry mouth. My eye doctor last month told me my eyes are dry when he did my diabetes exam. SO... here I am, with two auto immune diseases with no cure.


The pain in my hands, wrists, back and feet is horrible. I am having what is called a flare up the doctor said. Low temp and all.


I was attributing the lack of energy, fatigue and always wanting to sleep as my sleep apnea or the medications I take for asthma, or allergies, or ADHD, or Schizoaffective, bipolar type, or the diabetes. I was attributing the pain to just plain old arthritis.


Now I also have an enlarged thyroid and two large nodules that they don't know what is going on with. I have to see a Rhumatologist and an Endrocronologist. Fun stuff. NOT.


I was joking with the doctor and said, "Why not just bury me here and now" and he said, "I think that treatment is a little premature." LOL


You just have to FIND things to laugh about right now, because when you add in the added diagnosis of Excema. the carpel tunnel and tendonitis and pinched ulnar nerve in my elbow, the hernia,the leaks when you laugh, and hernia and migraines.... I just want to cry all the time.


SO to keep my 'think good thoughts' going, I have been reading jokes online and playing on Facebook, I just have to find other things to think about.

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Nothing to say but a big old :bighug2:

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...the leaks when you laugh...



Well, *darn*... ya mean we can't even try to make ya LAUGH??????? :huh:




Hang in there, Sweetie.... :wub:



*just a thought*... could some of the medications you're on *now* be making the other things worse? Meaning I hope your doctors REALLY, SERIOUSLY evaluate the medications you're on, and their intended purposes, and figure out a *total body care* regimen. Of course, you know that even natural, herbal treatments can affect medications, too.











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