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What are you canning today? Part 7


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Well Jake; now you know how to make Easter decorations, don't you?

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Well, had the first jar I put in the water bath canner break. Apple/pear sauce everywhere. Had to rewash all the jars and the canner and start over. Ended up with 5-1/2 quarts of sauce.


I think I am done canning for the season. Most of what is left is either something that will over-winter in the basement or can be frozen.

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Simplegirl, sorry about your jar breaking. I had that happen with beef stew a couple years ago, only it was as I was adding the stew to the jar on the counter. Beef stew EVERYWHERE!! What a mess!!!


As for me, I've got apples simmering for apple butter. I'm not sure how many more of the apples I'll get done today as I'm exhausted from my week last week & am moving at the speed of still. Hubba is out running errands & I gave him a list of stuff to pick up so I can work on stews, soups & chili this next week!

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I'm feeling pretty jazzed! I picked green apples from our tree, and canned 21 pints ! whoo hoo!

I also just made beef jerky and it's really good. Sigh. Really a nice feeling of accomplishment.


umm, I confess I haven't used my big, new American pressure canner. I never used one and it's BIG and empty and I'm not sure what to start with. I looked at the post of Darlene making chicken soup and thought I could do that, and we would eat it...... :>)


also, I think I'd like to can some chili... anyone have any good, easy recipes? I'm not much of a cook.


Thanks for all the encouragement, you good people! Cathy

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Saturday canned seven quarts of beef stew. Big score on sale meat and the last of the carrots from our garden. I used the recipe in the Ball big book. One did not seal, so that was last night's dinner. It was so good, DH loved it! Stew and home-made bread.... Yum!

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After a very busy weekend, I now have 3 bushels of beans, 1 bushel of tiny cukes, 50# of tomatoes, 4 bushels of pears, 3 bushels of peaches and 3 bushels of beets to can. :24::0327::24::0327: Not to mention the 120 tomato plants that still need picked...or the animals I still have to butcher.....I am tired to the point I unintentionally have developed my own mantra....Thank you God. I'll be so glad I did this.....Thank you, God. I'll be so glad I did this......Thank you God. I'll be so glad I did this..... I did get all the onions finally braided and that cleared out a stall in the barn so that was a good thing....one step at a time and feed whatever doesn't make it to the pigs!!!!!! Thank God for my pigs. Thank God I didn't give myself or anyone else botulism with my unsafe canning practices. Many, many thank yous for many blessings for my tired hands and heart.


My pink rocker, spinning wheel and knitting needles have taken to calling me in my waking and sleeping hours but I can't seem to get there. I really want to knit a sweater for my little angel before it isn't needed anymore. Sometimes prioritizing is really hard.

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I didn't do the apple butter a few days ago, but rather came out with 4-24oz jars of applesauce. Yesterday I did 19 various size jars of beef stew & today will do the chili & chicken stuff (stock, soup & hopefully enough for some chicken as well) I cooked yesterday.

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Yesterday I put up 21 quarts of tomato soup and 8 quarts of pears. Today I will have about 20 quarts of tomato sauce by the time it is done cooking down. I also have to go over to my neighbors house and pick beans. He grows for the farmers market and can't keep up with his picking so he told me to come pick all I want for free. Yesterday he gave me over a bushel of tomatoes that were not nice enough for the market, That was on top of the bushel I got from another friend and 3/4 of a bushel from my garden.


I am running low on jars now, only about 60 quarts left. I put up over 450 quarts of food this month! :D Some of my friends think I am crazy but I just tell them don't come knocking on the crazy guys door looking for a handout when the SHTF. LOL We make sure that we can what we use and eat what we can and our grocery bill is about $20 a week. We raise all of our own meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit. Just basically buy milk, bread, and fruit that won't grow in our northern climate. Isn't it great to be "crazy". :amen:

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Some of my friends think I am crazy but I just tell them don't come knocking on the crazy guys door looking for a handout when the SHTF.

Yup, you are totally CRAZY!.......Crazy smart that is! :D

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I am very familiar with that kind of crazy!!! I am happy to inform you that it requires no medications!!!!! (only more canning jars....and shelf space....and eventually a room all it's own ((not to mention a barn)). :happy0203: But hey, it's a not to missed experience when your room is full and you get to take a nap!!!! Sweeeeet sleep.


My husband was stunned to see me buy NEW jars last week. I don't believe that has ever happened before and I'm not done.....


It is always so refreshing to know that others share the obsession... um... hobby.... um .....past-time???? Values. Good old-fashioned ones. It is great to be this kind of crazy. :thumbs:



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I had the maiden voyage with the pressure canner today! 3 pints of burger with broth and 4 pints of dog meat (that's burger with water to mix with rice for the dogs when they have tummy troubles). I called Mom11 several times with questions. It worked exactly like my booklet said it would. I am so thankful for all of you for inspiring me to do this! I hope to be posting more often in this forum. Now if they would just let me have a garden in the rv park, I would be in business!

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Quart of potatoes (the last from the garden), 3 pints of corn and finished freezing the green peppers. I need to finish the tomatoes from our garden and decide if I should go pick up a bushel. Next on the list carrots and apples.


Opened up 2 quartsof chicken soup for dinner for last night as DH isn't feeling well and DD & DS were crabby. It was so wonderful to open up the jars and have dinner ready in 20 minutes. DD ate an entire bowl before she came up for air and asked for more noodles. Ah, to be 2....

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I canned 7 quarts of chicken soup last night before bed. As I was laying down to go to sleep I heard a popping noise from the kitchen, our bedroom is right off the kitchen. What was that, there it goes again. The kids are all asleep, the dog is in my room. What could that be? It finally dawned on me during the 3rd pop that it might be the ping of my jars sealing. Yes that was it as I listen and counted 7 pings/pop. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. This was my second attempt at canning. I wonder what I will can next as I am waiting for my 8 pints of chicken soup to process.



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Getting my chicken stuff done today. I've got 4-24oz jars of chicken soup done (need to reprocess one), 4 pints each of chicken & chicken-n-veggies in the canner & then I'll do the leftover+my batch of stock. I'll count my chili & beef stew from the past few days & report back.

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